3 June 2009

Terrific Impulse Purchase

I know there's a lot of us who do quite a bit of impulse purchase (or more colloquially "impulse buy"), but have you seen someone spending this much in a short period of time?

(Btw this crazy loot is NOT mine >_<;)

Someone on ToysDaily forum has made a thread saying that his wife is away from Hong Kong for an undisclosed period of time, therefore he's been using this oppurtunity to buy whatever he wants. Without a doubt of all kinds, he's on impulse shopping spree. I thought Blowfish's recent big parcel of doom was impressive enough already, but I was wrong - this one here is a Terrific Impulsive Purchase (TIP):

(I have tried to track down as many items there as possible with Hobby Search, but some are unknown to me or are limited items)

  • Masked Rider I & Cyclone
  • 2 Masked Rider (aka Kamen Rider) Deluxe Type figures
  • Transformers Masterpiece MP8 Grimlock
  • Transformers Disney Label Mickey Mouse
  • Transformers Alternity Nissan GTR (Vibrant Red) - thanks to darkie13 for pointing it out

  • Volks Dollfie Dream Saber
  • figma Seto
  • figma Konata
  • figma Kagami
  • figma Saber Lily + Fate/Unlimited Code PS2 Game x2 (2 of them!)
  • Revoltech Gurren Lagann
  • Revoltech Enki
  • Revoltech Ingram
  • Revoltech King-Gainer

  • GFFMC Z Plus (Red)
  • GFFMC Z Plus (Blue, limited)
  • GFFMC Psycho Gundam Hong Kong Night ver. (Tamashii Nation 2009 limited item)
  • Brave Gohkin AV-98 Ingram 1 & 2 (Movie Version) (Sale on HLJ right now)

  • Macross 1/60 25th Anniversary YF-19
  • 2 Saint Seiya figures - need someone to help me on this orz

    I've pretty much lost count on how much he has spent on this TIP - it's definitely somewhere on 6 digit in Yen (the Dollfie is definitely the biggest contributer to such hefty number). One commented on the forum that what he spent is probably some white collar's monthly salary already, if not more... o_O

    The effect of impulse purchase can be scary; the longer one has tried to refrain from shopping and/or being in a low mood beforehand, the greater the effect. The greater the effect, the less resistant one becomes when facing an item s/he wants.

    Now I wonder how he will try and explain this to his wife when she comes back ^^;

    All images are from ToysDaily Forum

    1. Hi mate,

      The Red Transformer car is the Red version of Optimus Prime (convoy) from the new series by Takara called TF Alternity. Supposedly its the continuation/legacy of the Binaltech series as it features die-cast parts as well.

      There is also a silver version out and a black one (nemesis) comes out this month along with the blue and silver Megatrons ^^

      Its really cool and some of the "gimmicks" include a transparent part on the top of the head so that if you place it under a light the eyes glow ^^

    2. For 5 seconds, I thought it was YOU!!!
      I thought this was ur surprised we never expect. LOL

      Learning to control temptation is the key. I agree with the low mood activity because that's how I feel @ work a few times. Stress kicked in and buy something for myself was the cure. >_<

    3. OMG!!!.. it gonna cost at least RM 120k yen i guess.. this is really crazy.. both of that zeta and YF-19 can said most wanted item for most of the people but just it cost quite high so i think not much people able to get it.. part of that if i'm not wrong that blue color zeta is limited edition and that YF-19 is not a simple collection to be find.. gosh..

      hey Q.. don't forget about the link for the banners yeah..

    4. OMFG! Way to take advantage of the wife being away XD

      Saber Dollfie just takes the cake right there. Heheh if I wasn't reading the thing, I would've thought this was your loot :P

    5. Man...that is...amazing. Even more so the fact that dollfie Saber is part of it. For some reason I don't wish I was that guy at the moment...

    6. For a moment i thought tht the cool and collected Q went Berserk and bought all this stuff.

      Thats one of the good things about beeing single:You can spend your money the way you want without the need to explain to anyone.

