31 December 2008

End of 2008


Before I know it, it's already 31st December, and 2008 is coming to an end.

To end the year, I seem to have exceeded Photobucket's 25GB monthly bandwidth today, thanks to the huge coverage of the Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2008 on the previous post. The remaining 5GB was depleted within 5 hours! Guess it's time to move to Flickr soon orz

Not very helpful indeed -_-

On the other hand,

Knowing that I am already running out of space, I nevertheless continue to buy more and more stuff, and this year it has become crazier and more varied (for me): Military shokugan, figma, scaled figures (2 to be exact), and more gunpla for me to build. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting and commenting on my blog. Without Danny Choo and you fellow bloggers out there, I don't think my room would be so cluttered by now. ^^;


Anyway, Q wishes you a Happy New Year from Hong Kong!


  1. Happy New Year la...Wish u all the best in 2009...
    Althrough not 2009 in UK...still 3 hr 38min left...kaka...

  2. Happy New Year ^^

  3. happy new year. i like flickr or alternately u can open another photobucket account.

  4. Eh well Flickr sorta have a limit too... but I guess it'd be nice to get an alternate account.

    Have a good 2009, Q!

  5. @ Ray:
    新年快樂! Hope you have a nice time over in the UK.

    @ Optic:
    Happy New Year to you too! Hope you'll get even more figma this year~

    @ gordon:
    新年快樂! I like the idea there. Will open up another Phobobucket account now as a compromise.

    @ Persocom-san:
    Happy New Year to you too! Wish you all the best for 2009!

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Happy New Year! Thanks for the telling me. It looks like that I will need to be efficient on account management soon ^^;;

  6. Happy New Year, Quentin!

  7. @ Panther:
    Thanks for visiting~ Happy New Year to you too!

  8. Have a very happy and great Year!

  9. Happy new year!

    That tower of gunpla is amazing and bigger than mine!

    And was wondering about the pictures. But then again coverage of that event was awesome and thanks for that.

  10. Happy New Year 2009

    Thank you for the news at 2008 :)

    hope a better year for 2009

  11. Happy 2009, Q! :D

    That's an awesome shot man... it would be perfect if there's like a sweatdrop behind that MS's head XD.

  12. whoops... pasted the wrong url in my name above xD.

    by the way, I forgot to say...

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"/darth vader @ your HK Expo coverage. I wanted to see the pics too. Guess I can wait ^^;

  13. >>Q

    Happy New Year to you. Thanks for the pictures on this year's ACGHK and the recent Gundam Expo Hong Kong. Keep up the good work ^^

    I see you have HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 and GM Striker. A GM fan then? ^^

  14. Happy New Year to you too!

    Yeah Danny Choo is an awesome site!

    25GB?! Wow...I better move to a new photo host soon.

  15. @ gndynames:
    新年快樂! Hope you have a great 2009 with Saber!

    @ Blowfish:
    Frohes neues Jahr! Ich wünsche Ihnen alles erdenklich Gute!

    @ acesan:
    Happy New Year to you too! To be honest, I did not expect the tower to grow that tall ^^;

    As for the pictures, I will try to reupload the coverage pics on a different account, and let the rest to come back on 12th January upon bandwidth reset.

    @ vixion:
    Thanks for visiting, and Happy New Year to you too! Wish you all the best for 2009!

    @ Z:
    Happy New Year to you too! It may take some time to migrate some of the photos, but I will do it when I have the time.

    @ Ngee Khiong:
    My pleasures. I have to thank you too for bringing us all sorts of Gundam news in 2008~

    As for the Blue Destiny and GM Striker, I have a strange friend who is a UC and GM fan, and he has indeed converted me quite a bit ^^;;;

    @ blood on the mirror:
    Wish you all the best for 2009!

    Not only Danny has a very informative blog/site (perhaps too informative from time to time *laughs*), but has also inspired a lot of us in the blogosphere. More than just impressive I have to say.

    As for the Photobucket, I've read that it got reduced from 100GB to 25GB in July 2008. Perhaps having multiple accounts or Flickr will be a good idea as Gordon has mentioned.

  16. Happy 2009 buddy. I wish you all the best.

    Hm, it's interesting to see a bishoujo+Gundam combo! I don't see that very often. Nice.

  17. @ M12_Vinja:
    Happy New Year to you too!

    Haha I was just showing the variety of stuff I've got this year, but yea girls + Gundam is unusual indeed ^^;


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