14 April 2009

Nendoroid Shana Dengeki Daioh ver.

The bleeding didn't stop from last week - here comes my first and only Nendoroid I've ever bought for myself @_@

Nendoroid Shana Dengeki Daioh version, or commonly known as the Black Hair version, is the magazine exclusive Nendoroid figure of Shana by Good Smile Company (GSC). Getting one of these definitely isn't easy by now, and I got mine at a relatively hefty price Photobucket

Although it's called Nendoroid (or sometimes Nendo) in English, we Chinese tend to call it a Q版 (Q-version), where "Q" is approximately shortened for "cute". Basically it's akin to chibi or super deformed.

So why did I get it? Well, I didn't plan to get this in the first place (just like the black hair figma Shana), but after seeing so pictures of this Nendoroid here and there (especially the one where Valho puts his Nendo Shana in all pictures of his loot), the cuteness overwhelmed me, and at the end I told meronpan right here that I'd get it, and I did orz

As one can see, there are a number parts to go with it beside the clear stand: Alternate arms, alternate face, alternate hair, a different skirt for sitting pose, 2 tails and her favourite melonpan~

As for that thing keeping Shana standing at the back, I'll mentioned later what it is.

What's worth noticing is that there's only one ahoge (i.e. the hair sticking out of her head) for two hair pieces. Since I don't want to break anything (and I have not seen other people changing the ahoge piece back and forth before), I've left it on the nekomimi one.

It's also worth noting that the back of the box mentioned only one tail on the list of parts, whereas there are actually two in this Nendoroid.

But again I mentioned that this isn't really gonna be a review, because things start to go off track when my 1/100 Tieren finally gives Shana her long waited melonpan...

Then her ^o^ face comes, and it's illegally cute.

The two black hair (and limited) Shanas enjoying their melonpans~

Without me noticing it, I've got that many Shana figures already. It kinda does take me by surprise as I don't own many figures, and I've not thought of Shana being the character I'd have the most figures of o_o;;

A finisher combo: Nendoroid Nekomimi Shana with Kawaii!

Okay, anymore of that and I'd go moe overload. @_@

And I've really spent too much on stuff for this break. Way too much. I probably won't spend anymore on figures for the time being until Alter Fate comes, and devote more to my gunpla backlog, but I'd have to leave those for the summer.

Meanwhile I should get myself cured/uncured by appreciating a military diorama I've bought fairly recently as well (yea more blood lost, but not as badly):
Metal Troops 1/144 US Navy Landing Craft LCM 3 WWII Diorama~

P.S. The mysterious creature holding Shana on the 3rd pic was a turtle called 小鋒 (Siu Fung). It's one of my sister's family of 4 turtles, and I'm not sure why a lot of people have mistaken them as rabbits ^^;

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    1. Yay for Kawaii!
      So your Sister has 4!!! Turtles!!! and names him Siu Fung?
      Whats up with your sister?
      That Turtle deserves a name like Michelangelo,Donatello,Raphael or Leonardo ^^

      Like i wrote countless time si have no clue about Shana but i prefer her blck haired version over the redhead

    2. wow she's more moe than I thought,Too Cute!! X3
      I want to get a Nenderoid but I still have to finish my infinite Seven List(A list composing of seven items) :/

      Nice pictures too,maybe they'll be more nends in the future from you >.>
      Nice diorama ^^

    3. Kawai~Desu~=3

      Does Siu fung means anything^^

    4. ACK! You're tempting me to get the black haired version too now!! Too cute! That nekomimi is only available in the black one too >_<

    5. @ Blowfish:
      I know you'd like to see more of Kawaii~

      LOL at TMNT names. Too bad my sister isn't a fan of it :P

      @ blueplains:
      I couldn't resist at the end orz

      Nendos are more expensive than figmas, and I haven't been a big fan of them, so one Shana should be enough for the time being (hopefully).

      The diorama looks nice, and I haven't got many military stuff lately. However it would take a while for me to set up though >_<

      @ Gunstray
      Kawaii indeed~

      Afaik Siu Fung is based on the name of my sister's friend, otherwise I do not know anymore about it :\

      @ Lightning Sabre:
      The nekomimi and her ^o^ poison does spread really quickly... ^^;;

      I really do wish I haven't seen so many pictures, but the damage is now done. Oh well (laughs).

    6. Shana cuteness is irresistible ^_^.

    7. omg she's so cute my head wants to explode.

      Where are you getting all these exclusives!? :(

    8. @ valho:
      Irresistible indeed ^^;. I gave in after holding back for 4 months orz

      @ konadora:
      Got her at a local store. The shopkeeper hides them from sight so I had to ask whether he has one or not.

      Well, Hong Kong's called "Shopping Heaven" (購物天堂) for a reason, that's what's so great about it ^^

    9. ARGH! Nendo Shana...so...fucking...cute!!! >_<

      Actually, I'm kinda surprised you didn't take a picture of Shana on the military diorama as well =P

    10. @ Snark:
      Nendo Shana is unbelievably cute... @_@

      Haha that's a very good point on the diorama. Setting it up will take a very long time, and I've found out tjat I don't really have the space to display it at the moment (it was an impulsive purchase), so I have 'til I come back home again in the summer and reorganise my space -_-;;

    11. Nice shana collection. ^^
      Ur definitely a shana fanboy. xD

      I bought the Dengeki Daioh ver. and it's currently on its way but it's not for me, it's for my mate. -_-
      Still, there is something for me for helping him get it which is bundled together. ^^

    12. don't worry . you pick the right stuff

      welcome to the nendro club lol

    13. @ Optic:
      Kinda hard to admit being a Shana fanboy, but I suppose it's pretty much like your case with the number of Mikuru figures as well ^^;

      You got your friend one but not for yourself? I hope you wouldn't regret that decision! :O

      @ vixion:
      Haha quite an expensive ticket to the club, eh? ^^;;

    14. You sure have a lot of Shana ^^

      But now that we saw one of the pic , we are forced to think that Shana loves dolphins ^^

    15. @ James:
      I do have more Shana than I have anticipated ^^;

      lol don't get Danny's evil terms corrupt your mind! There's nothing wrong with dolphins, especially Kawaii!

    16. I'm proud of you! that reminds me, when i first bought my first ever nendoroid, it was the Lucky Star Cosplay Fate/Stay lmao. It was costly for me too T_T.

      and wow, you have a lot of shana figs o.O u can become a shana fanboy XD

    17. @ zenical:
      Welcome back~ It's good to see you getting active again ^^

      Haha your first Nendoroid(s) is a limited item as well. On the other hand, I think in many people's eyes I have already become a Shana fanboy, even if I want to deny it ^^;


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