8 November 2009

Japanese Pranks

Japanese pranks are notorious for being crazy and funny, especially the scare pranks. I've chosen a few of the ones I particularly like, so let's just sit back and enjoy a few videos for a change.


Various scare pranks on actors. Quite an old video I think, but still funny to this day. There's also a water squirting microphone in the video.


Another great video. The scare prank and microphone make a return here. I like the rolling boulders and exploding cigarettes, as well as the ostrich at the end.


Crazy ways of getting woken up. I would NOT like to wake up in any of the ways shown above...


This sniper prank is part of a show called "Panic Face King", which is parodying a scene from 24 I think. It's fairly new and was spread around the net rather quickly. Full version can be found here (includes two other people who also received the same prank)


An actor is told that he has been given a important part in a TV series, and he was sent to a taxi immediately. Little did he know that this was all a prank, and the taxi driver was actually a stunt driver...

There's actually a second part of it; this time the same actor inside a police car with the same stunt driver. Not as funny IMHO but you can find it here.

There are a few more pranks out there I haven't shown here, namely the toilet and massage chair pranks. Hope you like the ones shown above! When I first watched some of those videos some time ago, I did worry whether I would fall victim to some of the pranks if I were to go to Japan again... ^^;


  1. One of my fave ones was when they painted a naked guy up and made him stand behind a painting. The room housing the painting would then be filled with people and the guy would suddenly jump out through the painting and scare the audience.


    He managed to make a woman faint and reduce another one to tears!!
    Still doesn't beat the "engrish lesson"

    Or the ass prank


  2. help... can't... stop... laughing...
    Those I can consider as a laughaton materials.

  3. Second video is best. I lol'd hard.

  4. Im so F_cking doing the Sniper prank, once I fix mine.

  5. @ gundamjehutykai:
    The guy jumping out of the wall appears in the first video I've posted too (around the 2nd half I think). The fact that he managed to get a girl to faint is rather surprising :o

    The Engrish lesson (aka Baka English lesson) is part of the so-called "Do Not Laugh" game show. Not exactly a prank, but the high school lesson sure was notoriously funny. My sister still pulls of the "ten ten" joke at me now and then ^^;

    And the last prank... No comment except lol XD

    @ bd77:
    Haha want some more laughing materials? I got this rather old post and I still haven't got around to fix the broken images... Nevertheless the Brain Walls aka Human Tetris may get you going~ ^^


    @ radiantdreamer:
    The second video is pretty epic. I heard it managed to appear on Best of YouTube, but I'm not very sure about that.

    @ GunStray:
    Haha you got a sniper? Who would you do the prank on, friends or someone you hate? XD

  6. I wonder what Ill do when an ostrich appears next to me on the toilet XD

    Im always amazed that these shows always have a happy ending and nothing seriously happens.I mean you they sometimes scare the people for their lifes ad you never know how a human reacts.He may just faint like that woman or he might react aggressive fighting for his life.

    I wonder if they check on people if they have weak hearts beforehand

  7. I'm very sure most of them are staged. Else how can u allow somebody to invade ur room, let them take video of you and allow them to air the video??

    but they are definitely LOL.

  8. @ Blowfish:
    When something utterly bizzare and random strikes, you wouldn't know how to react XD

    I sometimes think that some videos are edited so that the ones resulted badly are cut out, but I'm not sure on that. However usually not many took them too seriously, so it's good that it didn't end disasterous or else it'll be unpleasant :o

    @ B-Mecha:
    I won't be surprised if some of them are staged (perhaps too good to be true), but they are nevertheless funny to watch!

  9. LOL, thanks for sharing.

    I like the first one and the taxi driver one.

  10. Haha, these are super funny.
    I love the first one.
    This is what American TV is missing... Should have less reality shows and more fun stuff.

  11. @ Tommy:
    The taxi one is indeed pretty crazy for a prank, but well carried out. I lol'ed when I first watched it. What I didn't expect was that he got another prank some time later in a police car!

    @ Yi:
    I've never watched American TV so I didn't know... But when I was there some time ago I remember hearing some people complaining that they are already sick of reality shows in the first place. o_o;


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