8 November 2008

Kugimiya Disease

Kugimiya Disease (釘宮病) is a deadly disease in the otaku culture, and is particularly well known in Japanese and Chinese communities. Those who find the voice of seiyuu (voice actress) Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵) moe tend to be victims of the disease.

The origin of the disease was known to have come from Saimoe 2007, where 3 characters voiced by Kuhimiya Rie have come prominent in the competition. Those 3 character are the most well known (and deadlist) strains of the notorious illness:

  1. S-type: Shana from Shakugan no Shana
  2. L-type: Louise from Zero no Tsukaima
  3. N-type: Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler (aka Hayate no Gotoku!)

The "Big Three" of Kugimiya Disease
Via Uncyclopedia

Common victims of Kugimiya disease tend to have the following symptons:
  • Tend to take a liking of young, flat-chested tsundere type of girls
  • Won't get enough of scolding from various tsundere characters
  • Won't get enough of notable Kugimiya quotes such as "Urusai! Urusai! Urusai"

Like flu, the Kugimiya disease has different strains, as the seiyuu has voiced other chracters.

Can you recognise all of the characters here?
Via Uncyclopedia

Samples of Kugimiya Disease featuring Nagi, Shana, Iori Minase (from Idolmaster), and excessive amount of Louise.
Warning: Take the dosage at your own risk.


Instead of taking precautions of the disease, Sofmap took the oppurtunity to promote the virus by bundling everything Kugimiya-related media in one place!
The "Kugimiya Corner" in Sofmap Amusement Kan
Via AkibaBlog

DVDs can be seen bundled together in one place, with a sign on top explaining what the disease is about.

So far there is no known cure for the disease. Various attempts, including taking more dosage of the virus, quarantine, or infusing with other seiyuu diseases, have little effect.

Of course there's one new strain that should not be ignored:
The T-type Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! fits in the typical Kugimiya style of tsundere character. This new strain could cause a new epidemic if left uncontrolled.
Image from Danny Choo

Are you a victim of the notorious Kugimiya Disease, and if so which type(s) are you affected by?


  1. LOL Kugimiya disease.
    I could say I'm affected especially in Taiga. :D
    Are you?

  2. @ Andrei-kun:
    So you're infected by the new strain, eh? ^^;; I am sort of affected by Shana, but I can definitely live without it. :P

  3. Ohh. Heh I doubt. Especially there is Shana 3rd season. :D I believe you know this news?

  4. Taiga is awesome! :D I'm now looking forward to more Toradora than Gundam 00... I think that's a bad thing in my case but it's all good! She's so... moe @_@

  5. OMG i think i'm infected too :o

    Shana/Taiga type ^^

  6. Heh, you could say moe, but of course, Kugimiya is tsundere. That's the awesomemest part of it. :D

  7. Ah, after reading this, I finally figured out what Kugumiya disease I have; "T" Disease..

    I just like Taiga too much.. x.X

  8. @ Andrei-kun:
    While the chance of Shana getting a third season like Zero no Tsukaima is very high, JC Staff hasn't announced of one yet. The novels and the upcoming figma Shana will keep me busy on that (even without the voice ringing in my head ^^;;)

    @ Z:
    Hahaha Taiga's more influential than Gundam 00, even for a gunota like you! XD

    Besides, Neena Trinity is surely not as appealing as the "Big Three" or Taiga. ^^;;

    @ James:
    Haha you've got two strains (or hybrid even?)! That's gotta be more than incurable for you :P

    @ Fariz Asuka:
    It looks like that the new strain is infecting people left and right like a real flu indeed!

  9. I no liek kugimiya rie... I be safe?

  10. i only watch Zero no Tsukaima among the list of viruses so i guess it's L type for me.

  11. taiga's my favorite at the moment just 'cuz it's a pure romantic comedy. no wizards, magic, flame hazes, or whatever to get in the way ^_^ haven't seen hayate, though not sure i want to invest in a 50+ episode series right now... so much else to watch! ^^;;;

  12. @feidamu
    Impossible. LOL at least one is you has liek

  13. I usually dont go for a series because of a seiyuu.There are some Seiyuus that i think are doing good work but thats it

    I didnt know that she spoke Alphonse.Thats..interesting^^

  14. I don't really suffer from Kugimiya.. it's more like Tsudnere disease for me >__<
    Among my list of favourite moe types, Tsundere is near the top!

  15. @ feidamu:
    Yes and no: Yes because you're physically safe, no because you may be under hot pursuit by those zombies completely infested by Kugimiya's voice (they're usually easy to tell apart though) :P

    @ gordon:
    I've heard that the worst terminal patients are mostly L-types... ^^;;

    @ meronpan:
    While the Toradora hasn't grabbed my attention so much, I think I will try it out once it's finished airing and if the overall feedback's good. Haven't seen Hayate, but it's recommended by a friend of mine (same one who told me about Eve no Jikan) due to its comedy and parody elements.

    @ Blowfish:
    The fact that she voiced Alphonse Elric took me by surprise too. Uncyclopedia 'stated' that those who find Al's voice moe too are likely to be terminal patients lol

    @ suki:
    Haha "Tsundere disease". I can forsee you getting moe overload already!

    @ Andrei-kun:
    I have a feeling that yours is pretty much incurable by now lol... XD

  16. Heh Kugimiya disease... I have a lot of Shana merchandise, but I like Louise so much more... I'm an SL type? Rare-type? XD

  17. @ Lightning Sabre:
    An S/L hybrid would probably mean yours is pretty much uncurable by now XD

  18. Not only do I have the SL type, I'm slowly growing the T type... I'm such a SLT -_-

  19. @lightningsabre

    Ah. Uncurable indeed. We pray for your safety. XD

  20. @ Q. Lolols, yes. I tend to have that from time to time XD

  21. what!!
    No N-type!!!
    Anyway, i'm all types,
    say it, Louise,Shana,Nagi,Taiga
    All of them,
    i'm a heavy patient!!!

  22. @ wolfnagi:
    Congrats for being the first self-diagnosed N-type patient! XD

    Wuhuhuh, you took all 4 major strains; the Kugimiya Disease is quite possibly controlling your body right now ^^;

    Btw thanks for stopping by!

  23. ST, I got infected by accident :O.

  24. @ Omghead:
    By accident? I suppose that's part of the nature of a disease right? (laughs) ^^;

  25. S- and T-type their so cute but i think i like taiga a bit more xD

  26. when i was first reading this article i was like WHERE IS TAIGA WHERE IS TAIGA WHERE IS TAIGA D:? and then at the end i found her :D

  27. Wow, I got all the 4 strains! Another heavy patient here, teehee~

  28. Most of my symptom is T-type, bits of N type and L type, though I think I've developed resistance to S-type due to the previous three

  29. THere's a new type incoming! A-type!! Aria Kanzaki!

  30. I'm a SATLN type

  31. hayate no gotoku 3rd season incoming xD

    btw im a LANTS type

    Kugimiya Rie totally FTW!!

  32. To think that none of you are the least bit concerned about the original and most potent strain of all, the I-type...


  33. Since a few years already I'm infected with the L-type Kugimiya-disease

  34. I have S-type, L-type and T-type someone please save me😂😂😂


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