8 October 2008

Gunpla winners in SEED Frame Astrays

It looks like that some of the winning models from the Astrays Modelling Competition are featured in the closing chapter(s) of Gundam SEED Frame Astrays manga.

Top image from Hong Kong edition of Dengeki Hobby Magazine September issue via xhood (limited access for visitors)

Overall winner & winner from Taiwan: Heresy Zero / Astray Zero?
An Astray Blue Frame with IWSP Striker pack as well as some missile pods from GINN. I thought the IWSP pack is already quite heavily armed in the first place, but this simply blows me away... ^^;;

EDITED: While 異端 gives you "Heresy" in a translator, I've seen some sites calling Astrays "異端" rather than "迷惘". Unless I have a copy/scan of the Japanese edition, I can't be sure what it is called for now...

3rd place from Taiwan: DINN Falcon Type
A modified DINN which is seen getting owned in the picture

3rd place from Hong Kong: OPSTARTEN
A modified Saviour Gundam which is also seen getting owned in the picture

While it sounds really cool to have your winning model appearing in the manga, having them in one panel only and to appear being destroyed is not something I've expected. I mean, we could have expected a bit more action from them!

And last but not least...

Winner from Korea: Astray Black Frame MI.R.A.
An Astray all wrapped up like a mummy? And what do MI.R.A stand for? ^^;;

Click image for full size view
This Astray is seen at the end of the penultimate chapter, slicing off a cannon from the Sumbullet Raigo Gundam. And is that Lowe (main character of the original Astray series) wrapped up like a mummy as well?? o_O

Images are scans from the Hong Kong edition of Dengeki Hobby Magazine October issue via xhood (limited access for visitors).


  1. I would LOVE to see even a 1/144 of that Astray! *drools*

  2. I don't really know too much about the Astray manga series. I like what I've seen of it so far though. It would be nice if MS-V would do a Manga for UC like Astray does for CE.

  3. Sorry about my crude comment but...It looks like a kitbash of Strike with IWSP, Heavy Arms custom and Duel. I believe the rifle is from Strike E but I can't make out the body. The shield design is different from the standard Strike + IWSP shield as well (aside from the twin gattling guns), since the regular one lack sensors.

  4. Nevermind, it seems that this is an upgrade from the Strike E that Lukas O'Donnel pilots (derived from the texts).

  5. @ Z:
    There's the original entry model of it in the second pic, but I haven't found a bigger picture of it so far -_-

    @ Apt-1B:
    It would be nice to have such thing for Universal Century indeed. There might be some out there, but they could have been in novels only as far as I know, such as the G-3 in the novelisation of original Gundam.

    @ gndynames:
    That crazy Astray is surely a big kitbash from several models, but I too can't figure out the torso yet (maybe Ngee Khiong may know about it).

    As far as I know, Lukas took over the Raigo Gundam by this point of the story, so this Astray could just have been a random grunt that we would have never known of.

  6. gosh that got to be the most heavily arms gundam i have ever seen. with so many guns/canons there's really no need for the 2 IWSP swords. lol.

  7. @ gordon:
    Hahaha yea the swords are literally buried away by other armaments. To be honest I don't even know how this thing could handle all that weight!

  8. *sigh* This reminds me that I still need to choose my Gundam. I've decided to build my first gundam and I've gotten advice but.. it's so hard to choose one ;_;
    These are lovely, might I add ^^

  9. @ suki:
    Choosing what to build as your first gunpla can be a tough decision. Try pick one up (at least a 1/144 HG) that's simple but appealing and try it out first I think. Once you got the hang of it on your first gunpla then you can try getting more that you may like.

  10. Thanks for the advice! m(_ _)m
    I'll be sure to post my progress on my blog ^^

  11. @q,
    totally agree with you, with all those armaments covering almost the entire body, it's a miracle that it's able to carry and stand up to all that weight.

    if a gunpla kit for it ever comes out, it'll need a stand for support. It'll be impossible for it to stand on its own.

  12. @ suki:
    Looking forward to your first gunpla!

    @ Jacques:
    The model itself in the 2nd pic is presented with a stand, so I kinda doubt this crazy beast can stand by itself o_o

    Btw, added you on the blogroll!

  13. I can't believe the mummy AStray got 1st in Korea....
    sheesh.. the standard of gunpla in Korea is that bad ya?

  14. @ anonymous:
    To be honest, I have no idea how they rate/judge the models.

    And what's more, the mummy Astray is actually involved in the plot, rather than being a one-panel cameo like the rest of the winner models!


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