25 October 2009

Drawing Strike Gundam in MS Execl

"You thought you saw everything... Think again"


Most of us would have come across some amazing drawings made from various graphic editors, or even MS Paint. But have you seen something drawn with MS Excel before?

Made by Shukei, this Excel drawing features Aile Strike Gundam from the anime series Gundam SEED (and Gundam SEED Destiny). The drawing is purely made up with autoshapes to do the job. It appears that the artist has used Excel over MS Word or Powerpoint for the unrestricted drawing space as well as having the grids as guidelines.

"This is the first drawing on Youtube done with Microsoft Excel exclusively (Autoshape can be used to do lineart, colors, shadows, lighting effects and layers, like some drawing softwares). Just for fun.

Real length: 12 hours 56 minutes"

12 hours 56 minutes!! o_O

Actual video below, if it doesn't work click on the link below:



The finished picture. Too bad I cannot find the original version in the artist's deviantART page. But it's still breathtaking nonetheless!


  1. I dont even have the patience to put up with excel ,yet he spent 13 hrs drawing a strike, truly he has an ungodly patience.

  2. Yeah, I dunno. It's easily replicated in Photoshop using the pen tool, but that's obviously not the point. At the same time though, it doesn't seem that different from using photoshop anyway. In that regards, 12 hours sounds about right.

  3. Excel, drawing... Gah... I normally use it for calculations.

    @radiantdreamer: That I agree. The pentool is a Godsent tool in Photoshop, as all my drawings are done by that (while using only nothing but a mouse. Yes, a mouse).

  4. Such drawing power...it is not of this world...!

  5. brilliant O_O. I think I can't last that long at all if I was doing a simple drawing on my com. LOL.

  6. The time Ive spent with Excel in my entire life is less than 10 minutes.You can imagine that Im impressed by this task

  7. Pretty neat to find that it is done on a non photo editing software... I guess then it's also possible to do it in Microsoft Word as well. ^_^
    Pts for originality...

  8. @ GunStray:
    He uses Excel unrelated to its primary purprose, but seeing him using autoshapes to draw a Strike sure raises our eyebrows!

    @ radiantdreamer:
    For an artist like you, I'd understand that you don't find that very different from using a proper graphics editor. It's just drawing from a different program not primarily designed for such task I suppose.

    @ BD77:
    I normally use Excel for tables and graphs. I never thought of using it for drawing -_-;;

    @ Snark:
    It's extraterrestrial!

    @ zenical:
    I used to have a fair amount of patience to even do some drawings. Nowadays I don't think I have that luxary anymore...

    @ Blowfish:
    You rarely use Excel? Even though what he draws is not related to the primary functions in Execl, it's still impressive to see it being done!

  9. @ robostrike:
    Missed out your comment while replying to others... orz

    It's sure original and interesting to see a drawing done on a program not related to graphic editing. Yep it is possible to do it on Word or even Powerpoint too, except they have restricted space to work on compared to Excel.

  10. Oh Man, awesome! That's outstanding! I wish I could pull something like this off. Man, just awesome.

  11. Your crazy sister29 October 2009 at 18:56

    Holy moses

  12. @ Apt-1B:
    Who wouldn't love to pull this off with such accessible program? At least we get to know that it's possible to do it in the first place! ^^

    @ My crazy sister:
    I was expecting something like "zomfg" from you ^^;

  13. cool.. i thought is your work.. less than 13 hour.. that is freaking fast.. i think a normal person will take few days for that..

  14. @ seven6398:
    I won't have the effort, patience nor skills to do something like that! However with practice and experience, the duration can be drastically reduced for sure!


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