14 October 2009

New action figure series: Figutto


It appears that Griffon Enterprises is making a new action figure series caled Figutto (フィぎゅっと) Photobucket

Up to 21 titles are already under planning for Figutto. Some of them include Ikki Tousen, Queen's Blade, ToHeart2, Zero no Tsukaima, Sekirei, Shining Wind, and The King of Fighters (KOF).

Wow didn't know KOF will be in it too!

Figutto joints shown for shoulder, knee, pelvis, and knee.

A complete and coloured Kousaka Tamaki from ToHeart2 is in display, which will very likely be Figutto's debut figure. She will be released in Feburary 2010. Price TBA

Tamaki from several angles. She will come with two faces, 4 pairs of hands, and a float ring.

Kuzugawa Sasara maid version in sample display

More girls are under planning and have design drawings out already. Here are ToHeart2 girls in school uniforms, namely Yuzuhara Konomi, Kousaka Tamaki, and Kusugawa Sasara

Ikki Tousen's Kanu Uncho Nekomimi version

Reina and Airi's design drawings. Will they be better than the Revoltech ones?

In addition, Figutto site has shown a new Touhou Project line to be available in Spring 2010, here showing Reimu Hakurei (I think). She will be up for preorder soon apparently.

How interesting. Another new action figure line to consider. While it's non-scale just like figma and Revoltech, I cannot determine the exact size, but it appears that the Figutto figures may be a bit bigger than the other lines. I may be wrong though. EDITED: They will stand at 16cm, which is about the same height as Fräulein (i.e. taller than Revoltechs and figmas. (Thanks SC for the info!) We shall see when more info are out in the near future~ So, anyone interested so far?

Official website:

Images from Moeyo via ToysDaily forum


  1. Omg, Shining Wind, AND Sekirei? sign me up. Finally, some poseable worthwhile...

    And yes, that is Reimu. Says her name on the top. I wonder, how are they still able to commercialize her so much? I remember last time griffon made touhou figures Zun went all rage or something and limited the stocks.
    freaking head priest, withholding my dear touhous from me and making me waste 2000 HKD >.>

  2. Huh, this looks interesting.

    It'll be a surprise if they're not to scale with figmas and the new revoltechs though; that would allow them to present themselves as an alternative to those brands and compete purely on character licenses, rather then having to forge a new market by themselves.

  3. This would be interesting. Even the joints used somewhat "similar" to figma's one, some modifications.

    Tamaki does look, well... enticing :drools:

    Any ideas on what scale/size of these?

  4. I might still prefer Figmas at the moment since they blend in the joints more ^^;. These Figutto looks nicely detailed though. Still, I prefer fixed figures at the end of the day... unless a company comes up with some figure made of semi-soft material that works like a skin and hides the joints. That would be cool :D

  5. @ Ningyo:
    Haha finally a action figure series for you perhaps? ^^;

    Touhou Project sure gets more and more popular, yet its merchandises are usually exclusive or limited. Didn't know that you've spent so much on them already o_o;;

    Speaking of Reimu, figma is also having her too - to be released in January for 2800 Yen, but apparently it's another exclusive -_-;; Let's hope that the Figutto ones are not like that too.


    @ Snark:
    I agree with you; I personally would hope that Figutto would be in the same size as figmas and Revoltechs for greater playability. The fact that they are working on multiple titles is a good thing - we'll get more varieties and goods to choose from.

    @ BD77:
    There are some joints that seem similar to figma's such as the elbow and pelvis. Others seem to be a little different though.

    Wuhuhuh, you're falling for Tamaki eh? Won't blame ya for she is in sexy bikini ^^;

    The figures are non-scale, but I think it'll either be the same or slightly bigger than figmas. I'm not sure at this moment.

    @ Z:
    Ever since the introduction of figma, the expected standards of action figures from customers have become higher and higher. Figutto seems to look promising though. We shall see once more figures come up in the future.

    I know that some Kamen Rider figures have encased joints. Bandai's HG Evangelion plamos have such feature on the arms too. But since they're fully clothed or armoured it cannot be said on the same thing on bishoujo figures. We may have to wait longer on that, and such feature may not as cheap to manufacture as well I guess.

  6. Wow, not bad. Scantily-clad figures seldom look attractive with joints, but this one looks mighty fine. I'm gonna pass this, but I look forward to their future releases.

