5 November 2009

Blog Featured on AnimeBlips

For this week, my blog has been featured on AnimeBlips as "Featured Blog of the Week". It shall be a special week for me and my blog. :o

A full report can be found right here, which includes an interview with Robyn Lass, the editor of AnimeBlips.


For those who want to know what AnimeBlips is about, here's a quick summary quoted from its about page:
"AnimeBlips was created for otaku crazy about anime and manga, and the news, events, books, movies, and conferences that emerge from the anime and manga worlds. By combining robust technology with spirited editorial, AnimeBlips brings you inside the creative, obsessive world of the most popular anime and manga, removing the hassle of information overload, and providing one-stop access to all the hottest breaking news, rumors, and commentary from expert sources around the Web. If it's hot, if people are whispering, shouting, searching for, or sounding off on it—you'll always find it at AnimeBlips."

In other words, it is a site that gathers various popular news and articles submitted from users or blogs in the community.

Shortly after reading about Optic and Zenical getting their blogs featured there, I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try and sign up as well. I got an email from Robyn two months later saying that he wanted to profile my blog. To be honest, I didn't see that coming and was truly flattered.

As for the interview itself, I was actually a bit nervous about it (laughs), as I took a long time answering some of the questions and I was facing busy schedule at the same time, but thankfully Robyn is a very patient man, and I thank him for taking his time to receive my replies.

Again big thanks to Robyn Lass for featuring my blog on AnimeBlips as well as his big patience on awaiting my replies.

And special thanks to Optic for recommending Robyn my blog (you deserve a credit mate).

EDIT: Another special thanks to gundamjehutykai for helping me on availability of anime and manga in the UK!


This is a humble blog whose topics mainly revolve around Anime, Gundam, Figures, anime-related stuff involving Hong Kong, as well as topics on Japan. It can be quite diverse, but afterall I blog about what I find interesting and things I have in common with other bloggers in a different angle or perspective.

As I've mentioned above, this is not a huge blog at all; I am a fairly casual blogger myself. What matters most is I enjoy what I write about, and if you like it, then I am happy for you too! In all, I want to thank all who have left comments on my blog or even just dropping by! Every little bit means a lot to me!

P.S. Restored pictures for the recent blog posts. Will try to get back to reply comments asap!


  1. Congratz mate. ;)
    Awwwwwww, ur too kind. xD

    I hope this is the start for more great things to come.
    It's surprising a few ppl said they were nervous considering it's not an actually face-to-face.

    Btw, have u decided where to put ALTER's 1/7 Fate T Harlaown? xD

  2. woah! congratz, Q

    I've got a question though,

    AnimeBlips: If you were stranded on a deserted island with only one anime to keep you company what would you want it to be?

    Quentin: “Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO”

    how do you watch it then? =P

  3. A most hearty congratulations! Now do excuse me as I writhe in envy.

  4. O_O

    That is quite historic, man.


    There's one particular award speech from FreeSpace 2 that I'd like to quote:
    "On behalf of the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance, I confer upon you the rank of, *using a majestic tone* Admiral.
    Now... Go read a book."

    Yes, the speech actually said that in-game.

  5. Congratulations Buddy!
    Its an honour to know so many famous Bloggers XD

    Youve provided some very nice answers there.I can really feel that you gave them some thought.



  6. Wow, Seems like everybody is getting interviewed by this animeblips!!

    congrats man!!

    Maybe I'll actually sign up and see what all the fuss is all about!

  7. Congrats Q. Hope to see more great stuff from you. :)

  8. First GNdynames and now you! Congratulations, Q! That's so awesome!

  9. I fail because I didn't noticed a new post up by you. This is a tiring week for me this week (you know why), regardless, nice interview! It has GUNDAM written all over it, very like you Q! ^^

  10. @ Optic:
    Thanks again!

    Even though it's not a face-to-face interview I still want to give my best on answering the questions, especially when they are going public!

    Fate will probably manage to find some space to reside in my room (somehow, one way or the other). Speaking of Fate, she got delayed again by one week! ._.

    @ AstrayP03:
    I'll just clap my hands together and slam on the ground to make myself a computer and DVDs with magical electrical power coming out from nowhere (laughs).

    @ Snark:
    Given your unique style of blogging, I think you should be up there soon!

    @ BD77:
    Thanks! That speech is said in the game? Couldn't find it online somehow o_o;

    @ Blowfish:
    Vielen dank! It's a pleasure to meet a variety of bloggers all over the world!

    I did put in some time on the responses, as they will go public and I want to put in my best effort on answering the questions!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Thanks! It sure won't hurt to just sign up and claim your blog! Maybe you'll get profiled too soon or later!

    @ Apt-1B:
    Thanks man!

    @ Tommy:
    Thanks! Will do my best (despite being a bit busy and tired this week orz)!

    @ radiantdreamer:
    Thanks! I really should mention GNdynames up there. Would probably update it soon!

    @ zenical:
    I won't blame you for it since you have been quite busy recently ^^; And yes I am Gundam! (laughs)

  11. Wow another friend from before blogging got featured too! Gratz on the feature Q! ^.^

  12. @Q: all done, tho it's rather interesting over there. It seems that they have profiled my old blog back when it was hosted on wordpress (in fact, I vaguely remember them contacting me about it) but they have nothing on my current one. I don't think there's any point in claiming my dead blog so we'll see what happens.
    There are a couple of posts added from my current blog already tho.

  13. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Thanks! I think your blog deserves to get a mention there too for your unique (ecchi) style!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    I think once you've claimed your current blog the site will roll out your latest posts from your feed just like those on figure.fm . I'd think sticking with the current one will be just fine. Didn't know you got profiled in the past though :o

  14. Congrats! I wish there will be a day for me to get interviewed... Although I did not update as often... XD

  15. @ B-Mecha:
    Thanks! You can sign up and give it a shot too! You don't update as often...? I think it's actually the opposite to what you think (I only update 1-2 times a week)!

  16. Congratulations and nice blog. ^ ^

  17. @ Yi:
    Thanks! I think your blog has a rather interesting style too. I really should pick some time to visit your blog in the future :o


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