14 August 2009

ACGHK 2009 Part 2

Following up from the ACGHK 2009 coverage, here comes the entry models from Hong Kong Dengeki Gundam Model Tournament. Like last year there are a lot of good work on display.

There are also a lot of great coverages from various blogs and sites, including Asuka (who went with me to the convention), Danny Choo with pictures from Avan, and Ngee Khiong who has coverages from various sources, be sure to check those out too!

Will be slowing adding captions to some of the pictures when I have time, meanwhile enjoy the photos!

1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 30th on display

MG Gundam Exia on display

MG Gundam Exia Repair (from Ignition Mode)

Official images showing that MG Guntank is to be released in September

Official Dengeki's models for MG Sazabi, as well as Geara Doga and

Gouf Heavy Arms Type, modified from MG Gouf ver 2.0

MG Gundam Real Type Colour

Now off to the entry items:

1/35? Gundam EZ-8's head

1/144 HG 00 Raiser

I have no idea what this is made from, but this black beast surely looks fearsome! o_o

An inn setting for the BB Senshi Sangokuden series

A sniper variant for the GM Custom?

A very oriental style of the Nu Gundam

Enact Suille Palace Guard Type - was kinda surprised that somebody actually made this Enact variant which only appeared for a few seconds in the anime :o

Repainted Gundam Rasiel

Dunno who he is, but the monoeye looks ferocious!

A nice blue accent for the Masurao/Susanowo

MG Musha Gundam posing proudly on top of a pwned Zaku

A custom plated Gundam Unicorn :o

Thought it was the 1/400 NZ-000 Quin Mantha/Queeen Mansa on first sight, but turns out to be NZ-666 Kshatriya (modified from Quin Mantha presumably) from the Gundam Unicorn novel!

Two Zakus with Bonds of the Battlefield logo~

MG Force Impulse dashing across the water

A 1/144 Tieren taking up a firing position

A rather interesting Flag with a bow-like weapon

O Gundam after getting pwned at the end

Nanoha Gundam - lol Nanoha is often nicknamed by fans (jokingly) as the "White Devil", which is a reference to Amuro Ray, pilot of Gundam and Nu Gundam. Couldn't believe that somebody actually materialised it XD

Cheridum Gundam with shield bits deployed. Its sniper rifle seems to be modified with some M4 rifle attachments, including EOTech sights and M203 grenade launcher.

Another Cheridum Gundam, this time using its shield bits as... Surfboard?!

Custom made ORX-005 Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo] in 1/100 scale

Custom painted 1/100 MG Zeta Plus which resembles the one for the limited GFFMC version. I think I saw this in a local shop near me before it got submitted to the competition

Wing Zero Custom

1/144 Sefer Rasiel Form 4

A heavily damaged Neue Zwei

Custom made 1/100 Exia Repair (not the MG version)

Another Cheridum, with lots of inner details o_o

A Ground Type GM Sniper, appearing to be posing to shoot some aerial targets

An evil-looking Destiny Gundam ^^;

Custom paint scheme Strike Freedom Gundam, which resembles the colour scheme of the Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode - looks pretty nice to me~ ^^

A Zaku with a Gundam shield?

... Only to be taken back by the Gundam itself ^^;

Custom paint Astraea with Astray's katana

This beautiful scene resembles the final scene that appears in ending theme for second season Gundam 00 "trust you" by Yuna Ito.

1/60 Marasai, modified from 1/60 PG Zaku II

A car surface like shiny Sazabi

A modified Hambrabi

A heavily weathered and worn out Nu Gundam

MG Sianju

1/60 PG Astray Red Frame with

An interesting hybrid between Gundam Exia, Dynames, and Astraea

Can't remember where it is from exactly, but this Zaku's design is based on a particular designer's works, whose mecha are all featured with long armoured skirts

A 00 Raiser Statue?

A Ground Type Gundam supporting its comrade after a battle

This Wing Zero Custom looking shrine is simply... Gorgeous and magnificent O_O

Greater Zeong. This has some very nifty design concepts behind it. For example remove the legs and you have the Apsalus III on top, with Big Zam on the bottom half.

A GM trying to save its comrade from a cruel Z'gok in a volcanic scene

Custom made 1/100 Type-61 tanks battling against the Zakus

Keroro's gunpla room. Man you gotta admit that these miniature rooms are just crazy!

A white Zaku (namely the White Ogre from MS IGLOO 2 series) surrendering to the Gundam

Gundams vs an army of grunts and antagonist units, the Gundam Musou style

Custom made Tieren Recon type

RX-78-2 firing

RX-78-2 taking up position... Or it has fallen down clumsily?

A Federation soldier with a rather unsightly and unglorious death. This dark and realistic diorama is likely to be inspired by the first episode of MS IGLOO 2 series to show the cruelty of war.

