8 December 2009

Final Fantasy XIII: Serah Farron's Clothing


Something struck about a particular character from the upcoming game Final Fantasy XIII (aka FFXIII) recently...

It appears that the clothing that Serah Farron wears are closely resembling to those sold in Shimamura, a large clothing / fashion retailer in Japan.

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And here it is - the whole wardrobe: Ranging from hairband, armbands, boots resembling high top converses, blouse, sleeveless coat (?), and even a waistbelt, it's amazing how people have the time and effort to compile this altogether. While not all items are 100% exact to the character's assets, they are still very close in resemblence. What's surprising though the total cost is not very high (~ 10350 Yen) as most of these items are budget-priced. This mean you can easily get yourself a Serah Farron cosplay by shopping in fashion stores. ^^;

Kotaku has also reported about this finding:

There are a lot of comments regarding on this. Some think that it's disappointing how her design uses not only those from existing products, but those that are cheap and can be bought in typical clothing stores. Some on the other hand think it's okay and Serah still looks cute and fine, with her clothes very accessible to buy. There's also a debate regarding the designer's fashion sense on Serah. What do you think of this? I am fairly neutral about this, but I am just surprised that most of the stuff are really affordable in the first place. I wonder whether we'll see a cosplay of Serah in the near future... Or more of things like this are on other characters in FFXIII ^^;



  1. Saw this on kotaku and sancom. Didn't think you'd do an article on it though lol.

    Imo, if the outfit looks cute, it's fine. :D
    Who cares whether you could buy her clothes irl. Heck, her style still looks miles ahead compared to what's available on the western market.

  2. If you ask me, most of the popular Final Fantasy girls wear "easy to buy" outfits. Yuna's Gunner outfit is a sleeve-less top, hot jeans, a pair of timberland boots, and that skirt thingy she wears on the side. Tifa is pretty much the same minus the skirt thingy.

    She looks cute btw.

  3. As already mentioned via MSN, some ppl just have too much free time. >_>

  4. @ William:
    I happened to have bumped into the source while looking up some 2ch terms. Thought it was worth bringing up.

    Despite being cheap and cheerful, you do have a point about her style looking better than those in the west, like what's over in the UK for example lol.

    @ Tommy:
    Not sure whether they're all "easy to buy", but some FF girls do have the modern look to them. In fact some of the guys have items based on actual clothing too (as you may know already), and in Squall's case his jacket will be the best example. Some people don't seem to like it, but I guess I'm ok about that in general.

    @ Optic:
    Apparently the guys over at 2ch did it first. But one way or the other I agree that they do have the time and effort to do something like that ^^;

  5. I think the outfit looks cute on her, except the thing on her waist is kinda confusing me ^^" (Isnt that suppose to go under the clothes lol?). I guess we'll be seeing more cosplays of her in the future due to the suitable cost, but im surprised at how expensive the shirt is compared to the shoes. Anyways she goes well with that outfit.

  6. That's why i always think that Japanese are a bunch of amazing people. They never fail to make me go 'WOW'.

  7. compared to the insane stuff they make the male characters wear, i prefer budget priced clothes anyday :P

    whatever happened to good 'ol plate mail?

  8. @ Asuka:
    Yea the waist band thing does seem rather odd. Didn't notice it until I saw the fashion dissection diagram.

    @ Chappy:
    You mean the people who found out her real life clothes or the designer who designed her clothing? One way or the other, these random things sure don't fail to surprise me ^^;

    @ meronpan:
    As long as they look good and reasonable, I'm perfectly happy with budget priced items.

    FFXIII's lore seems to be on the modern settings, so no platemails there, but maybe FFXIV will have them back? I suppose there are also games like Monter Hunter to satisfy your hunger for the heavy clanking armour ^^;

  9. I think it's a good idea. I like her fashion sense. ^^

    And yeah, it does make cosplaying a bit easier. There are some unique features about the outfit that would make it a little more difficult to replicate, but the general "base" is there.

    Remember Rinoa? Her outfit could also be easily replicated. Same with Squall, if you think about it.

  10. I feel the designer's effort is commendable, I mean not many or any people can grab different pieces of clothes and make them blend and work well as a whole outfit.

    And like the rest who had mentioned before, some people just have to much time.

  11. @ radiantdreamer:
    It's good that you like her fashion sense there~

    Serah is easier to cosplay due to her modern look, but yea as you have mentioned there are little bits of details that will need some extra work (e.g. the skirt) . Anyway it's still very recognisable if one has all the essentials for her outfits.

    Rinoa and Squall are based on modern fashion look too so yea I understand how they will be relatively easy to cosplay too, as you have mentioned precisely.

    @ Jacques:
    Yea despite the budget clothing the overall appearance still looks good. I'm not complaining for sure.

    As for the people who took the time and effort to find all those things out, all I can comment is "good job, mate" ^^;

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    the blog is in spanish, so if you don't understand or something just ask me n-n

  13. lol. None of those products are specific to the designs Serah has on. Stockings? Armbands? Sneakers? Hairbands? Necklace? Wow! I'm pretty sure millions of stores stock these items. And on another note, why would Serah have overly-expensive clothing? She and Lightning weren't necessarily richer than your average person.

  14. @ Anonymous:
    Not sure whether you've missed the point or not, but the fashion designs in FFXIII show a different perspective compared to past FF series. No medieval costumes or hugely exuberant looks, but a rather modern feel for a change. Besides, the change to High Definition shows that specific attentions are required for the costumes, so those who have a lot of time in their hands would be able to nitpick a few random details and show their similarities to what one can buy in a fashion clothing shop. Sure they look ordinary, but this is the point they're trying to show you; they are just ordinary people who got pulled into this destiny as protrayed in the story.


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