23 September 2013

Custom mod Nendoroid Puchi Shoukaku

 photo 20130907213438_zpse7abb661.jpg
Web browser game Kantai Collection (aka Kancolle) is becoming immensely popular in Japan. While merchandise are announced and some are now available for pre-order, some people make their own. Here is one that is spread around recently, which is a custom mod nendoroid puchi Shoukaku by Katakori (カタコリ), based on the Japanese aircraft carrier of the same name.

 photo 20130703010925_zpsfa766da3.jpg
Anthropomorphised aircraft carriers in Kancolle are depicted as girls in Kyuudou (Japanese archery) attires. Shoukaku is no exception, who is drawn by コニシ.

 photo 20130831145859_zps24647d15.jpg
Back. The ship details, as well as the planes that form the arrowheads, are taken directly from a 1/700 scale Shoukaku model.

 photo 20130905134733_zpsda235409.jpg
One of the WIP pictures. The head is from Ultimate Madoka. Epoxy putty is applied for the chest plate and sleeves. It is also later applied for the legs as well.

 photo 20130905141422_zps9ff2223f.jpg
Skirt part with guns mounted from a 1/700 scale Hibiki destroyer model.

 photo 20130911132034_zpsdac4ff90.jpg
White line on the skirt is made with carefully carved out finish sheet, which are very thin coloured films as an alternate solution to painting over fine details I suppose.

 photo 20130905134849_zps00ff81e1.jpg
Printed decals for flight deck and head band.

 photo 20130921154932_zps5278353a.jpg
 photo 20130831145857_zpsa92ad2a0.jpg
 photo 20130826235853_zpsa6c0f531.jpg
The finished nendoroid. She looks much cuter than I expected!

All work and images are from Katamari (かたまり).



  1. Stunning custom job on this as It looks like I can buy it right off the shelf. Love the added accessories as it really adds to the figure.

    1. The modification and paintwork do look very well done. It's not surprising how many people who this custom nendoroid puchi already (I'm a little tempted too)!


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