21 June 2009

Back from Japan

ただいま, 我回來了, I'm back.

It's a long week, and I was pretty exhausted after the trip. Came back really early this morning, and finally got time to settle down and blog.

Not surprisingly, anybody who would have returned from a trip, an expo, or an event etc will usually come back with something. The "loot", as we commonly call these days, is shown here on my bed. However a huge portion of the right are not mine but are for friends of mine.

No PVC figures? That's right, but you may or may not know that I am not much of a figure collector anyway, and there weren't any that are in my mind at the moment so haven't bought one (if you don't count the figmas in that is).

Star Wars Vehicle Collection 2 - 1/144 scale shokugan toys I have bought for a friend who runs a shokugan shop (in fact he's the guy who I got a lot of my tanks from). Will talk about his shop one day.

For those who do not know what shokugans are, you can have a quick read right here.

Another one for him: JWings Navy & Marines Freak secret item - F/A-18 Hornet Top Gun version. Really hard to find as this one is not only a secret item, but can originally only be bought and randomly picked in Circle K Sunkus convenience stores, making it even rarer than other hobby items (including figures).

One for my friend who studies chemistry: Element Girls - a chemistry book with each element represented by a moe looking girl. Maybe those who hate science will now give it a second chance somehow? (laughs)

For more info, you can check out what it is about on Trends in Japan.

My stuff from here on. Second hand PS2 games: AEUG vs Titans and Gundam vs Z Gundam. The latter could be an enhanced version of the first game, so making the first one redundant, but I will have to check. Not a big problem as they are pretty cheap anyway.

Gunpla parts: GN Launcher parts for 1/100 Astraea, Zaku weapons parts for 1/144 HGUC models, and a kit of battle axe and some long rifle from Kotobukiya for any mecha models (looks cool and cheap so I bought one for fun).

Now I can have double GN Launchers for my Astraea~ ^^

Couldn't find the head parts for HG 1/144 Slaughter Dagger as the horn/fin of one of mine broke a while ago. Oh while he can live with a compromised one I've given him which looks kinda weird though...

Discrimination among the gunpla. And yes I do have 3 of these guys.

figma Haruhi (summer uniform ver.) and figma Fate T Harlaown. Fate is ridiculously rare in Hong Kong for some silly reasons of distribution issue so I've decided to buy another one just in case. As for Haruhi, well, I can't resist a good price and a ponytail (laughs), and I got a blue schoolbag too.

1/100 Gundam Exia Roll Out Colour ver, an event limited item that I kinda wanted for a while. Cost me an arm to acquire though o_o...

And finally, Ex Model 1/144 Hildolfr. This one is huge (!), and it costs me another arm to purchase! This strange looking hybrid between a Mobile Suit and a tank is from the second episode of MS IGLOO: The Hidden One Year War. Never quite caught the reason why Ex Models are so much more expensive than other gunpla models though...

Maybe this gets slightly closer to what I want mentioned in my random post about this secret ambition thing a few days ago. ^^;

That's it for now. I did take some photos, and it will take a while to sort out. Meanwhile I still have quite a backlog of blogs to read, as well as anime to watch, and gunpla to build (not at least to say I have to do some betatesting for a mod too!). It looks like that I will have a heck of a time on the catchup right now Photobucket


  1. Hey, welcome back. xD
    Looks like the only thing I want is that figma Haruhi.
    Give it to me. >_<

    Lots of great gundams you have there. Speaking of gundams, I picked one up during the HLJ sale for the sake of having one. LOL

  2. This time i was absoluetly sure that everything on your bed belongs to you and once again I was totally wrong...^^;

    So you have a friend that ruins a shop?Thats cool!

  3. Welcome back:Punches: Kidding=P
    You have a pretty unique loot, tons of millitary vehicles. But Im pretty jealous about Fate, shes so RARE!

    I still hate chemistry,even when all of them turns moe>.<

  4. Okaeri! Oh jeez... are you telling me you got another Fate figma?? Or was that somebody else I'm thinking of?

  5. Hi Q,

    I'm not so much of figure collector too. But i think Hong Kong have plenty of toys as compared to Malaysia. I'm into any kind of robots, and it is really hard to find some robots here in Malaysia.

  6. Welcome back my friend. I've been away for a bit myself, but by the looks of it, you got a nice set of loot there. What are those Star Wars boxes?

    I've got some catching up to do on your blog, so I'm going to get started.

    Welcome back!

  7. Really loads of gundam stuff there and Shana in every shot :D

  8. The only figma I really want is Fate and she's no longer being sold at HLJ >.<

    Dammit, I'm a science student too, that table of elements would really come in handy...

    But yeah, welcome back. I look forward to the pictures of the completed models.

  9. @ Optic:
    Oh now our figma expert starts to bribe people for the figmas he wants? XD

    You pick something Gundam related in the sale for the sake of having one?? (lol) I'm looking forward to see what you'll have! ^^

    @ Blowfish:
    Hehe they are truly my purchase this time (though about 1/3 of them are for my friends).

