24 August 2009

figma Signum

This review is kinda overdued, as I've got her way back in ACGHK convention. Anyway let's get onto the accessory-abundant figma Signum.

Signum comes from the 2nd and 3rd part of the Nanoha series, namely A's and StrikerS. Released sometime late in July, she's one of the more expensive figmas due to her large number of accessories, as shown in the picture above.

There's a piece of paper on using the correct hand for the sword, part swapping for her weapon Laevatein, and using the correct hand for holding the arrow.

The special hand for holding the sword is actually similar to that for figma Shana.

Signum drawing her sword from the scabbard.

Signum with Laevatein in Schwertform (Sword form). Here you can see that I have wrongly used the normal hand instead the special hand, which only holds the sword loosely as a result.

Laevantein engulfed in flame, basically a powered up version of the Schwert Form (after loading with magical cartridge according to the lore).

Part swapping for the Laevatein is easy. However for some reason the end cap of mine is kinda loose and can fall out easily. Anyone got the same problem?

Laevatein in Schlangenform (Snake form). I only recall this being used in the second series though. The metal wire is pretty sturdy and can hold up pretty well by itself.

And I do mean pretty well - look how high I can pose it~ ^^

Btw did anyone notice the similarities between this form and Ivy's sword from the Soul Calibur game series?

Signum comes with 2 hair pieces, but I kinda find this odd as they are almost like mirror images to each other.

The fans' anticipated Bogenform (Bow form). Wow this bow is even taller than she is o_o

Posing with Laevatein in Bogenform. Kinda find the parts stiff so I didn't push one part of the bow fully into the handle for the fear of getting stuck or even breakage. Again like the Schlangenform I only recall it being used in the second series A's.

Action poses

Final picture of Signum standing next to Fate.

Despite being a little more expensive than normal figmas, Signum is surely a nice get with plenty of accessories for you to play with. She's not my favourite character in the series but she is surely respectful, as well as being mature, cool and levelheaded. It's worth a get even if you don't know the character :o

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    1. Goddamn, she's easily one of the best figmas I've ever seen!

      Now all we need is a figma Subaru, none of this Actsta shit

    2. figma is great when they come with many accessories like this Signum, but it's pretty disappointing for figma with no weapon like Lucky Star or Haruhi.

      It would be even more disappointing if there's a flaw in the figma. Most of figma always had one or more universal flaws.

    3. Ah, so one of figma Signum was urs? :)
      I knew it.

      So that makes it U, GNdynames, and Zenical who has her. As she is one of my favourite characters, I must be the biggest dickhead who canceled her thinking I would get it cheap at the convention. WHAT WAS I THINKING?. Figma otakus don't think like that. They buy now and THEN they regret later. lol

      Oh well, I still have high hopes HS or HLJ will have restocks but I'm not crossing my fingers for it. -_-

    4. Woah she's got a lot of cool weapons. That makes this figma a great value.

      Sword Whip = Ivy IMO. :)

      I've got my own huge backlog of figures to review too. :(

    5. I like signum, but not enough to purchase so i'm sitting this one out.

      Incidentally, I believe that Signum used snake form once in StrikerS, just after she fused with the fire imp. Bow form is A's exclusive tho.

    6. I have yet to actually play with mine yet, but I can say that I have the same problem as you with the end of the sword handle.

      The bow handle was also really stiff. What I did was swap the handle from one bow part to the other.

      @GundamJehutyKai: Bow form is more like one scene exclusive.

    7. Everyone's posting about figma Signum. She looks really nice. I think all the girls from Nanoha have 2 mirror hair pieces for some odd reason.

      Sadly, I won't be getting her.

    8. @ Snark:
      figma Subaru will come someday, I'm sure. Actsta is too expensive for me to afford (though I may change my mind should Fate gets released *sigh*).

      @ sonic_ver2:
      Well, it's true that some figmas do lack accessories, but let's be honest: what can you really give to weaponless character such as Tsuruya-san?

      The figma line has been improving a lot, and a lot of the earlier problems such as fragile joints and loose parts are not heard as often as it's used to be. Action figures tend to be cheaper and lesser in quality, so you can't expect too much from them to be honest.

      @ Optic:
      WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Just kidding :P

      We all make mistakes, so I undertand the frustration there as the one you've found at the SMASH convention was ridiculous. I remember trying to get figma Fate 2 weeks after release and I was shocked how quickly they all went and with the remaining ones went skyrocket on prices. Don't want to face that again OTL

      Hobby Search did restock Signum but it's sold out again, and I haven't seen listing on HLJ right now. Hopefully it'll be back again in the near future.

      @ radiantdreamer:
      Signum is one of the most accessory heavy figmas so far, so it's worth the relatively high price tag I think.

      And haha for you who play a lot of Soul Calibur, you'd of course make a connection with Laevatein's Schlangeform with Ivy's sword whip ^^

      Having a backlog of figures can be a good thing, because you wouldn't have run out of stuff to blog about, which is a thing I suffer from time to time!

      @ GundamJehutyKai:
      I wasn't planning to buy this one but decided to go ahead when me and litokid saw one at the convention earlier this month.

      I've just watched a bit of StrikerS again, and yep Signum does use the Schlangeform there. In fact, I have seen it least twice so far (once fused with Reinforce II and once with Agito). Thanks for the correction!

      @ gndynames:
      Hm it looks like that it's a common factory problem with this figma then. Not a huge problem compared to, say, Nanoha's hair piece.

      Swap the handle from one bow part to the other? Sounds interesting. Might try that.

      @ Tommy:
      Indeed all Nanoha girls released so far have 2 hair pieces, but not all have them mirrored.

      Save your money for other things you want is always a good thing!

    9. Well..ist from the Nanoha Series :P

      Its great to see your German Bits beeing of use to you ^^

      Aber es heißt SchlangnForm ^^

      I guess it was a typo though since you fot the others right.

      Its pretty cool that she comes with so many accessories and her Sowrd is pretty cool in Schlangenform.Yet,its a Nanaoha figure -XD

      Sorry too tired to write anything meaningful

    10. @ Blowfish:
      Haha you still have a thing against the Nanoha series? But that's fine so I understand ^^;

      I've checked with another German and apparently it's Sclangenform indeed. I think one of them in the post was a typo so thanks for poining out, but argh I got it all wrong when I was replying to the comments! >_<

      So far, the Nanoha series figmas and possibly Duke Golgo from Golgo 13 have the most accessories so far. Their hefty prices do make up for them though.

      Don't worry about not being able to write anything meaningful (to be honest I appreciate your comment as much as anyone else's!); I'm in that situation too now and then -_- zzz


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