4 August 2009

ACGHK 2009 Part 1

Here it is, the coverage of ACGHK 2009 as promised. Big thanks to litokid, Asuka, and J (Asuka's friend) for coming with me to this convention. T'is the first time I've arranged to meet up with someone from the Internet, but it's good to see some dannychoo.com members in Hong Kong.

It's been rather busy for me recently, so pictures are in seemingly random order at the moment. Will try and get them more sorted out in the next day or two. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!

The convention started a bit later than planned on Saturday, and we had to wait all the way from another building!

The queue is moving while we are inside HKCEC. It took us more than 20 minutes to get into the convention from the back of the queue.

Going straight inside, and we see guys taking pictures of pretty girls near the entrance already ^^;

Football game on XBOX 360. Hongkongers tend to watch football (American English: soccer) often, and the preferred game is usually the Winning Eleven series (aka Pro Evolution Soccer)

Forza Motorsport 3 on XBOX 360.

Halo 3; couldn't take a good screenshot of it though

The night before, Mikuni Shimokawa made an appearance in Monday evening. She came a little later than planned but fans are definitely not disappointed.

I don't know much about her, but she is a pretty good singer, and she even sang Evangelion's opening, which is a pleasant surprise~

Luffy's hat is one of the more common items seen in this year's convention; a friend of mine who's a big fan of ONE PIECE bought one of them as well as Luffy's wanted poster

Char's MSs Clear Colour version and HGUC Operation V Clear Colour version, which were only available at Gundam 30th Birthday Festival in Nagoya, are available in this convention too.

Boxes of limited / event only gunpla on sale.

I can't believe that 1/100 Exia Roll Out Colour is there as well - makes mine purchased from Japan such a ripoff lol...

I know nothing about Saint Seiya, but this

Other than Luffy's hat, Urahara's (from Bleach) hat is also a fairly common sight in this convention

Piles and piles of manga on sale. This is what ACGHK was about back then - just a comics fair with manga and manhua (Chinese comics)

Hong Kong manga, which are known as 'manwa'.

Hataraki Man, which Gordon has mentioned in his post a while ago.

Piles of (empty) MG Exia Ignition Mode on one side! o_o

ONE PIECE wanted posters on sale

Lots of wooden katanas and swords replicas from various anime series available this year, ranging from Bleach, Naruto, and even Saber's sword from Fate/Stay Night

A Tieren with camouflage paint scheme on display

This is one of the winning entries for Gundam diorama competition, not for the Dengeki Tournament which I will mention in the next coverage post

A bitter end to a Gundam under the hands of a Zaku

One of the winning entries of Gundam photoshoot competition

Frankly, I find Freedom's pose a bit awkward though ^^;

Sazabi featured on Time! ^^

Winner entry featuring God and Noble Gundam

Megahouse has its own cabinet for its own figures and models

Megahouse Lelouch. My sister's getting one and it will be here sometime this month :o

Queen's Blade figures of Nyx and Elina.

The limited gunpla mentioned above

XN Raiser's box art, which looks pretty cool I have to say~

XN Raiser combined with O Raiser, 00 Gundam, and 00 Raiser

XN Raiser equipped on Seravee, Arios, and Cheridum

1/60 Exia on display

Light novels spotted.

Doraemon is back - and a new movie is coming out very soon. It looks like that a Doraemon movie is out every year, be it a remake or something original.

Dakimakura covers and cat ears on sale

Previous magazines that came with dakimakura covers or mousepads. I think I saw one that has the highly sought Feena dakimakura too.

Stalls that sell cushions, dakimakuras, pictures etc are definitely hot spots. litokid and Asuka came back to this stall again and again XD

Spotted this Monopoly City Edition, which has stackable building parts as you expand your properties (I think)

Call of Duty World at War I believe

1/6 Batman and Joker

1/6 Batmobile

Michael Jackson based on Thriller MV

Ironman Mark III Special Version and T-600 Concept Version

T-600 Concept version, which is exclusive for this convention only

Life size T-600 o_o

Astro Boy action figure

A poor image, but figma Billy Herrington sighted XD

1/1 Hoi Hoi San

I don't know this figure - perhaps somehow may recognise it?

Yamamoto from Sengoku Rance, thanks to Samejima for recognising it.

Yamato's 1/24 Ingram Unit 1 - Really expensive though o_o;;

The blue Ingram USA Unit 1. More info can be found on Ngee Khiong

Was wondering why there's a guy bringing a ladder with him, and it seems that it's for the purpose of getting to a higher and better view so he can take pictures of the pretty girls at an advantage point ^^;

A shot of what a typical stall will look like from the outside.

