30 August 2009

August Purchase & Backlog

Have been a little tired recently so I'll make this short.

First off 1/100 MG Exia Ignition Mode and 1/144 HG Trans-Am Raiser. Found both at relatively good prices so I thought it's a deal and bought them (at seperate occaisions).

I've noticed that I haven't talked much about my own gunpla. In fact I have been building some this month, namely 3 1/144 HGUC GM Commands and the limited 1/100 Exia Roll Out Colour. I feel like doing a random post about them in general one day.

My 1/100 Exia Roll Out Colour version is near its completion - just getting its signature GN Blade 'blinged' up like those in MG Exia Ignition Mode. I lack paints and masking tapes so I'm just using normal cellotapes and my sister's nail varnish to help me get the job done. Compromisation ftw lol -_-;;

Will probably make a review of it in mid-September, as I will be away for a short while.

You may have already noticed that there's someone sitting on top of Trans-Am Raiser's box. It's Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum that I've mentioned last month. Doesn't shine as much as figmas, but it's ok. Will make a review of her after Exia Roll Out Colour.

Now off to the backlogs. For gunpla it's not too much, but I need to think about what to do on next, as I haven't made an MG for myself before. After completing the Exia Roll Out Colour I may go for another limited grey Gundam - the MG G-3 OYW version.

I'm starting to fall behind on anime too; Haruhi 2nd season (?) and Toradora! got stalled while I am still keeping in touch with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (I haven't read the manga) and Valkyria Chronicles (it's not bad but I heard that the original PS3 game is much better). I probably won't watch anymore Haruhi after 2 iterations of the notorious Endless Eight "arc" until it finishes airing, and I have no idea why I keep stalling on Toradora!; it's not a bad series at all so I don't understand what keeps me from going through it... orz

Have been a bit less active on the Internet too, which means I would be behind on blogs naturally orz Am probably just getting a bit weary as I have many things that I want to do, yet so little time. Heck I still have betatesting to do for a game mod too, and unfortunately they all have to wait as I will be away soon (I'll make a post about it tomorrow), *sigh* T_T

I haven't gone that far into Haruhi, but what's with Haruhi's face getting similar to K-ON!'s? Apparently it's not for one episode only. What's going on? :\

Screenshots from Random Curiosity


  1. Surely, people are just looking at things a bit too much into the K=on look for haruhi. Personally, I just found the faces a little off, rather than looking like the K-On girls.

    And damn you!!!! I'm still waiting for my Reycal! *is jealous*

  2. Tora Dora was a good anime. Don't let it stall for too long!!!

    I've always thought that the K-On style looks similar to Haruhi's style in many ways.

  3. VC is good.. well Optic told me it's almost similar to the game but there are moments where the game doesn't touch on and the anime does.. which is good =D. I cried for some of the scenes :(. And wow, MG Exia XD. I want it too! Though I doubt I will actually have the time to fix it...

  4. Awesome! I can't wait to see the completed Exia Rollout Colors!

  5. There should be 2 gundams and 2 figmas or 1 scale figure. Now that's what i call a loot. :P

    As Zen already mentioned, the anime is based on the game and it's similar indeed. The anime managed to digest more into the character history while the game goes more dept in the main character and a few side character personlity where the anime lacks.

    Overall, the series assume you have already played the game hence, many of the events is so fast paced and the 2nd OP already showed Alicia is a Valkyrian. lol

  6. I wan Reycalllll T^T
    how much did you get it for?

    and wow, you got bling bling exia... quite popular, it seems =)

  7. Yeah, for some reason it looks like Kyoani forgot to tell their animators they're no longer working on K-On -_-

  8. can't wait to see how your Exia looks like once completed.
    I didn't bother much with Haruhi 2nd season, guess I got over all the hype surrounding it. Toradora is a must watch, don't let it get stalled too long ^^.

  9. Oh yeah... THIS:

  10. @ GundamJehutyKai:
    I did wonder whether it's just coincidence, but after seeing this for more than one episode from various screenshots makes me think that it's deliberate rather than being slacky in drawing.

    Hope your Reycal will arrive soon~ ^^

    @ radiantdreamer:
    I will get back to Toradora upon my return!

    The similarity between Haruhi and K-On! is prominent in the new content; I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the case with the first season.

    Haha thanks for the picture btw! ^^;

    @ zenical:
    There are some differences between the game and the anime, and a number of people on forums who have played the game don't seem to appreciate too much with the changes in the anime.

    For gunplas, I think that MGs do seem to be quite time consuming, so that's why I usually go for 1/144s only. I heard MG Exia's quite easy to build so it wouldn't hurt to get one started I think!

    @ Apt-1B:
    It's almost done; just got the blades and swords left to do then it's ready to roll out when I come back!

    @ Optic:
    Hey it's close enough, and trinkles of small purchases add up don't they? ^^;

    Apparently the anime of Valkyria Chronicles is based on the manga adaptation of the original game, so that's why there are noticeable differences between the two. I'm not too sure whether the studio really wants the audience to assume that they have played the game already, but I do find it odd how they've revealed Alicia as a Valkyrian in the OP... o_o;;

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    Got my Reycal for 155HKD precisely.

    Bling bling Exia is very popular indeed. Still not sure whether I want to keep it as normal or repair mode.

    @ Snark:
    I don't mind too much if they're deliberately doing it for one episode maximum like a cameo of some kind, but I don't think this is quite the case, and as a result I can't feel it having its own unique style so much compared to the first season.

    @ valho:
    My hype over Haruhi 2nd season was long gone since the first announcement 2 years ago. After that I just let things fly by to be honest ^^; Will try and resume Toradora when I come back!

  11. Hope to get some further insight into your Revoltech! It was from the Ymaguchi or however that mainly robot line was called.
    My Revy from that line sucks ass.

    I know what youre going through...I have so littloe time at the moment aswell.and now im sooo tired

  12. Nice gets. I stopped buying Gunplas for a while now because I haven't finished the last three...umm...make that five Gunplas that I bought. On second thought, haven't finished is an understatement; I should say I haven't STARTED on them. "orz I'll start building them when I get a air brush next year. ^^;;

    I've finally gotten the time (by slacking off on figure reviews ^^;;) to watch some more animes. I've been watching Canaan and FMA-Brotherhood religiously every week. Finally caught up on Valkyria Chronicles yesterday.

    I'm only going through my blogroll once a week now, and I find that to be enough for most blogs since they only update once or twice a week. I know I'm bad, but I make a point of visiting all of them and reading what they wrote. :)

  13. @ Blowfish:
    It's unusual but not the first time for the Yamaguchi line to have non-mechs/robots, but having bishoujos is even more unusual. Revy is from the first generation so I can understand how things will have changed (in a good way I hope) for the third generation.

    So little time and being tired are some of my biggest problems I have to face -_- zzz...

    @ Tommy:
    I am fairly casual when it comes to gunpla, and I avoid buying the big ones like MGs so I can build them more easily and quickly without the fear of getting bogged down.

    I did hear that Canaan is good, so I may consider watching after it finishes airing if general feedback is good. Will somehow have to get back into Toradora while keeping in touch with FMA and Valkyria Chronicles.

    Going through blogroll all at once is good if you have the free time. Sometimes I'm too busy to visit for just a week and I feel that I'm really behind already, especially since I'm a very slow reader! OTL


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