Federation Type-61 with a ruined Zeon Wappa hoverbike nearby

Federation soldiers taking a break next to a rusty Zaku head - I just love military dioramas, which take a lot of effort to look right and realistic

A rather interesting model, which uses a 1/35 HG Hardgraph Wappa hoverbike, 1/144 HGUC Zudah, as well as a 1/144 Ex-Model Oggo. All these models are from the MS Igloo series

A custom made Innovator machine. Possbily a hybrid between the Garazzo and the notorious suicide unit Gaga

A knight-looking Gundam coming out from its throne. Apparently the throne is from a Saint Seiya figure set, which costs lots and lots and lots of money to buy. I heard a guy swearing how the modeller is willing sacrifice this expensive throne to model ^^;

A custom made GN-X

A 00 Gundam girl!

Exelica Gundam Exia in GN Arms ^^

These two are the only Gundam girls 'featured' this year. Want or do not want? ^^;

A monsterious creature s

Last but not least, this group work custom made Guntank-lookalike is monsterous in size - the GM Sniper and Gundam next to it look like midgets next to it!

Phew... That's 100 pictures! It was not easy pushing through the crowds to take these pictures, as well as sorting them out @_@ Coincidently this is my 100th post too, which I haven't noticed until posting. Again lots of good work this year too, and it's hard to compare them to last year's. I wonder which entry will make it through as the winner though - am anticipating to know~

This post has really drained me out; I ought to hit the sack now zzz...

Flickr Gallery available here:
Hong Kong Dengeki Gundam Model Tournament 2009


  1. Woah! I don't know much about gundams, so what the heck is that huge black one? That thing is a beast! So cool!

    Exelica = win. :)

  2. Gundam GIRL = EPIC WIN!!!

  3. Great pics, Q! No many of them to compliment...got kinda lost in that pile of awesomeness @.@. What's that big giant black thing with claws that pwned the RX-78-2? Man... these people really know how to create models... o_o

  4. *w* Want... Exia girl.

    Chained Wing zero is a gawdamned beasutiful

  5. That's a lot of Gundams ^^. Exia Ignition mode is pretty cool and not to mention , the black one is just pure win.

  6. hahaha. Nanoha Gundam.
    Dam, out of all the gundams, that's the only one I want. :D

    No gundam loot? xD

  7. @ radiantdreamer:
    That black one seems to be very heavily modified from a particular base model, but I haven't been able to track down the origins of it. It is indeed a beast to be reckoned with though!

    Haha Exelica Exia is surely awesome ^^

    @ robostrike:
    They surely are eye candys of the exhibition ^^;

    @ Z:
    Thanks. I still haven't figured out what that black giant is, nor do I know what the base model was @_@

    @ GunStray:
    Hehe everybody wants a piece of her ^^;

    The Wing Zero one is one of the most spetacular piece of work this year; a potential winner I'd say.

    @ Saku:
    MG Exia Ignition is very tempting for me to get... And the black giant is quite an eyecatch too; hope it will win a place somewhere :o

    @ Optic:
    lol Nanoha Gundam is so for you~ XD

    Gunpla are kinda expensive at the convention, and I have the ones I've wanted already, so no Gundam get for me there ^^;

  8. Fantastic, thanks Q! This pictures were awesome.

    *sigh*..I was totally going to do my Z Plus in that Blue and White scheme but decided against it....now I'm kicking myself.

  9. dude.. this is awesome man.. those work really piece of art.. agree with you.. those military diorama really the most awesome job.. salute.. thx for the picture..

  10. Nanoha Gundam!! Omg. LOL. I want a Feito Gundam T_T. Haha.

    Reading this post definitely ignited my passion of building gundams, and made me realised how much I miss looking at gundam models... =/

    Nice photos! I wished there were events here which concentrated solely on Gundams =3.

  11. @ Apt-1B:
    I too would love to paint a MG Zeta Plus in that colour scheme, but I lack the skills and the confidence to do so... orz

    @ seven6398:
    I personally have a thing for the military dioramas, though the others are pretty well done too. Glad you like pictures~

    @ zenical:
    Actually I've seen a Fate Gundam from Uncyclopedia Taiwan before ^^;


    A lot of people have dropped gunpla due to the required effort and time, so knowing that some are picking it up again is a good thing. Looking forward to see you going back to gunpla! ^^

  12. wow those modellers really did some great work on the Gundams and diorama. That Wing Zero shrine really look amazing.

  13. @ valho:
    There are a lot of nice works like last year, and yea Wing Zero Shrine definitely looks fabulous; I do hope that it wins a place in the competition.

  14. Nice coverage. Those Gunplas are really nice. I especially liked the diorama ones because of the time and effort needed to make them.

    LOL at the SD Gundam inn. Really really nice.

    Thanks for the photos.

  15. @ Tommy:
    Yea dioramas take a lot of time and efforts, in addition to the gunpla and other models. I always appreciate the modellers' effort into them.

    I'm glad that you enjoy the photos~

  16. Exelica exia! reminding me of Infinite Stratos series!

  17. @ Afiq:
    The Exelica Exia does resemble the IS girls, except with a bit more skin ^^; Thanks for dropping by!


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