29 July 2008

Nendoroid Shana

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I knew this would come soon or later: A new figure is coming up on the Nendoroid line. This time it's the flaming hair Shana, which will be released in November.

Nendoroid is a series of figures under Good Smile Company, well known for the chibi size with big heads. I haven't planned to get any in the series, but they are quite popular among figurine collectors for their cuteness and chibiness. Radiant Dreamer has even mentioned how his Nendoroid Miku has helped him to improve on his art perceptions and painting skills!

This chibi-looking figure heavily resembles Shana-tan from Shakugan no Shana-tan (spinoff specials of the original anime). Fans can get their own 1/1 real size Shana-tan!

Shana without the black coat and katana.
The usual tsuntsun look is there on her tsundere face.

"Grrrr" - To be honest I didn't expect this kind of face to feature on this Nendoroid o_o
Is she angry because I called her a tsundere?

Another "Grrrr" pose, with a finger pointing at you.
A melonpan will cure the problem for her.

ウルチャイ! ウルチャイ! ウルチャイ! (Uruchai Uruchai Uruchai)
"Chut up, chut up, chut up!"

The retail price for this Shana is 3500 Yen according to official site, which is about the usual price for a Nendoroid. Nendoroids are generally more expensive than the figma series; the Nagato witch ver. Figma mentioned before (which is currently the most expensive figma excluding the PS2 exclusive Haruhi) is cheaper than this by 500 Yen.

There is also a normal hair version of her (with a happy face and a melonpan) as seen in Danny Choo, which is only available via Dengeki Daiou (電撃大王) magazine. I usually like Shana with her flaming hair, but for this time it's the black hair version that has drawn more of my attention. Shana fans will not be too happy with it being a limited release though.

All images are from Hobby Search


  1. Yay! kawaii chibi Shana figure! hope i could get that one someday.

    1. This one is not easy to find by now, but you can still see some on various online auction sites albeit at rather high prices. Hope you will manage to get one though; she really is cute! ^^


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