  7. @ Hangmen:
    It's true that action figures don't normally look good when they are not well clothed as their joints will get very exposed and hideous to look at. Despite that, Tamaki actually looks very promising, but like you I'm just observing how this series goes and hope it's one worth considering in the future~

  8. The joints don't seem as obvious. I'm actually looking forward to this, even if am more with the Figma line.

    Although I don't know a lot of characters that they plan to bring out. Either way...more competition for the non-scale department!

  9. Wow these look good, the joints are much less obvious than Figmas. Looking to see future works, hopefully will start collecting them.

  10. @ blood on the mirror:
    I too am looking forward to see future figures from Figutto!

    They claim that they have a lot of characters under planning already, so we'll hopefully get to see more varieties and characters for greater choices in the future!

    @ konadora:
    Really? I think Figutto and figma are quite comparable to each other, though I like the way Figutto has done to the knee joint (double-jointed!).

    I too am looking forward to see Figutto's other figures. Let's hope the joints are not as fragile as figma's.

  11. Meh, more companies following suit after Max Factory's success with their figma line. This line will probably be successful if they have the rights to the right characters. Which they do. From what I've seen, the success of a line is based on character line-up, and not the actual product itself. Seeing that Griffon will have QB, To Heart, and Zero no Tsukaima, they'll most likely sell like hotcakes.

  12. It looks appealing but the price and pose ability are a few factors to consider before jumping the gun into this new lineup of action figures.

    I wouldn't mind purchasing one or two to see how it goes but honestly, I don't see myself getting involved too much into it.
    It's not something my wallet can handle. :(

  13. @ Tommy:
    If something works for one, it's only a matter of time when others will follow suit. While it's great to see that they have taken a lot of liscenses for the characters already, I think what matters most is the final product itself. If quality does not hold then reviews will plague its success very badly.

    @ Optic:
    You are having a hard time keeping up with figmas so I understand that you may not go into it. No price or even size is known about them at the moment, so I am just quietly observing it at the moment. If they are not of the same size as figmas I probably won't consider jumping into it. Well, we still have plenty of time to decide until the first ones come out I suppose.

  14. Oh seriously? ANOTHER Contender?
    And they even go as far as taking two popular franchises covered by their comeptitors and release them.

    I dont see a need for another set of Ikki Tousen or Queens Blade Figures.
    They should focus on uncovered series instead of trying to steal some of the cake.

  15. @ Blowfish:
    T'is another contender indeed ^^;;;

    Well, other than Ikki Tousen and Queen's Blade, I think the other series that Figutto will work on are new grounds. Those are what I am more curious about. In fact now we will have a Tamaki figure means a lot of people may fall for it already :o

  16. Hi, just wanted to say that the official site stated the height of the figure to be approximately 16 cm, which I think is the same size as Revoltech Fraulein?

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to Shining Wind and KoF's figures. Hopefully they'll include some of the more famous male characters as well.


  17. @ SC:
    I've read the site again. Would you happen to have derived the height from the sentence "全身16箇所以上の新規オリジナル関節を使用"? That actually reads something like "new original joints are used on over 16 places on the body".

    Searching the web for the actual height still gives me no results at the moment. Figutto's figures should very likely be female dominant, but it is possible for it to have male ones too (e.g. KoF). I cannot say much more about it at this stage, but I'm sure that more information will be provided later on.

    P.S. Would you happen to be "swordchaser" on XL TOYS FORUM? I encountered a Figutto discussion there while searching on the web :o

  18. Eep, I got found out XD. Yep, I'm swordchaser, SC is sort of an abbreviation to it. Nice to meet you. The statement I mentioned is somewhere on the top right, next to the figure. My chinese is limited but I think it says "Total height" there? You can see the "cm" next to the 16. Hope that helps, and hope that I'm not mistaken >.<

  19. @ SC:
    Hahaha that's what happens when I become too tired to read; I tend to ignore text written at corners and such orz

    Yes you're right Figuttos are indeed 16cm tall. Fräuleins are about 15cm in height, they will pair up nicely I think. I kinda suspected it to be slightly taller than Revoltechs and figmas despite hoping them to be about the same height. Well at least Fräulein is coming back next year so it's not so much of a bad thing.

    Post updated with height. Thanks mate!

  20. Hey, it's no problem at all. The Figutto webby is updated, by the way =)

  21. @ SC:
    Thanks man. So Reimu Hakurei is up for pre-order first. Will probably blog about it tomorrow.