16 December 2009

Hong Kong: Collective Photos

I have always wanted to talk more about Hong Kong itself, but didn't know where to start off. Browsing through my camera recently I remember that I have taken a few random shots in Hong Kong, and I thought I would combine some of them in this post and give a bit of thought here and there.

Arcade version of Winning Eleven (can't remember which version though), also known as Pro Evolution Soccer. Unlike ordinary arcade machines, this one has an optional PS2-like controller for people to use, as this game series is originally for the PC and consoles. Here this guy is playing online against someone way over in Chiba, Japan.

Guys playing arcade version of Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT. With a much faster gameplay and more MS to choose from, this one is much more successful from the first Gundam Vs Gundam. As the PSP port has been released earlier this month I am eager to try the game myself when I go back next week, even though I don't have a PSP myself!

Gundam Nadleeh purging its armour from Gundam Virtue
This is actually one of the winners for Hong Kong Dengeki Gundam Model Tournament 2008, which was shown in ACGHK 2008 last year. I happen to have taken three photos of it back then, and was surprised to see it again this year in a local gunpla shop very near my home.

A closer shot of the said Gundam Nadleeh.

A 1/35 Nu Gundam bust, along with a custom made 1/100 Unicorn Gundam and Kshatriya. This is a shop in Kwong Wa Street (廣華街) that focuses on custom made Gundam models, like those from G-System. Needless to say, their qualities are something to be reckoned with... Along with the prices ^^;

Slightly closer look at the Unicorn Gundam and Kshatriya. The glowing psycho frame looks menacing!

Kwong Wa Street is well known not only for the shops that sell models (and gunpla), but also various airsoft guns. It's literally like seeing one arms dealer here, and another one right next door to it!

Not sure how many recalled me talking about a certain "secret ambition". Well this is a 1/35 version of Schwerer Gustav / Dora railway gun. The whole length is probably about the width of a single bed, and please don't ask me about the price of this; I don't really want to know... o_o;;

Anyone plays Yu-Gi-Oh? A friend of mine is really into them. Now and then he would bring his decks and suggest playing a few rounds in McDonalds during off-peak hours. I know some of the cards, and I prefer the old ones; the newer ones are too fanciful in my opinion. Besides Yu-Gi-Oh cards are not cheap, especially when you want to make a decent deck.

An Animate store, also known as 宇宙船 (literally space ship).

Animate (like those of the same name in Japan, but not under the same company I think) is a large "official" retailer that sells various anime merchandise, as well as magazines. While the stuff they sell are definitely authentic, their relatively high price tags on items earns a notorious nickname 賊船/海盗船 i.e. pirate ship. However, I did hear that they can be pretty good on pre-order, and so I pre-ordered my Alter Fate (which arrived earlier) from them. The total price was surprisingly good; it was less than the official retail price and no shipping fee as well (I am sure by saying this I will get grudges from overseas collectors who had to pay hefty amounts for the shipping).

Ah, the good ol' Yoshinoya. A simple beef bowl fastfood meal to keep people going for the day.

It's usually not hard to find a Japanese restaurant or a restaurant with elements of Japanese cuisine in Hong Kong. As seen here are a bowl of ramen with a glass of Hong Kong-style milk tea in a restaurant in the well-known Tung Choi Street (通菜街) aka Ladies Street (女人街).

I did think of doing more posts like this, but it would probably not happen in the near future, or at least until I get to spend more time in Hong Kong. Well, if I do get to then let this post be a prologue of some sort. If not then it's a one of a kind I suppose. I did hear people wanting to know where to find anime-merchandise shops in Hong Kong, so I wiill probably at least do a post for that sometime in the future. We shall see.

It's this time of the year again when I am feeling (funny how I did that post just over a year ago too), which is why I am not active recently. On the bright side, I just have to endure the remainder of this week, then I can go home and see my Fate~


  1. Nice to see the sights of Hong Kong for us that never leave the US.

    My son love Yu-Go_oh!, but never plays. He rather collect the cards. If we do play, he has his version of the game. He has all this high attack points and he gives me all the low ones - he is a smarty pants at times.

  2. I was actually shocked to see them selling those air guns out in the open during my trip to hk x)

  3. Please do make more Hong Kong posts when you do have a chance ^^. It's a beautiful city and it's nice for others to see what is going on in life there. I haven't been back there in over 14 years so I'm sure things no doubt have changed.

  4. Blaaargh! I'm so upset that I didn't get to eat at Yoshinoya this time when I went to Singapore! And Mos Burger too! :(

    Those airguns look wicked cool. If I were into guns, those would be the kind I'd get. Good luck bringing them in through air travel. :|

    Hong Kong seems to be looking more and more like Japan with that Animate store pic. O_O

    Awesome stuff - being able to get a glimpse of what Hong Kong is like now. Keep it up! ^_^

  5. Oh, I think I know that Shop on Kwong Wa Street. Isn't it open at really odd hours?

    I think I saw my first Knight of Gold in that shop. Was instantly smitten. I also remember visiting it with my family and while they were pointing out a nude kit of Four from Zeta gundam, I was looking around at all the mecha and not paying attention... I might be broken...

