26 July 2008

Local Modeler Show

Not far from where I live there is a small exhibition called "Local Modeler Show" which features a mixture of models made by the Hongkongers. Unfortunately what you see here is literally the entire exhibition, but there are some interesting models despite the small size.

1/100 Dynames Gundam with camouflage-like patterns. Those dual pistols are still reminding me of the Strike Noir Gundam.

A 1/144 Zaku II in desert colour. Perhaps it's a knock to the MG Zaku II Katsumi Kawaguchi ver. as reported in Ngee Khiong's blog?

This interesting "Gouf Test Type" is based on the Gouf Flight Type. The sword/chain whip hybrid is from Kakouon Giros of the SD Gundam line.

Custom painted 1/300 Zakus on the left, and part of the S.O.G. 1/300 Collection on the right.

1/35 Gundam head of GP-04 .

I am not too sure, but this should be a customised work from the Extended MSIA Freedom.

Various 1/35 military models are displayed in a seperate glass case. I can't decide on my favourite out of them; they are all in exceptional quality!

A small number of 1/12 motorbikes as well as 1/72 warplanes are displayed as well.

As I've hinted above, that's pretty much the majority. I wished that the glass cases are not positioned against the walls, as there are a few other models towards the back of the cases that are too far to examine. But overall it's an interesting exihibition for a random passer-by to have a look at.


  1. interesting pink/blue freedom ^^

  2. While im not into the whole gundam/Model scene i admire these peoples painting/building skills
    I wish i could do something like that

  3. @ samanosuke:

    That Freedom does have a sense of elegance to it. Notice the absense of the waist rail guns.

    @ Blowfish:

    I too admire their work, but I don't think I have the time and skills to achieve things like that orz...

  4. Very cool indeed. ^^ That Gouf Flight Type actually has Shiba-I Sazabi's shoulder armors XD

    I'm sure the exhibition will grow in the future once more people know about it ^^

  5. you're right! I didn't notice the mod on the waist - what has it been replaced with instead? Looks quite nice!

  6. @ NK:

    Thank you for the extra info on the Gouf; you surely are a Gundam expert! XD

    @ samanosuke:

    From what I saw this modeller has made an extensive use of modelling putty on various parts of the Freedom, including the feet and the tips of the wings. Therefore it's quite likely that the side skirts are built from scratch too.

  7. I love the GP04 Bust. Its nice to see one build by someone other than G System's and lets us know what it would (most likely) look like if any one of us bought it.

  8. @ apt-1b:

    Yep it's not often that we see a 1/35 Gundam head being shown, especially in the public! The GP-04 is not well known to many (including myself), and I was told that it has a rather myterious and unusual backstory compared to other GP units.


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