24 July 2008

1/8 Kotobukiya Candy Shana

Although I am not exactly a figurine collecter, I have been wanting to get a good figure of Shana (from Shakugan no Shana) for a while. My first choice would have been the one from Max Factory after reading Valiant Ho's review on it, but alas it was sold out so quickly on the net that the price was getting skyrocket high. Nevertheless I got my eyes on this 1/8 Kotonukiya Candy Shana when I was in Akihabara last month. Knowing that I won't always be in Tokyo, I can't afford to miss the chance.

This Shana ~Candy Bikini Ver.~ was released sometime in February this year, which comes with a sandy-looking base, a katana, and a hermit crab. The box isn't very big, due to the fact that Shana isn't a tall character and is in a kneeling pose. This is my first time doing a review and a photoshoot on a figure (and with a new camera as well), so the quality may be a bit wonky.

Her bikini is in a darker blue than the prototype mentioned in Danny Choo last October. I was hoping that the colour would remain the same to show a sharp contrast against her semi-transparent hair, but a dark blue is fine for me. Whether she is tying her top piece up or going the other way round is up to your imagination.

Her pendant is attached to her hair by a small peg, which is not obvious unless it is observed at very close range.

Can't say much about the expression, but she seems to have a very faint blush on her face.

The base has a sandy-looking setting that resembles a beach. A small hole is there so you can put either the tiny hermit crab or the long katana (Nietono no Shana) in it. You can even turn the base into a military diorama, but that is a completely different story.

Overall I am pleased with the figure and it is a good buy. There is also a variant of this figure with black hair and a banana boat, which you can have a look via Danny Choo (prototype) or Hobby Search (actual product). I personally prefer her flaming hair, but I do know that there are quite a lot of people (including Danny Choo himself) who prefer her hair in black.

The lighting stuff is inspired by Valiant Ho's photo booth, which is based on a tutorial from Happy Soda. I have compromised it so much that it literally is just a desk lamp and a printed A4 sheet from quick and poor use of Photoshop (as shown above). However without their sources and passion on figures such post may never have happened.

I also have to thank Radiant Dreamer and his hobby group Anime Figurines Network for their share of interests and photos. Without them I may not even bother wondering why people collect figures in the first place like I do with my 1/144 tanks.

All photos available via Q's Random Photos


  1. I just got a few days ago, she is a cutie pie

  2. Looks nice!
    While im a photogarphy beginner myself,i think youre on the right way with your pictures.

    So shes your first PVC?
    Be careful its quite addicting!

  3. Seeing the photo with the katana changed my mind on this piece. I will try and hunt her down once I can get the funds.

  4. @ Otaku Dan:

    I agree she is quite a cutie indeed (especially with the flaming hair)~ Looking forward to see your pictures on this Shana.

    @ blowfish:

    Yep this is my first proper PVC figure; I understand your warning on addictions since I had similar symptons with tank collections before. : P

    Btw your shots on Nida are pretty good too!

    @ Robert Dean III:

    Glad that you like it. The katana itself is quite a spotlight to go with the figure.

    Although this Shana is sold out in Hobby Search, it's still available in hlj, so it's not too late unlike the Max Factory Shana. Hope you can get her soon~

  5. how was akihabara? think i'd have a hard time deciding what to spend my money on if i ever were there

  6. @ Ivan:

    I had a good stroll around Akihabara, ironically on the day before the notorious killing that happened in the same place. I was quite shocked to see the news on the next day in Yokohama.

    Yea it can be difficult to decide on what to buy and what not to buy, especially when you have a tight budjet. I have to be picky and get the ones I really want or long for. As for the ones I have to pass, well, I say to myself that I am appreciated how I have now seen the real stuff instead of the images on the Internet.

  7. Excellent post, Q! You've got a good lighting setup to start!

    Good to hear that you had fun in Akiba! I quite enjoyed it too, until I realized I was only on the outskirts of Akiba. OMG! :)

    Thanks for the link-back!

  8. @ Radiant Dreamer:

    I've spent 5 hours in Akiba last time until the shops are closed, and I still couldn't have enough. The fact that I like military stuff as well surely has slowed me down quite a bit.

    Looking forward to your next blog post~


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