25 May 2009


Recently ToysDaily forum is having a craze with PhotoFunia, an online photo editing tool that allows you to upload a photo or picture and get it blended with an existing template to make it look as if your picture is in a real life photo.

I too have made a few for fun. Making one is really easy (just choose an effect and upload a picture), so now you don't have to be amazing with Photoshop and get something result as good as using one~

A Haruhi puzzle - should see her in long hair sometime in this new season. Speaking of the new Haruhi anime series what do you think about it?

I personally really like how this one came out ^^
Brownie points for those who find the original picture in my blog~

All hail Lelouch!

The MG boxart of Strike Noir blends in quite well with the background.
The location here is actually Ximending (西門町) of Taipei

DON'T ask me what the girl on the right is doing there o_O;;;

I need to start watching Toradora! once this hectic month's over.
For those who are curious, this screenshot is actually from a PSP game I've mentioned some time ago.

An exclusive figma for upcoming PSP game Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos. The character is an original character called Cute (キュート). Not the most original name for a character though ^^;

Making good and/or funny pictures require good selection of pictures and some creativity. Mine are just a few random examples, and there are a lot of good examples at ToysDaily forum as well. So what are you waiting for? Get some done now as I want to see yours too! ^^


  1. looks really fun! great find there, Q.

  2. I knew we would all Hail Lelouch

  3. hahaha genius! shana vogue is awesome. ^__^

  4. Quentin,

    Can recommend places in Hong Kong to get cheapest gundam model kits?

  5. Played with photofunia few years ago, or is it something similar to it? I would say it's fun and easy to play with. Just need to upload a photo and let the software do the job. Somemore it's a online software. XD

  6. Toradora is now on wide screen theater! XD

    I kind of feel sorry for that Queen's Blade figma though...

  7. http://quentinlau.blogspot.com/2008/07/18-kotobukiya-candy-shana.html

    Found it right away actually, cuz I know it was one of your first Shana figures ^^

    I've been meaning to try out this Photofunia thing. Looks... fun...

    I've seen the new Haruhi episode 3 times now... I've been dying to see it happen because I want people to know who John Smith is! XD

  8. @ Otaku Dan:
    Well who wouldn't find Kamina GAR? lol

    @ Jacques:
    Thanks! It's great fun indeed, and easy too use too!

    @ Gunstray:
    All Hail Lelouch! All Hail Lelouch! XD ^^;

    @ meronpan:
    I really like how Shana is featured on Vogue too; it fits in well and t'is one of my favourite edits so far~ ^^

    @ xsigns:
    You may know this already, but I've replied on your previous comment on my earlier post

    @ Chappy:
    Its accessibility and ease of use definitely makes things easier for editing, especially just for fun. Definitely recommend everyone a try, especially those who don't have Photoshop!

    @ gndynames:
    I've yet to start Toradora! (will do very soon), but I wouldn't mind watching it in cinema! XD

    This Queen's Blade figma is one of the more unheard of upcoming releases, and it's an exclusive/limited one too - I wonder how well it will do in terms of popularity...

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Nice! Did I mention that somewhere else before or you knew it from my blog? Nevertheless it's a brownie point for you! ^^

    You've watched the Bamboo Rhapsody episode 3 times already? XD But it is an important plot for the Haruhi series (and a 'trump card' for Kyon in some ways), and I can see why KyoAni has decided to put this in the 2nd season rather than in the first season.

  9. I think I heard it either from here, DannyChoo.com or from Facebook in AFN. I don't remember ^^;

    Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody was quite important, and the way they were airing the first series; I don't think it fits in there. But because it's so important and because I liked Haruhi so much I had to watch it 3 times XD

  10. Seems photofunia is quite the craze, been seeing it a lot on Flickr too. Haruhi second season is good so far, but we'll see what happens.

  11. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Hm, that makes sense. Didn't know that you're part of the AFN too. Haven't visited it for a while though ^^;

    @ Persocom:
    I think this PhotoFunia is not really new stuff, but when someone (re)discovers it another wave of craze begins. On the other hand, let's hope the new Haruhi is worth the hype after 3 whole years of waiting :o

  12. wow, that's look fun

    lol lelouch rulezzzz!!!!

  13. @ vixion:
    Haha all shall bow before Lelouch's might! ^^;;;

  14. Hehe, yeah I haven't been to AFN much lately and haven't seen you there for a while either. I'm the "Consistent Contributor" officer in the group ^^; Not so consistent anymore though XD

  15. that's an awesome discovery! gonna have some fun with this!

  16. thanks for the recommendation. posted mine at my blog. very cool. ^^;

  17. Hey, thanks for the website. This is going to be fun.

  18. @ Lightning Sabre:
    o_O I never realised that, and you were one of the older members too lol...

    @ Pyoro:
    I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with it. Looking forward to your work!

    @ gordon:
    No problem mate. Thank you for spreading this out too!

    @ RyoBase:
    Glad you like it. I look forward to your pictures too~

  19. Wow, those are really really nice! I should try them too ^^;

  20. @ konadora:
    Haha, glad that you like them~ Looking forward to your work! ^^

  21. @ Yan:
    Thanks for the heads up. Will have a look into it.


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