31 October 2009

What goes with Halloween?

Image stolen shamelessly from Actar's blog ^^;

It's Halloween again. Hope you all had a nice night! I did nothing special as I simply want a break for the weekend.

In terms of anime, comics, or games (ACG), what goes well with Halloween? I don't know, so let's look into some examples then.

A nice classic to associate Halloween would be Dracula from the long-running Castlevania series, who appears with his magnificent haunted castle every time (pretty much) only to be bashed back to oblivion by a protagonist of each game ^^;

Playing a Castlevania for the night is a fitting idea. If you ask the fans which one to play they will probably recommend you Symphony of the Night.

Perhaps a figure like the one above? This one is GSC's 1/8 Melissa Seraphy. Others such as Chuchu Astram or Pixie Hiyori can go well too (links slightly NSFW).

Maybe even figma Billy Herrigton in his Halloween costume?

Speaking of figmas, you can make your own paper hats and capes for your figmas. This was mentioned one year ago (wow time flies), and you can still find the download link of the cutout from the official figma blog.

How about this brilliant Moka photoshop by Radiant Dreamer? Radiant's photoshop artworks never disappoint me ^^

Original post + making of this picture available here~

Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom also comes to my mind. It sure looks badass in front of the moon~

Well I can't think of more right now, but I'm sure you have more ideas than I do, especially anime/manga as I don't watch/read much in that horror related theme (I know a friend of mine was watching Pet Shop of Horrors recently and he said the original manga was good). Nevertheless I hope you all had a good Halloween night though, whether you've done anything related to Halloween or not!

On the other hand, I think I will be getting busier this November and possibly December too, so I will take longer than usual on replying to comments as well as catching on my blogroll. Should I ever disappear, you'd know that I have been taken by vampires real life / workload... orz


  1. Happy Halloween

    Halloween is not celebrated in Australia as it's not an official holiday here.

    Having said that, it's dangerous to trick and treat in my neighborhood because it's likely u won't come home 'alive' with ur candy. :P

  2. Nice collection of pics. I haven't been really someone who celebrates Halloween much, so I didn't really do anything special today ^^;

  3. I don't celebrate halloween either, so my night was rather normal =(

  4. @ Optic:
    I've read up about Halloween in Australia on Wikipedia, and it's understandable why it's not popular there as many do not find it relevant to Australian culture, and some would even considered it as unwanted American influence. It's indeed more advisable not to do anything like trick or treat in your neighbourhood, especially since they're not so friendly!

    On the other hand, I'm lucky that no children came knocking on door doing trick or treat on me; I went out briefly for the night ^^;

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Thanks. The most I've done was to go out and do some drinking with some friends in a pub last year, but we're all too occupied to do anything like that this year...

    @ AstrayP03:
    I am not a big fan of Halloween either, so a normal night is a good night in my opinion!

  5. Punmpkin Billy Herrington is the ultimate holloween mascot. I demand that he be given a special guest appearance in the next super robot wars.

  6. *automatic filter the rest of the figure, especially Billy*

    Melissa <3

  7. Clearly u can see, Snark is gay for him. :P

  8. Thanks for the mention!

    Nice collection of pix.

    Snark definitely knows what his preferences are, that's for sure. :)

    My halloween was spent giving out candy to adorable little kids. I ran out pretty quickly though and had to go buy more.

    The night before that, I was at a friend's party, and we played Beatles Rock Band all night!

  9. halo bro....long time no c ady...hw life there...anyway juz hope the god will bless u and ur famili...hope everyting gone smooth....and will be back to otaku life as usual in 2010...have a nice daY

  10. @ Snark:
    Instead of demanding Billly for guest appearance you really should make your own SRW game!

    @ B-Mecha:
    Haha not even Deathscythe Hell Custom got your attention? ^^;

    @ Optic:
    I won't question his sexuality ^^;

    @ radiantdreamer:
    Thanks! Glad that you like them~ As for Snark he knows that very well himself; I won't have to speak for him (laughs)

    You got to give out sweets to the kids? My family back home did that too, and they worried they they would run out of them as more and more came! Sounds like you've had a great Halloween weekend!

    @ otaku gunpla:
    Hiya, long time no see. Things are okay over here. You're coming back to blogging? I know you've been through some tough times, so I hope you're feeling a bit better now. Looking forward to see more of your future posts!

  11. ya....i m coming back soon...hope in january 11th totally can back to malaysia from my training..coz i m currently still out station for some robotical arm training....that y i disappear for so long...fxck...damm mizz my gunpla in malaysia...hope they all still in good condition...:P...anyway have a nice day there

  12. @ otaku gunpla:
    Must be hard for you not being to touch gunpla for some time. Do look forward to the day you get back home and work on them though; you'll enjoy it much more than before!

  13. Hehe, might be a little late, but still, Happy Halloween! Nice to see my pic there. (^.^)

  14. @ Actar:
    lol Happy Belated Halloween to you too... ^^;


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