5 November 2008

Anime I'm Watching

It has been a hectic week for me so far, and this has kept me occupied from trying to do my own stuff... Badly orz.

Nevertheless I have been watching a few anime that are currently airing whenever I have the time, typically in the weekends. Due to the fact that time is not a luxury I enjoy, I am just keeping track of a few titles at the moment.

Gundam 00 Season 2
Following closely after the end of Code Geass R2, Gundam 00 resumes its series on the Sunday timeslot. Set 4 years after the end of the first series, the second season has made an explosive start with the new Gundams rolling out against the unified Federation's independent security preservation force A-LAWS.

There are already a lot of promises that this may outdo the first season, and with a lot of things yet to explain from the last season, as well as the strange designs and gimmicks from the new mechs, Gundam 00 will hopefully keep me entertained for the rest of the 20 weeks.

Clannad: After Story
Despite the great things I've heard from the first season of Clannad, I left it for the summer as I was watching Gundam 00 and Shakugan no Shana Second already. I admit that I had a problem trying to remember all the names at the beginning, but I got over that eventually ^^;;

I enjoyed the first season quite a bit, despite it not being my preferred genre at all. The second season would focus on Tomoya's relationship with Nagisa, as well as other character's storyline (like the first season). Although I have been partially spoiled on what would have happened at the end, I'm still looking forward to this Kyoto Animation (KyoAni)'s production.

Definitely not gonna be the killer series, but as a military and a Gundam fan, this military science fiction will be a hit for me. Set in the early stages of the One Year War from the original Gundam series, MS IGLOO 2 will focus on the Earth Federation soldiers. As I've yet to see a coverage on the first episode of this low profile series, I would like to blog on this sometime soon.

Eve no Jikan
In a not-too-distant future, andriods co-exist with humans. Although they are human-like, andriods are generally treated like tools. Those people who have feelings or affection towards andriods are considered socially unacceptable. The main character Rikuo has an android called Sammy, and one day he notices on the activity log that she starts to behave strangely, and tracked her path to a strange cafe, where there is to be no discrimination between humans and androids.

This is an ONA (Original Net Animation) recommended by a friend of mine. Again this is not a genre I've touched upon often, but the concept seems interesting as Rikuo tries to explore this grey area between humans and andriod. So far two episodes have been aired so far, and I'm not sure when the 3rd one will come out.

So that's two on-going series and two that are released periodically for me. I do wish I have time to try out others, such as Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka or Toradora!, and many other older series. How many anime are you currently watching this season? I hope that you're not in a tight schedule as I do though.


  1. Wow, you have a great watch list! I have no idea how you can keep up with so many.
    I'm a bit concerned with the newer Gundam series... so, I'll wait till my comrades get hold of it XD

    Surprisingly, all I've gotten hold of older anime for now ^^;
    I want to watch Chaos;Head, ToraDora... I can't even remember al of them.. that's how many~

  2. @ suki:
    MS IGLOO 2 and Eve no Jikan both have very long time gaps between each episode, so strictly speaking I'm just following two series that are airing weekly.

    Gundam 00 does feel different to the previous series, whether it's character or mecha designs. Let's hope that the director Mizushima Seiji can pull this off good for this season.

  3. @ Q. Hmm, it's better to have a longer wait, helps the cap alot XD
    Yes, I'm afraid that Seiji may just take a different route but.. I guess we best wait and see.

  4. I had put all current airing series on-hold until i get back.
    My watchlist is gonna go off the roof. >_>

  5. other than gundam 00 and clannad Af, i'm catching up on code geass as well.

  6. Havent seen any of those yet.I wont watch Gundamn for sure.Im no Mecha fan so no thanks ^^

    Im already busy with ToraDora,KemekoDx and Penguin Musume Haato

  7. @ suki:
    I understand how you feel. Mizushima Seiji hasn't done a Gundam series before (and he was asked to do one for that very reason), so we don't have a clear idea of how Gundam 00 may turn out.

    @ Optic:
    Sorry to hear that. It sounds like that you have a watchlist way longer than I have though!

    @ gordon:
    Nice~ All the big hit anime in one go!

    @ Blowfish:
    We all have different tastes. So you like comedies right? That happens to be a genre I need to expand my horizon on ^^;;;

  8. Yeah we all have differnt tastes and its good that way.Theres no way id call a series crap juist because it doesnt suit my taste.Ill call it crap if its crap though ^_^

    Yep im right now on a Comedy Trip

  9. hmm from the current season i'm currently watching... 18?! gads, had no idea it was so much ^^;; technically i guess that's more of my intended watch list since a lot of them i'm still stuck on episode 1 or 2...

    of the 16, actively watching toradora, to aru majyutsu no index, akaneiro, chaos head, hyakko, kannagi, kemeko and rosario + vampire s2

    planning to eventually catch up on clannad (first have to play the game then watch the first anime though ^^;;), ef, ga-rei zero, jigoku shoujyo, kurogane no linebarrels, kyou no go no ni (errr well, maybe -_-), macademi wasshoi, penguin musume, shikabane hime & yozakura quartet...

    ...no wonder i'm behind orz

  10. @ Blowfish:
    Very well said!

    @ meronpan:
    18! That's a little beyond my capability there. ^^;;;;; I must say I'm impressed how you find the time to watch them!


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