Anpanman with other characters I'm not familiar with

Fat spiderman is fat o_o;;

Edward Elric and a chibby Alphonse XD

Chopper giving out the red card XD

Maxima punching out a Ralf out of his cyborg arm... How bizzare.

Both characters are from the King of Fighter fighting game series.

Rather than just taking pictures of the pretty girls, I always find it interesting to see the photographers taking pictures of them enthusiastically ^^;

Fate mousepad might be interesting, but what got litokid interested was Mio's dakimakura.

Lego exhibition. Wanted to go inside but it's really crowded, so just took this outside of the stall

Kadokawa stall - incredibly long queue just to get in like last year. Luckily litokid has a PSP with Gundam vs Gundam game for me get over the waiting~

Shana and Wolf & Spice manga

Gundam novels such as Gundam the Origin, Ecole du Ciel, and Unicorn can be bought here.

Shana CD-R, which I think are blanks.

Horo mousepad (not the popular 'oppai' ones) and keyboards.

Combined loot of litokid, Asuka, J (friend of Asuka), and mine.

I have the least stuff (perhaps not surprisingly), but will tell you what they are later on.

Final picture - extension of HKCEC. Took the same picture of it last year, which was still under construction with framework only.

It was a long and tiring day, but it's worth having a good look. Hope you have enjoyed the general coverage of the convention there. Again big thanks to litokid, Asuka, and J for coming to attend this event with me, and I am grateful for that.

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    Phew... Managed to get all those sorted out. Now I have to see how to comb the 150+ photos of the Dengeki Tournament down to reasonable number @_@;;

    1. there's gonna be a HG XN Raiser????

    2. I think the Luffy cosplay thing is a rip off. My friend made a cosplay of him with like 20 bucks spent on the material.

      Now, what do they call Char in Cantonese/Chinese? I read 马沙 but it doesn't make any sense to me.

      Also, 漫画 is the same everywhere, technically the Japanese calls it differently from us since Kanji originated in China ^^

      PS. YES! I'm not the only one who says Wolf & Spice instead of the other way around XD It's 狼与香辛料, no idea why people call it the other way around.

    3. Haha they sell wooden anime swords, Im eager for Alter's sword^^

      So whos the lucky fellow that owns Signum

    4. @GunStray I own Signum, but just not the ones in the picture XD

    5. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
      The XN Raiser only comes as a prize item with the October Issue of Hobby Japan magazine, which will be released later this month I think.

      @ gndynames:
      Char is indeed called 馬沙 rather than 夏亞 in Cantonsese. This is apparently based on combining Sayla Mass with Char, and the reason behind this is that the dubbing staff wanted the name to fit more with Cantonese style back in the early 80s. This is also the case with Amuro Ray, whose name is 阿寶 rather than 阿姆羅.

      Manga/Manhua/Manwa etc. all share the same Chinese characters of "comics", but they have different names/pronounciations spelt in English to show the origin of the comics.

      As for Wolf & Spice, I actually wasn't aware of this until you mention it now XD Don't have a clue for the reason behind this either ^^;

      @ GunStray:
      In the previous years the only popular sword in the convention was Tensa Zangetsu, Ichigo's sword in Bankai form. It came to a surprise how it exploded to many other blades this year.

      As for who owns Signum, we shall see *rolls eyes* (there's more than one owner though)

    6. Did u see any MG Strike Freedom Clear version there?

    7. yeah, thats what i thought... but i saw d HG box art
      i didn't know dengeki would include such a nice box? xD

      btw, could you help me get a copy of it pls? cus I dun wanna take the chance and wait for it to come to malaysian shores =(

    8. Lol it feels so weird to look at the photos from a different angle. And all the people who took a picture of the billy figma had a blurry image XD

      Hope to see you next time

    9. Shimokawa Mikuni was there? Damn!!!

      Hope she sang her Full metal panic songs. Would have loved to hear Minamikaze and Sore ga Ai Desho live!!

      The photoshopped freedom looked like a 1/144. Good idea, but not the best kit to do it with.
      And the more I see of HoiHoi, the more I want her now!!!

    10. Ecole du ciel!!!!1111
      T_T so jealous you went to ACGHK T_T

    11. Thanks for covering it, guys. ^^; My videos are probably never going to see the light of day...

      It was great going with you guys too - much better to run around a convention with friends than alone. I take it you went back on Monday then?

    12. The HG XN Raiser sure came out as a surprise to me, was thinking that it would be possible to acquire it through HJ magazine.

