4 January 2009

Smallest Gunpla Runner?

A short post before I head back to the UK...

Have you seen a whole gunpla runner smaller than Shana herself? Well if you haven't before now you have.

It may not be obvious at first, but this is actually a runner for a whole Strike Gundam. I got it from answering a question right during the Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2008. Note the url www.bandai-plamo.net there; it's now redundant as it redirects you to Bandai Hobby instead.

The back side... All flat with some holes here and there.

If you do happen to have one of these, would you dare to build it?


  1. I've actually seen runners that small before. It was these Patlabor toys that costs around 2 bucks or so that I used to buy when I was in elementary school. The quality as you can imagine is really bad compared to the toys we buy today XD

  2. I wonder how you are supposed to build this baby not even talking about painting...
    You head back to the UK=?
    Where are you actually living right now?HK or UK? Im sooo confused

  3. @ gndynames:
    Oh do you still have them? Will be interesting to see how small they are :P

    @ Blowfish:
    It would require more than just steady hands to build and paint this crazy 'kit'. Might as well keep it as it is as a collection ^^;;

    My home is in Hong Kong, though it's not where I spend most of the time unforunately. Once back in the UK it can be difficult to blog from time to time as there aren't a lot of interesting things out there to inspire me -_-

  4. Aw, awesome! So does that mean you can build a tiny Strike Gundam? What a good idea on their part!

    What question did you get right?

    Have a safe trip back to the UK, Q!

  5. interesting. what material is it made of? rubber or plastic?

  6. @ Apt-1B:
    The presenter told me it's a keychain so I think it's not supposed to be built like a gunpla, but of course it's possible with a bit of steady hands and glue. ^^

    The question was what modification was done to Gundam Heavyarms when Heero uses it to fight Zechs. Not difficult if one has watched Gundam Wing~

    @ gordon:
    It's made of plastic just like normal gunpla (polystyrene I think).

  7. Wow. Congratulations! ^^

    It's more valuable than those regular Gunplas I think.

    I remember one particular Keroro model comes with a mini Gunpla runner as well. Didn't have the chance to see how big it is though.

  8. Hey there! Fellow anime Blogger Actar here. Strange that after so long that I finally realised that my video review was featured on your blog! Thanks so much! Great review yourself also.

  9. Not sure if I can double post, but I forgot to talk about the Gundam itself. :)

    Pretty interesting! Would get two myself and build one, while keeping the other.

    Also, added your blog to my blogroll and would so appreciate it if you could do the same. (^o^)

  10. I wouldn't dare to build this. I lack the skills to even put together a car model. Also, it looks like you have to paint this thing yourself? I definitely wouldn't be able to do that!

    But hey, a small but detailed figure is actually very special! They don't always have to be big.

  11. OMG so little :s

    I would became crazy doing something that little so i'll probably just throw it by the window :p

    I have a 1/144 gundam to make and i'm going crazy already ^^

  12. @ Ngee Khiong:
    Despite being freebies, these little runners don't seem easy to acquire, so I'm deciding to keep it as it is.

    @ Actar:
    I remember I linked your figma Fate vid to my review back in August. You do make good video reviews!

    This mini gunpla doesn't seem too easy to build. Well at least you'd need modelling glue to attach quite a few pieces together. And painting it will be a nightmare for clumsy hands... ^^;;

    Btw blogrolled ya! Thanks for the add~

    @ M12_Vinja:
    I remembered building some 1/144 military kit many moons ago, and I thought that was a nightmare already ^^;;

    I agree with you that detailed craftworks don't always have to be big, which is a thing often overlooked by hobbyists these days :o

    @ James:
    Haha tiny stuff not your forte?

    I like collecting tiny stuff, but I am not good on buiding plamo smaller than a 1/144 gunpla... ^^;;


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