30 May 2009

End of May

It's end of May, and the two Zakus pestering me... I mean real life stuff that got me all occupied this month are finally gone!

So much for a David and Goliath thing...

Kinda felt that I am a little behind on blog posts, but that's ok as I have foretold it in the beginning of May. Now I just have to take my time catching up with the rest of the blogroll, as well as a bit of the anime backlog.

As promised, I will get started on Toradora! tonight. Didn't watch it while it was being aired as I was occupied with Gundam 00 and Clannad After Story already. While Danny Choo didn't seem to like it upon first impression, lots of people seem to like the whole series very much, so I need to see it myself how well the Kugimiya disease does this time round... ^^;

On the other hand, I kinda feel anticipated to the Kyou chapter for Clannad, which will be out on 1st July. Both Fujibayashi sisters look quite solemn there, and Kyou seems to look older than usual in the screencaps.

Image from Moetron - the scan is about one month old though

That's it for now. I'm going home in a week, so I will be much more active with gunpla and things back in Hong Kong. Who knows, I might be going to Tokyo sometime next month with my family as well, but that's not confirmed at the moment. Will keep things updated from now onwards :o


  1. I'm kinda curious, which uni do u go to and where?

    Tokyo huh? I wish I could join u. T_T

  2. Im glad that those worries that were upsetting you are finally gone and you can go home soon ^^
    I really liked ToraDora but the ending wasnt to my taste ^^;;

    Overall I turned into an Ami guy.Didnt expect to like her in the first place

  3. @ Optic:
    I usually keep fairly quiet about these things, but I know someone will poke into that soon or later (laughs).

    When I am away from Hong Kong I am stuck in the city of Bath and in the institution of the same name.

    Looking back, wish I could join you when you were in Hong Kong back in November/December. Oh well maybe we still have another chance in the future. :o

    @ Blowfish:
    It's good to be relieved from stress and I am eager to go home soon!

    You are one of the first guy I've heard to be an Ami guy - most are either into Taiga or Minori. Very interesting~

  4. Im usually more of a genki kind of girl tpe but Minori wasnt my cup of tea as the story progressed.Ami on the other hand really suprised me since i expected just anpother bland antagonist character and she turned out to be much better than expected.

    And as for Taiga: I hate her lol
    Theres nothing more annoying than some tsundere ^^;;;
    There are exceptions from time to time but I cant bring myself to like Taiga

  5. Welcome back.

    You defeated the Zakus with Strike Freedom? =P

    Hope to be seeing more postsXD. Haha.

  6. @ Blowfish:
    I did hear that Minori changes quite a bit and becomes less likeable at some stages, which is quite a shock to her fans (or so I hear).

    Haha there's quite a lot of tsundere archtypes recently. It's not my preferred type, but it's an interesting kind I suppose. Only watched 3 episodes so far, but it's going well. Think I may see Ami in the next episode.

    @ zenical:
    If I could defeat them with a Strike Freedom then that would be a walk in the park. But for me, it felt like I only have mere rocket launchers to attack them, which was quite a different story there ^^;

  7. My biggest beef with Minorin was that shes such a flat character and even "her" storyarc wasnt that convincing to me.
    Im thrilled to hear who youll like best

  8. @ Blowfish:
    Hm interesting. Maybe she will have a bit more development for the 2nd season?

    While Minori's airheadness does draw my attention, I will have to see whether any 3 of them will really come to my liking (I can be picky sometimes)...


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