  6. @ Bluedrakon:
    The pictures I have put in this post are sort of related to people’s interest towards Japan, but I am glad that you enjoy the sights!

    As for Yu-Gi-Oh!, don’t underestimate the low attack point monsters! Some of them have special effects (as shown by their orange background rather than the yellowy ones), and can be very annoying. Sometimes they can even turn the tide of a game!

    @ Zhe:
    Haha when I first went to that street several years ago my first impression of that place was literally an arms dealer market! XD

    @ Z:
    I will try to do more posts in the summer when I have more time on my hands, and yes I agree that it’s nice for people to know about Hong Kong as it’s a little overlooked sometimes. Wow 14 years is a very long time! I am sure that Hong Kong has undergone quite a bit of changes since you’ve last been there : o

    @ radiantdreamer:
    I am sure there will always be a next time. In fact there’s MOS Burger in Hong Kong too (along with Freshness Burger).

    I like the guns in general. I think what keeps me from considering on owning a BB gun is the price tags on the ones I like. Perhaps it's a pity for tourists that they cannot be brought out of Hong Kong, not even for people who want to bring them back to Mainland China. But then again they can be bought in most places overseas in the first place.

    Hong Kong (and Taiwan) gets a lot of stuff in Japan, so there will be quite a bit of Japanese influence in Hong Kong in one form or the other. I am sometimes surprised how this place is overlooked by some particular communities, and I am glad that you get to appreciate more of Hong Kong since you have last been!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    I am not sure about that particular shop, but most shops open in the mid-afternoon and close at about 8-9pm, with some closing as late as 10pm.

    Haha I tend to avoid garage kit shops primarily selling girl figures because of the nudity on them, however some are simply unavoidable I must say… Oh well I tend to focus on the mechas and military more than the girls usually, but that’s just me @_@

  7. Please continue to post more posts about your hometown!
    Its always interesting to see and hear new things about HongKong especially since it has such a bad reputation in the west.

    Im amazed that a shop thats selling a figure even under retail price is called a pirate ship ^^

  8. Ah the great Animate store. I'm just itching to go back there.
    It's surprising it's not a grand entrance to get up there but more like a skinny walkway. I realised it's the same thing with many other stores since they are on top of one another.

  9. @ Blowfish:
    Does Hong Kong really have a bad reputation in the West, or is it just parts of the DC community? Anyway I am glad that you like the stuff so far. I am lacking time to do more posts like this for the time being, but maybe I can do more in the summer. Hope you can wait for this~

    And yes Hongkongers are really picky about money ^^;; Hence why the market is so competitive over here @_@

    @ Optic:
    I only go to Animate to look at the stuff on display; rarely buy goods from there ^^;

    Hong Kong is a small place, so we can't expect too much afterall. The cramped but busy atmosphere of small shops does give its own charm and style though IMHO :o

  10. I'd say that HK has a bad rep with pretty much anyone who buys from there without actually setting foot in HK.

    Those who have not been to HK usually have just the experiences of ebay sellers and E2046.
    We all know how bad the ebay sellers are and E2046 is somewhat devisive so overall, you get vocal people giving Hong Kong a bad rep but if you actually go there and buy stuff yourself, you don't really see the bootlegs and whatnot. And those you do see stick out really badly so you know not to buy.

  11. @ gundamjehutykai:
    You have a point. The bad stuff I hear are usually from people who have only done online shopping or auctions, and some in the DC community have tainted the reputation even further. Kinda sad for me to read them from time to time.

    And of course that does not represent the actual shops in Hong Kong. Much of the stuff are authentic and safe to buy, and just as you said, the shops that do sell bootlegs are usually fairly obvious once you look at their prices.

  12. I love that animate store. I remember staring at their myth cloth display the first time I went in there...and that's where this unforgiving hobby began. That's my favourite place to shop because they accept credit card with no extra charge. XD

    I also like the shops in CTMA(?)just across the street.

    argg...seems like my last comment got eaten up because my url was tommy.

    I would love to see some pictures of the christmas lights in HK.

  13. @ Tommy:
    lol being one of the larger shops. Animate does have an advantage on accepting credit cards. Most people pay with cash or debit cards though. I am not familiar on Saint Seiya, but I know there are many shops out there that sell their figures as they are very popular in Hong Kong.

    Will see whether I will have the chance to take pictures of Christmas lights this year. If I do I will post it on New Year's Eve. If not maybe next time!

    Just tested on the comment system. You are using Name/URL option right? You can try the OpenID and comment with your Wordpress account and see whether that works better for you or not :o

  14. @Q: North America lives on Credit Cards. I had a HSBC debit card, but it wasn't working until 1 week before I left. "orz And I didn't feel like bringing a wad of cash with me all the time.

    I like it more with Name/URL because my name shows up as "theinfernoproject" when I use OpenID.

    Happy New Years!

  15. @ Tommy:
    North America and credit cards... I should have known. Too bad I am not familiar with anything over there.

    You have point on the OpenID thing; that option can't really show your username afterall. But at least there's a choice I suppose.

    And of course Happy New Year to you too!


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