    I know this friend for several years ever since I bought a lot of little tanks from him, and even though I don't buy as much from him now I still stop by his shop and have a good chat.

    @ GunStray:
    I do have a keen interest towards military in the first place so things I've bought kinda reflected this nature. Fate is ridiculously rare indeed; hope she gets distributed more in the near future as there's just been a re-release very recently (I think).

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    figma Fate is much rarer (and highly demanded) than one might think outside Japan. I am just getting a spare one in case my current one face disaster, but hopefully it won't be the case >_<;;

    @ Willie:
    I agree that Hong Kong has the luxury of having a lot of the stuff imported at a good price, and I am grateful for that. Therefore my targets this trip were mainly those that cannot be obtained easily normally - either event limited or stuff that are rare in the first place, such as the Hildolfr.

    @ Apt-1B:
    Those Star Wars boxes are shokugan toys as I have mentioned, and are all 1/144 scale. Vehicles in this series are AT-AT, Snowspeeder, Y-Wing, Tie Advanced x1, and AT-TE.

    @ valho:
    Haha Shana in every shot is quite awesome, just as I've followed your idea XD

    @ gndynames:
    How odd that HLJ has remove Fate from the list completely, given that she's actually released early this month... Hobby Search still has some in stock though.

    Currently building the Zakus right now, but my backlog of gunpla (and anime) is not small so I will have to take my time on them @_@

  10. few days late, but okaeri~ ^^

    nice set of lewt you got! i shoulda picked up an extra fate figma when i was there orz

  11. Welcome back, comrade. I sense that you were enjoying yourself there.

  12. Welcome back Q :). I see you got your fair share of loot in Japan ^^. Those Gundam games are a rarity... actually, I can't even find them in the US anymore. Will you be building your Exia any time soon?

  13. @ meronpan:
    I thought about whether I should get another one or not, but I got paranoid after all those breakages and bought one. Gotta say it's lucky that it's another re-release or else it'd still be rare and expensive just like in Hong Kong...

    @ RyoBase:
    Thanks, it was a good trip all right~

    @ Z:
    Gundam vs Z Gundam is surely rare; I didn't find it anywhere in Hong Kong, and I am glad that I got it in Japan. Actually tons of second hand PS2 games are now being sold in Akihabara now.

    Still gotta build another HGUC Zaku and maybe some Feddie Type-61 tanks, then it's either Exia or the G-3 (hopefully).

  14. Hey welcome back bro :D
    and awesome loot, I see cute Shana is the tour guide ^^

  15. @ blueplains:
    Good to see you back too!

    I'd say Shana is more like the "loot guide" here XD

  16. welcome backkkkkkkkk

    no stuff for me? XD. I didn't make my trip there because of the horrible swine flu tsk >_>

  17. @ zenical:
    Hey you didn't tell me you wanted anything! (laugh) Just kidding ^^;

    There is quite a lot of scare concerning the swine flu, but judging from my trip the situation is not that bad, but all those quarantine stuff can be a letdown should one in the same flight catch the flu, which we didn't face luckily.

  18. great loot.. wow.. you have three 1/144 slaughter dagger.. it seems that a lot of 1/144 seed series model quite hard to find this day.. do you have murasame too?

  19. @ seven6398:
    Haha I do get more into grunt machines than Gundams sometimes - it kinda tells what sort of person I am... ^^;

    Seed stuff are a little less common as 00 gunpla are taken over now. I don't have a Murasame; I did plan to but didn't like having to remove a lot of parts for transformation.

  20. Great loot, I would love to have your figma Fate please. ^^

  21. @ T.I.P.:
    Everybody wants a piece of Fate lol.

    Just noticed that she's in stock for both Hobby Search and HLJ. Grab one before it's too late!

  22. Welcome back, Q!

    I see that you had quite a fruitful trip. So the GN Launcher parts for 1/100 Astraea, Zaku weapons are from Part Paradise?

  23. @ Jacques:
    The Astraea and Zaku weapon parts are indeed from Parts Paradise, which is in a small section of a Yellow Submarine hobby branch store within Radio Kaikan.

    Radio Kaikan is not difficult to spot as it's one of the first multi-storey building you will see as you step right out of the JR Akihabara Station.

  24. dude! good investment on the GN launcher parts!

    gosh...japan must be spareparts heaven.

    hmm that exia roll out has quite different box design. mine is merely black n white version of the original 1/100 exia box.

  25. @ LagunaLoire:
    Owning 2 GN Launchers without having to buy another Astraea is surely brill!

    The Parts Paradise area in the gunpla/modelling hobby section of Yellow Submarine store in Radio Kaikan, which is a great place to go for spare parts. ^^

    My Exia is an event limited version, and the one you have with normal box cover in monochrome is distributed differently, but they're generally the same (or should be).


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