14 October 2008

figma Shana preview

Product no. 025 of Max Factory's figma line will be the highly anticipated Shana from Shakugan no Shana. Let's have a look how this fiery lass will look like in figma form.

Prototype figure featured in November issue of Hobby Japan, via Toysdaily
I really like how it looks even in plain colour, as well as the tsuntsun look of hers.

Flame hair Shana will be released in December for 2500 Yen. The semi-transparent hair is used in the scaled figure as well (by the same company).
I am not too sure, but does her face look strange to you? I hear a number of people saying that it doens't look too much like Shana herself, or that her arms are too long. For some funny reasons I find the prototype more appealing to me ^^;;
Image via Hobby Search

Black hair Shana will be released in March for 2500 Yen. However it is magazine exclusive and only available in limited number for mail order (or preorder). 通販 (tsuuhan), short for 通信販売 (tsuushin hanbai), means mail order and 限定 (gentei) means limited.

I feel sorry for those who want to get the black hair version. The fact that the black hair Shana is only available like so reminds me of the Nendoroid version, which is a Dengeki Daioh exclusive.
Available for online reservation via Dengekiya website.
Image via Toysdaily.

The flame hair Shana is available for preorder via Hobby Search and HLJ.

Are you planning to get a figma Shana as well? I think I'll wait until I get back to Hong Kong in Christmas and buy one in a local store. I'd be in real shock if this figma's distribution for Hong Kong would be as bad as that of figma Fate.


  1. I'm quite taken by the black-haired Shana Figma but.. as a special item T___T

    Oh well, I can always settle for the Max factory and Figuremate ones ^^

  2. i don't like figma's much but this one really looks awesome !

    only the face could have been better (my opinion)

  3. Well, it's a figma so quality wise, it's decent in my books so yeah, she in my cart. ^^
    Hmmmm... might need to go on an ebay hunt to get the normal one. Hopefully I can find her at a decent price.

  4. *GIves you a bell*

    I absolutely love the hair on that Shana figure. Her expression is nice, too. Very fiery, like you said >:D.

  5. maybe it's her smile. a smiling shana looks weird(?)

  6. what? Purchase from local shops? You sure? over here, fanboys are going crazy - ordering even before the PO started! That's why I stick to buying from Hobby search for figma or nen. They're too "affordable" for people like me (student) that everyone wants them. Those rich otakus purchases 2 sets sometimes - so no wonder we can have a shortfall -_-. Yeah, anyway I rather pay a little more, and be able to get my figure on time =D. Hurry and order Q!!! XD

  7. @ suki:
    I guess there will be some people going to sell the back version on auctions in the future, but you've got to be careful with that. I need to check whether the online preorder is for Japan only.

    @ James:
    I agree that the face looks a little strange... Maybe it's a bit too wide?

    @ Optic:
    Another figma for the figma expert~

    Going for an ebay hunt? Be careful out there though; my Max Factory Shana was fiddled by someone before :o

    @ M12:
    Thanks for the bell! Oh yes she surely is fiery enough to burn us away XD

    @ gordon:
    We got used to the tsuntsun look of her don't we?

    We've got a lot of pics of her with smiling face already. I want to see her other face part more clearly. >_<

    @ zenical:
    LOL don't tempt me to spend extra money on the shipping!

    While I know that figma Saber, Fate, and Miku didn't get much distribution to Hong Kong, all the other ones have good supply. Unless rumours mention that the supply is gonna be limited for Shana, I'll go to stick with local shops when I'm back. For some reasons shops often sell them exactly on GSC's official release date, of which I've yet to see for gunplas (usually a week late)!

  8. I guess that I can be content with not getting this Figma then, as sad as it is.. :(

  9. @ suki:
    Good news~ Play-Asia has preorder for the black hair Shana up now! Credits to zenical mentioning this on her blog.




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