      Wish I was there at the event :~ Sure look like that it was quite a fruitful trip and event

    13. T.T I wish i can go next year. Or rather i must go next year.

      I will be very near to HK next year, around that time. Going to China to study for around 5 months. If i miss next year's chance, i don't think i will be so near to HK again.

      The event is so big and there are so many things on sales. Once again, reminds me of Singapore's one. Haix~

    14. Thanks for the photos. Far better than our cosplay over here in Kuching.

    15. @ Lawrance:
      No I didn't see any MG Strike Freedom Clear Colour version; to be honest I haven't seen one in any reecnt conventions. Sorry.

      @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
      I don't know how much the magazines would cost as well as the shipping fee to your place, but if you are still interested you can drop me an email for furhter discussions (address is on the right column).

      @ Asuka:
      lol none of us got a good photo of Billy? ^^;

      It's been great that day. Hope we'll meet again another day~

      @ GundamJehutyKai:
      Unfortunately I do not recognise her songs, but she did sing 残酷な天使のテーゼ (Cruel Angel's Thesis), much to our surprise.

      The Freedom there is probably either HG 1/144 or MSiA. It's likely that those models featuered in the minor competitions there used non-gunpla models, but yea it's not the best one to be used for the photoshoot due to its restrictions.

      @ robostrike:
      I haven't read Ecole du Ciel before, but I did hear that it's one of the fewer series that features a girl as a protagonist.

      @ litokid:
      I went on the first night (Friday) with two of my friends, but I arrived late due to work so I only had less than 2 hours to look around.

      I was surprised that I managed to see Shimokawa Mikuni as she appeared much later than scheduled (thought I'd have missed the chance). She sang 'til the end of the convention that night.

      T'was great seeing you on Saturday. Hope we'd get too see each other again someday~

      @ Jacques:
      Despite being called an HG, it looks like that the only way to obtain it is via October issue of HJ magazine. Hopefully it's not too hard to obtain it for you.

      @ Chappy:
      It'd be so nice if you can come over to Hong Kong next year, even for a brief moment.

      *If* you don't manage to come, there's bound to be a next time in the future, right?

      @ Willie:
      Glad that you like them~

      I haven't taken pictures of the cosplays, but I think that Asuka has them if you wanna look at his coverages.

    16. Wow really nice photos! I kinda fancy you for being able to attend such conventions >_>. So many goods for you to buy, I'm so envious ><. Looking forward to most photos to be jealous more =P

    17. Aw, great. Just a day after I left HK, and this comes up. Man, I always miss the good stuff. Nice report, by the way.

    18. The figure with bow and arrow is Isoroku Yamamoto from Sengoku Rance.

    19. ZOMFG, there was a Nagisa cushion there.
      I'm disappointed u didn't get Fate oppai mousepad. U KNOW U WANTED IT. XD

      So is one of the figma Signum urs? Apparently the convention I went to this weekend was selling it for 89AUD. WTF 89AUD!!!. U can work it out in HKD as u will know the shock. lol

      Great loot and looks like u had a great time. Wish I was there. :)

    20. @ zenical:
      I'm sure that Singapore has quite a number of conventions or festivals too, right?

      Will try to upload the rest of the photos (i.e. the Gundam models) sometime this week if I'm not too busy or tired -_-;;

      @ Kanzato:
      Don't worry. This convention occurs annually at this time, so even though you've just missed this year's, you still have the chance to visit the ones in the future. Glad you like the coverage though!

      @ Samejima:
      Thanks! Will add that info up soon!

      @ Optic:
      I don't use mousepads, and even if I do buy one I probably won't use it anyway. Besides my sister would quite likely to go ballistic on me should I own one lol...

      Signum going for 89AUD? That's more than twice the price I've paid at the convention! @_@

    21. Really interesting. Makes me want to go next time I'm in HK.

      I forgot why I didn't go when I was there last year...I think it was because of the T8 storm or something on the last day...

      I'm surprised they let him bring a ladder into the convention. And...did you take any pictures of the pretty girls?

    22. @ T.I.P.:
      This convention always start around late July or early August, so you can plan your trip accordingly~

      I haven't taken pictures of the girls, but Asuka has some in his coverage ^^;

    23. I really enjoy your coverage on the event. I really wish I can go to HK and join such events. Looking at the toys you guys have there make me so envious. LOL

    24. I'm glad that you have enjoyed the coverage~ Other than the convention itself, there are a lot of toy shops dotted around in Hong Kong. Hope you'll get to come over to Hong Kong one day!


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