18 October 2008

Gundam 00 PS2 gameplay videos

PS2 game Gundam 00: Gundam Meisters is released two days ago (16th October). Several in-game videos can now be found on YouTube. I'll let the videos do most of the talking this time.

(Image from news page of game's official website)

Opening video with Ashes Like Snow by The Brilliant Green

Playing as Exia in story mode, as well as a boss fight against Graham.

Dynames in score attack mode.

Kyrios in score attack mode.

Playing as Alvaaron in score attack mode. Its GN particles are yellow instead of red?

Ending video is available here (Warning: Spoiler video). A lot of it are reused from the anime, but there are some original animations too.

As far as what we can see, Gundam 00: Gundam Meisters looks like a hack-and-slash game. Lots of enemies to fight at once, charge up the 0 guage, and once it's full unleash the 00 mode to do a Musou-style attack, which is followed by "Action Movie" finish-off move. It follows the events and scenes in the first season of the anime, with some original scenarios and scenes exclusive to the game (one I've heard is the dogfight between Kyrios and Graham's Union Flag).

Zenical has made a quick review on the game (gosh you're quick girl :P). More info and review via zone otaku~


  1. I'm quick because I played the game already XDXD. I hate to use Exia because he's so slowwwwwww and I have to use close range. I almost got pwned in one of the stage where I had to face off the bosses.

  2. @ zenical:
    Didn't know that you've acquired the game so quickly! I was told that the story mode isn't very long for each Gundam/Meister, so I guess it doesn't take long to unlock most of the MS?

    Exia is slow?? I thought you can dash around the map, or else it kinda defeats the purpose of a close-combat Gundam :P

  3. I got the game because *cough* my PS2 can play pirated games. AHAHAHA XD. But well yeah once I get a PS3 I'll buy all the original PS2 games (backward compatibility) Exia is fast - like i said, maybe I need to give him a chance. Yeah I completed Lockon's mission pretty fast. XDXD

  4. @ zenical:
    Ah be careful if you are to get a PS3; not all models have PS2 compatibility (for lower manufactering costs apparently), which is especially true for the later ones.

    On the other hand, congrats on completing Lockon's missions~ I was told that if you've completed two Meisters you can unlock 00 Gundam!

  5. Wow, I didn't even know this was released recently ^^;
    Guess I'll have to keep my ears open in future, thanks for the heads up ^^

  6. Looks pretty cool, kinda reminds me of the PS2 launch title Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E).

  7. 00 Gundam? OMG. I want to play now XDXD

  8. @ suki:
    No problem! Glad you like it~

    Although I haven't played Zone of the Enders, I did hear some mentioning the similarity between the two.

    @ zenical:
    Go go go! 00 Gundam is really powerful, and oh yeah there's also an Ahead as the last unlockable MS too!

  9. lol I unlock 00 already. XDXD

  10. Is that gundam 00 game have a versus mode, like gundam seed destiny 2+? If there are no versus mode, maybe i will not buy it

  11. @ yagami: There is versus mode, but the battle is really not like zaft vs omni II. The buttons are limited. I only know that the square button is for your attack - be it close or long range attack, and X is your boost. Pressing square and x you get some "power" to dmg enemies. Circle in versus mode is like a charged-up attack to your enemy. Well not really fun, but I played just for 00 Gundam. LOL

  12. @ zenical:
    So quick lol!

    @ yagami:
    Zenical is right; this isn't the versus series, so the gameplay is different. I know that it's possible to go 1 vs 1 against another player, but I don't know whether you can play against a computer in this matter (other than the Meister mode).

  13. Similar to Dynasty warrior gundam. Hack + slash type or button smashing ^^

  14. @ saku:
    Yep, it's hack-and-slash genre. You can think of it as Dynasty Warrior Gundam (aka Gundam Musou) in mid-air/space, although I haven't touched that game before.


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