31 October 2008

Halloween x figma

Happy Halloween! I didn't expect myself doing 3 figma-related posts in a row but it happened! XD

The official figma blog has posted some pictures on Haruhi and Nagato's new Halloween costumes!

Want to have those hats and capes for your figma too? No worries! Masaki Apsy (浅井真紀), the figure artist for figma, has provided the paper cut-outs in pdf format. You can find the download link from the blog. All you need is a printer, a piece of paper, some scissors and glue, and you're good to go. If you don't have a printer, you can trace it and colour it yourself.

The instructions look fairly self-explanatory. The left is for the hat, and the right is for the cape.

With the hats and capes made, you can have your own little Halloween party with your figma~

All images via figma blog


  1. wow that's pretty cute. ^^;

    how was halloween in hong kong?

  2. @ gordon:
    I am not in Hong Kong at the moment (T_T), but my sister told me that she faced hordes of zombies and monsters on the streets as she got out late from work that night! XD

    I had drinks and chatter with my friends in a bar to spend the night. All those Halloween-related drinks are surely not pleasant-looking ^^;;

  3. Oh~ You read the Figma blog too?
    Thanks for sharing this as, I wasn't even aware of it till now ^^;
    So cute, I can't wait to make one of these for my Rin ^^ (she arrives tomorrow~)

  4. Nice display Q! Not a figma collector myself, but very awesome all the same!

  5. I am VERY tempted to do this. But my list of stuff to do just keeps getting longer.

  6. @ suki:
    I've started peeking at the figma blog very recently, usually for info on new releases or omake stuff like this.

    @ Apt-1B:
    I've only got two figmas so far, so I'm not exactly a collector either ^^;;, but they surely are fun to play and pose around with!

  7. @ Clear Tranquil:
    Yea I am getting pre-occupied too recently. Wish I have less stuff on my hands at the moment -_-

    Those cut-outs should be quite straightforward. It'd be nice to see your figma getting decorated~

  8. hihihihi.....juzt passing by to greeting you.......you have nice blog.....nice to meet u and mind to exchange link?

  9. @ Q. Certainly, It's very useful!
    I enjoy checking the site out every day or so... interesting little things you find >.<

  10. @ otaku gunpla:
    Ok no problem! Blogrolled ya~

    @ suki:
    I'll try to check it out more when I have the time; life's been rather hectic for me recently... ._.

  11. Even though Halloween is over, I'm still gonna make them and dress them up.
    Besides, free figma accessories.

  12. @ Optic:
    Yep who wouldn't want free stuff afterall? :P


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