19 October 2009

Gundam OYW Gallery 2

It's been 5 months since my first Gundam gallery post. Continuing on the One Year War of the Universal Century, this time I'll focus purely on Zeon and all its mighty glory. Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon! Sieg Zeon!!!

Anyway, click on the images to view them in full size~

Note: All images belong to their respectful artists.







And last but not least, another classic scene:
"This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!"

Hope you enjoy the Zeon gallery this time!

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    1. Hail ZEON, and there one eyed Bad@ssess!

    2. Bah! Only Norris can make a Gouf look badass!!

      But my fave Zeon MS is definitely the Kampfer. It's the only Zeon MG I own! (unless you count the Sazabi, but that's Neo Zeon!!)

    3. Awesomeness abound. Thanks.

      JIKU JION~!

    4. See, that first Gouf picture is much better in my opinion. The debut in MSG of the Gouf kinda made it seem, just out of place I think, but when it's show in more effective light, it makes a huge difference.

      Awesome gallery! Thanks Q~

    5. @ GunStray:
      Nothing can beat that badass monoeye as well as its flash!

      @ AstrayP03:
      Good stuff are meant to be shared! Gotta praise the artists' effort on them though!

      @ gundamjehutykai:
      Norris is pretty badass already for slicing into a MP Guntank and let its oil to ooze out like blood!

      The Kämpfer is also one of my favourite Zeon MS too! I got a HGUC one and painted in white, and I'm lovin' it!

      @ BD77:

      @ Apt-1B:
      The debut Rambal's Gouf in MSG seems out of place? Perhaps so, but I agree that the lighting makes the difference there - hence why it's known as one of the classic scenes.

      Glad that you've enjoyed the gallery!

    6. Zakus - About the only real robots that I actually like. Well, aside from the Patlabor bots.

    7. A Zaku fan eh? I hate it whenever Gundams overshadow GMs. Oh yeah, I'm a GM fanboy BTW.

    8. @ Snark:
      It's good that you do actually like some real robots, and you have great taste for liking the Zakus!

      @ Hangmen:
      While the Zeon designs tend to look more badass, I like the GMs too. In fact I was thinking about doing a Federation gallery next time (not sure when), and it won't be just Gundams for sure.

    9. I love Zakus. Zeon always have better pilots, but the "good guys" have better luck.

      Makes me want to put a led mod on my MG Zaku...love their glowing mono-eye.

    10. @ Tommy:
      For some reasons Zeons always have a lot of ace pilots, just like Germany back in WWII (laughs).

      As for adding LED on gunpla, you can check Gundamaniac's tutorial out. His original site is gone for some reasons but his blogspot one is still intact:


      In addition GNdynames also modded his Gouf Custom to have an LED following Gundamaniac's guide. You can check his out too:


    11. @ B-Mecha:
      Thanks! Hope you like them~ ^^


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