16 June 2009

Secret Ambition

Secret Ambition by Nana Mizuki for Nanoha StrikerS opening theme

Hey, lemme tell you a little secret while I am away: My biggest ambition in terms of what I would love to get one day.

A figure? No.

A Gundam? Nope.

Hmph... Tanks? Close, but not quite.

Then what will it be?



What on earth is that, you may ask. It's the Schwerer Gustav by - a German railway gun back in World War Two. It was the biggest gun ever made in history, and only 2 were made. This is a 1/144 scale replica of the gigantic weapon by the Hong Kong company "Metal Troops", well known for their highly detailed yet pricey completed military miniatures, as well as their limited quanitity per production. ^^;

HLJ has an item page for it, and it was at a whooping 72000 Yen~ Long sold out too ^^;


Item description from HLJ below:
"The incredibly massive German Dora rail gun of WWII featured a huge 80cm cannon, but was only used for a total of 13 days, with only 48 shells being fired. It took 25 trainloads of equipment, 2,000 men, and six weeks to assemble the monstrous gun at the firing location.

Previously offered as a plastic assembly kit, this Dora is now available from Fujimi as a fully assembled and expertly painted display model, complete with base and clear acrylic case. The detail is amazing, the finish is astounding, and the size is impressive!"

With its gun elevated, the whole gun's height can put even a Gundam of the same scale to shame, seriously o_o

Fujimi's plastic model kit is cheaper at a regular price of 8000 Yen (which is just as hard to find), but still it would require a lot of materials and skill to assemble it and make it look good - definitely not something for casual modelers, perhaps even to some military modelers.

Image from Hobby Search

Why so expensive? It's a resin kit, and the level of details for vehicles and machines are different to those for figurines; they're quite different form of arts afterall.

But the problem is, even if I am willing to spend so much on this, I wonder where I can have the space to put it. To be honest I don't even have a clue where to put the upcoming 1/7 Alter Fate when that comes in August (hopefully without delay)... @_@

Appreciating different kinds of things is nice, as I can understand what more and more about people's hobbies and tastes rather than alienating them. It's not easy to have a wide interest and yet to be equally focused on them, but it's doable. Looking at these metallic beasts reminded me that although I have shifted my collection towards other stuff these days, I am still and have always been a military enthusiast of some degree. ^^

Sounds ambitious, doesn't it? ^^;

Anyway, that shall end my random scheduled post. What will your most wanted and ambitious item be? Or is it not something physical?

All images are from ACITOYS unless otherwise stated


  1. I didnt even those exist(well until reading this post^^;) Since Im not much for historical weaponry, is this a tank/train/turret?

  2. @GunStray: Pretty much a mobile artillery with the biggest gun in history.

    The numbers are indeed impressive. It's not a wonder why the miltary is conducting railgun research.

    Military kits are a real pain to work with especially with the smaller scales. My experience with a destroyer kit (don't remember which class ship it was) was not the greatest.

    On top of that, over the brief months I've learned that there are things you can live without, unfortunately it's a sad realization for otakus =/

  3. German Atillery Banzai!

    I actually thought that your secret ambition is something completley different

  4. i briefly remember coming across this during one of my history lesson in the past, clean-forgotten about it till you mentioned it again here in your post.

    An amazing feat by the Germans who built it, but operation-wise don't look too feasible with it movement limited to only railway lines, but again with such long reach, trivial issues like these should pose no problem.

  5. You should go for it but it seems that it would take up a lot of your time

  6. Okay It has extreme Long range, however how does it fair when enemies are in close range, does it have like internal turrets or is it escorted by tank.

  7. Wow I never knew such weaponry existed o_0. That thing looks amazing...

  8. At the mention of rail gun I'm reminded of the Metal Gear rail gun... different idea methinks.

  9. @ GunStray:
    Schwerer Gustav is basically a huge artillery gun on railway tracks. It is supposed to operate really far behind the front lines so that it would not face direct confrontation with the enemy. Since it's defenseless, it had to rely on various units that might be around to protect it.

    @ gndynames:
    My experience with a railway gun (a K5 aka Leopold) a few years ago didn't go well either - haven't worked with a military kit since then ._.

    Btw the railgun in WWII and the one in research are actually two different things.

    @ Blowfish:
    Haha, well that's just one of the more physical ambitions that I've got that is clear and easy to see. Others are still kinda foggy though.

    @ Jacques:
    You actually came across this in history lesson?! Impressive it may look, but its significance (strategically and tactically) isn't that great to be honest. :o

    @ Otaku Dan:
    Going for a completed model is much more feasible should stock still exist, but building a kit of it is another story...

    @ Z:
    Should you ever delve into the world of WWII, you will find more and more crazy weapons and designs that are unheard of today, I promise XD

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    The railgun you think of is the common term of which firearms powered by electricity and the projectiles are fired via magnetic fields generated by the current on the metal rails of the gun. Such technology is still under development.

    The one I mention is usually known as "railway gun". You can look them up on Wikipedia~

    Phew that's going a bit technical there I suppose? Hope you're ok with it ^^;

  10. wow wow wow.. i never heard anything about biggest gun.. this is great.. 2000 men to operate this.. even more men use to board on titanic the biggest ship.. this is cool.. which one you plan to get? the assembly version or the complete version.. the paint job on this is totally another level.. a very high level.. if let me choose i will rather spend more.. haha

  11. @ seven6398:
    If I am to buy one it would definitely be the completed version; the model kit itself would be a nightmare for any beginners. On the other hand I saw a 1/35 scale of it in a shop one day, and it's almost as long as my bed! o_o;;


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