16 September 2013

Big Zam Tofu Photo Contest Results

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Back in June Big Zam Tofu made its debut to the public after the glorious successes of Zaku tofu and Z'gok tofu for the glory of Zeon. In July a photo contest was held for the best diorama featuring the Big Zam tofu, and results were out in end of August. Let's see how the Battle of Solomon is acted out in tofu form!

 photo 22673e78aba64b4dab61bdc79fc27cd3_zpsd3dd09a8.jpg
Here is the overall winner, of which the diorama is named "The Fall of Solomon"

Not only are there GMs and a G-Fighter on the left, but also Doms on the right, as well as Dolze Zabi's monsterous-looking spirit behind the Big Zam! The mega particle beam is made of stretched fried egg and

 photo e0080a5928d13e92cc738d0a40cbaec0_zps775e82a2.jpg
Cold dish award:

 photo 474e9e490efd6ce9bc2ac7294f7a3d9e_zpsfaf37dff.jpg
Rice dish award

The fact that the dish of Big Zam rice is supported by the "legs" and a dessert glass at the back is pretty impressive, and there are well sculpted pilots being towed by a Zaku in the foreground!

 photo 1ecea324c6acc48c0bfebeaa99c78edc_zpscd2b33a7.jpeg
Salad award

Nice to see Zakus which are moulded with the Zaku Tofu, and there is even Char's Zaku added into the fray. The Gundam on the right is made with hanpen.

 photo 26d9b1e159e6193350b2cac816b49250_zpsac0e8ce2.jpg
Curry Big Zam with a 3D Mega Particle Beam!

 photo e13897a059fe4f8f2aa69199deb869ab_zps795c72d5.jpg
Sleggar in Core Fighter vs Dolze Zabi in Big Zam! The faces of the characters are apparently chocolate and food colourings on cookies.

 photo 1d3b7bbe43fc53a7b45a70297de76be5_zps42c7dc05.jpg
Spaghetti straws as beam cannon effects~

 photo 33b72a72c7bd389ec0b384da2774ffe8_zps2ede0c03.jpg
Chips as beam effects also work quite well, as long as they're not soggy~

 photo 78bf56dc23cbef036cae236c7c4bc4ea_zpsdffce6ed.jpg
Chips as Mega Particle Cannon effect. The Gundam's beam sabres as chopsticks are a nice touch. ^^

Some dioramas are pretty well thought out and sculpted, others are just mouth-watering enough for me to want to take a bite of it! ^^;

More photos of other entries can be found in the Grand-prix photo contest website!



  1. Wow "The Fall of Solomon" is really nicely done... I specially like the two GMs on the side XD The seaweed devil shadow on the back is also a very nice touch. Thanks for sharing more cool photos with us Q ^^b

    1. The winner sure deserves its place! There are a lot of attention to details, be it the MS or the seaweed in the background, all of which must have taken quite some time to do!

  2. For me, less is more so the most impressive has to be that rice dish with the standing Big Zam!

    But if you asked me which one I'd want to eat the most, it has to be the curry!

    1. The standing Big Zam does stand out (pun not intended!) in not being too flamboyant on the details. It's hard to say which dish I'd like to go for the most, but both the curry and the salad award one are fine for me!


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