13 June 2009

Off to Japan

From a MG Acguy promotional poster

By the time you've read this, I should be on my way to Japan. The chance of me getting access to Internet is pretty slim, so I will be probably out of touch until 20th or 21st. Who knows, I might make a mysterious appearance somehow while I am away.

Have been busy recently so wasn't able to keep up with the blogroll. Will try and keep up with it once I come back! Oh btw don't expect me to be back with tons of loots like you see in dannychoo.com as I am usually not much of a spender, but we shall see.

Well then, it's time to stop writing. Time to go!


  1. Enjoy your stay there!
    You can be sure that im envious of you right now :P

  2. Here I am stuck at Canada >.>

    Have fun, take lots of pictures and buy till your heart's content.

  3. Bring back at least 5 figmas alright. xD

    Have fun matey. ^^

  4. Take LOTS & LOTS of pics, while your at it, might as well hunt for The Gundam and good ol' Dancing trooper Danny^^

  5. Latly dont buy S#it, err Bootlegs

  6. Have fun! Let's see what loot you'll bring from Japan :D

  7. Have fun bro :D We'll be awaiting your valiant return ^^

  8. Wow, I've managed to find a computer today! Japanese keyboard's layout seems odd; a lot of the punctuation marks have switched locations!

    @ Blowfish:
    It's never wrong to dream to go to Japan anyday though! Do look forward to the day you can step your foot into Japan~

    @ gndynames:
    Will try and be a bit more "liberous" on spending than I used to be XD

    @ Optic:
    XD Still haven't got a new figma on top of my head but will see. ^^

    @ GunStray:
    Will take lots and lots of pictures. The Gundam is a must to visit, but spotting Danny can be a tad difficult there ^^;

    As for the bootlegs, finding them here in Japan is actually harder to finding them elsewhere!

    @ gordon:
    Cheers mate, thanks for your blessing!

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    I am looking forward to see what I will get when I get to Akihabara and possibly Nakano too!

    @ AstrayP03:

    @ blueplains:
    Thanks! Will enjoy my week in Japan and tell you what's up there!

  9. Have fun there. Be sure show some shots to us.

  10. @ RyoBase:
    Got quite a few photos but will need time to sort them out @_@;;

    @ Persocom:
    It's a sound trip and we all came back in one piece!

    @ Willie:
    Thanks mate!


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