      Im glad theres a Dude crazier than me ^^

    7. god, I thought Q, you went on a shopping spree when I first saw the 1st picture in your post.

      That's one hell of a loot I wished I could indulge myself in too.

    8. Oh shit that's a terrifying amount of impulse buys!

      Also, where the hell did he manage to snag a revoltech Enki? Those things are nigh impossible to find!

    9. hey Q.. sorry to bother you again.. can you tell me how to get the HTML of those banner from dannychoo.com.. mm.. may i have your msn maybe..

    10. hmm, my wife is about to go on a week vacation. no i'm not going to be buying anything during that time though. Impulse buys have been affecting us lately (though nothing to this extent) so it's time to calm down on the spending and just patiently wait for the pre-orders to arrive for a month or two.

    11. @ darkie13:
      Wow interesting, never knew about this line as I am not familiar with Transformers in general. Thanks a lot for your info there! ^^

      @ Optic:
      It was unintentional when I posted this, but looking back it does look as if it's mine on the first glance... Sorry for misleading everybody who do think so here ^^;

      Impulse purchase can be dangerous. At least it's good to know what the factors are so one will reduce the chance of falling into such trap.

      @ seven6398:
      Haha I gave up calculating midway through... The blue one is indeed the limited edition, and my sister loves its colour scheme. Too bad it requires more touch-up to look better, which is not really worth its price.

      Btw sent you the reply for the banners via email already.

      @ Lightning Sabre:
      Please don't that to your significant other when you have one in the future ^^;

      Dollfie Saber surely takes off a huge portion of the total cost there - it's his first Dollfie too (if I recall correctly from his other posts), so I do wonder how he will try to explain just that to his wife...

      @ gndynames:
      The Dollfie Saber is surely a very big deal there. Perhaps it's not so much of a problem if he were to be a single instead.

      @ Blowfish:
      Haha it does kinda look convincing if I didn't mention that it's mine... Besides I've had my time back in April already XD

      While most of us (if not all) won't plan to stay single forever, being single feels like there's a lot more freedom for yourself :o

      @ Jacques:
      Haha the first picture surely put a lot of people off ^^;;;

      @ Snark:
      I have no idea where he managed to buy some of these stuff. Sometimes some of the tiniest shops out there can have the most difficult-to-get items that everybody wants.

      @ Persocom:
      At least your wife shares the same interest with you, which is a really great thing and she will understand should you ever 'lose control'.

      It's good to have a break between purchases so you can have more time to appreciate what you have bought before~

    12. That's definitely a bgig loot

      2 lilies :D and 1 dolfie

      maybe i should start getting dolfie too lol

    13. wow talk about random, usually people just buy a lot of 1 or 2 categories but this guy has figmas, to kamen riders, to gundams, all the way up to a dolfie ^^ I don't want to know how much he spent really O.o

      The wifes gonna come home smiling and catch the husband hiding something(s) behind his back and she's gonna go (Whutch you got there honey ^^), husband(.......huh) xD

    14. Yeah, you can't really hide a huge Dollfie like that...

      Now if I have a significant other who has similar interests then it'd most likely be her who'll buy the Dollfie on impulse XD

    15. hmm.. as the saying goes, when the cat is away... the mice will go out and buy everything ^^; incredible loot.

    16. @ vixion:
      2 Saber Lillies is pretty crazy already, but the Dollfie is a killing blow.

      You'd better think twice about getting a Dollfie since they can drain your wallet up real dry! XD

      @ blueplains:
      While those in DC community tend to be quite specialised in what they get, those I've met in ToysDaily forum have greater interest and hobbies, and it's impressive to see how much passion they have with such variety.

      @ Lightning Sabre:
      You're saying that the chance of you getting a Dollfie is pretty slin then? ^^

      @ marvinryan:
      Haha I like that phrase; well said! XD

    17. Heh well if you remember my room... then you'll know why I can never get a Dollfie XD

    18. @ Lightning Sabre:
      ... Well, given the state of your room, getting anything new is like adding extra pieces on top of a Jenga tower XD

      For other readers who are curious about Lightning Sabre's room:


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