9 August 2009

Nakano & Akihabara

Continuing the Japan trip after the day trip in Akihabara. Had a late morning start, and got to Nakano Broadway by myself.

Upon arrival on Nakano JR Station, you have to go through Nakano Sun Mall to get to Nakano Broadway

Going through Nakano Sun Mall

Nakano Broadway in sight at the end of Nakano Sun Mall

野崎コイン - a shop that sells old coins, stamps, and other vintage items.

Lots of old game cartridges available, including the classic Famicom :o

Mandarake Galaxy - the shop that sells the game catridges shown above. Nakano Broadway is dominated by Mandarake - one of the largest vendors on anime and manga related merchandise

Cosplay outfits available for sale

Lunch - Yakisoba meal in Nakano Broadway, pretty good too

Doraemon movies VCR tapes! I remember I used to have some of these in Cantonese dub. How nostalgic~

Mandarake Special - a store that focuses on hard-to-get or limited/exclusive stuff.

Mandarake comics store - this one is huge o_o

Vocaloid cosplay costumes of Kaito and the Kagamine. Dunno about the one on the right though.

Actually, a lot of shops were closed on that day - it looks like that most of them are closed on Wednesday (as I was told on an forum), which makes my trip to Nakano Broadway rather fruitless -_-;; Oh well that will be a lesson learnt for me then.

Afterwards I head straight back to Akihabara. Going from Nakano to Akihabara is straightforward as you just have to take the Chūō-Sōbu Line (中央・総武線) which will take you to Akihabaras with no interchanges needed.

Back to Akihabara... Kotobukiya show room in Radio Kaikan. It's fairly new as it's opened in March, as mentioned by Ngee Khiong.

There are quite a lot of Itasha models. Anyone interested buying one? ^^

Saw some policemen handling the traffic on a crossroad. Not sure what's going on though but I saw an ambulance as well (left on the picture)

An itachari, basically a bicycle version of Itasha. There's a small ema (絵馬, wooden plaque) below the seat of it wishing for the return of Hokousha Tengoku to Akihabara.

Hokousha Tengoku (歩行者天国), literally "Pesdestrains' Heaven", is a place where roads are closed off for traffics on Sundays so that pedestrains to walk freely on them. According to Danny Choo, the only 3 that have this are Ginza, selected roads in Shinjuku, and finally Akihabara.

However, ever since the notorious mass murder that happened last year, Akihabara no longer has the Hokousha Tengoku status. I personally find this little wooden plaque rather touching as I saw it parked on one side of the pedestrian.

Nighttime at Akihabara.

More advertisments of Angel Beats.

More nighttime of Akihabara.

A lot of maid cafe banners at one of the smaller lanes. There's a loudspeaker saying things to draw the customers, but all I've heard was "Moe, moe, kyun! Moe, moe, kyun!" lol

Lunch in Shinjuku. Can't remember what I have to grind the sesame seeds for but I think it's for a sauce.

This is the real business: Special Tonkatsu in multi-layers of pork, hence you can see the unusual shape of the meat inside the fried crusts. A very soft texture to bite into~

This one has melted cheese in the middle, which is lush~

Will have to confirm later on the name and location of this restaurant, but I know that the meals are rather pricey; restaurants on top floors of department stores tend to be like so anyway.

Got moved to a single room that night. Got to watch some TV by myself and found Wolf & Spice.

I somehow think that it looks like a first season re-run, but I'm not sure since I haven't watched the series at all. Is it actually really good?

A rather short day, but I did manage to visit the rest of Akihabara despite the fruitless trip to Nakano Broadway (orz). Most of the loots I've bought were from both days in Akihabara.

Have been a little busy with various stuff recently. Will catch up with the blogs as much as possible!


  1. I still need to drop by Akihabara to see what it's like. :\

  2. "but all I've heard was "Moe, moe, kyun! Moe, moe, kyun!""

    I swear, I will be running up there the moment I hear that. It's music to my ears. xD

    DO PICK UP SPICY-WOLF, honestly, it's good and I was able to convince someone to watch it and they don't regret. Ur next buddy. xD

  3. I LOVE tonkatsu! It's my favorite!

    Those low-ceiling shops SO remind me of all the other asian places I've been to (Singapore, Hong Kong, and of course Japan).

    I miss Tokyo... I wanna go back and visit.

  4. @ Willie:
    It's a whole different place out there. ^^;

    @ T.I.P.:
    You seem to have been to more places in Japan that I have. Hope the posts have given you some insight of Akihabara. Do check out other blogs for more stuff about it as they cover stuff differently from I do!

    @ Optic:
    "I swear, I will be running up there the moment I hear that. It's music to my ears. xD LOL XD

    If so many people watch Wolf & Spice, and with some people like meronpan dedicating half of his soul for the spicy wolf (laughs), it should be good then ^^; Hm maybe I should queue it after Toradora!, which I really need to resume watching pretty soon :o

    @ radiantdreamer:
    Tonkatsu is one of my favourite dishes too~ ^^

    Those shops are definitely a characterisitc of Asia in general, where everything tend to be more crowded together. Do hope you'll get to go back to Japan or possibly even Hong Kong in the near future!

  5. Pick up spice and wolf. It's good! I never felt so much rush to finish the first season when I started watching it (It was backlogged for me mind you)..

    I'm enjoying season 2 now, but not as much as Season 1 XD.

    You should really start on your backlogged shows Q! =O.

  6. Cant I get adopted by your family when you guys are doing your next japan trip?

    Spice and Wolf is a really nice Anime,even though its somewhat slowpaced.Thats one of its charming points though.
    Its nice mix between merchant and a slowly growing love stories.
    If you pick it up you could continue with the second season right now.

  7. @ zenical:
    I'm trying hard going through various kinds of backlogS - be it anime, gunpla, photos and blogs! @_@

    I'm asking my sister to get Hayate no Gotoku (1st season) at the moment. After that it may be Wolf & Spice. Heck the to-watch list is gonna grow... @~@

    @ Blowfish:

    Wolf & Spice doesn't sound like my kind of genre, but will pick it up when I have the time. I doubt I will manage to catch up with the second season though; might get it after it finishes airing.


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