3 July 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Announced

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As mentioned last month, a new Gundam anime series was to be announced on 2nd July. The anime series is announced to be Gundam Build Fighters, which will be aired from October 2013 onwards.

Gundam Build Fighters is set in a world very similar to us, where Gundam models (aka Gunpla) are very popular, and a new boom of the hobby comes in the form of Gunpla Battle, where people can combat each other's Gunplas in a virtual environment with their own models, which are often customised.

There are those who mainly build Gunpla (Gunpla Builders), and those who fight with their Gunplas (Gunpla Fighters). There appears to be two protagonists who each reflect on their aspects of Gunpla Builder and Gunpla Fighter.


Some MS of which aren't available as models in the recent years are making appearance in the trailer, which includes Wing Gundam from Gundam Wing, Sumo from Turn A Gundam, Dijeh from Z Gundam, and Gedlav from Victory Gundam.

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New Gunpla kits from the upcoming anime have also been announced, which are based on the existing kits released already, but with modifications. What are announced so far are HG 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package, HG 1/144 Zaku Amazing, and HG 1/144 X Gundam "Maou" (literally translated as "Demon King").

Zaku "Amazing"? X Gundam "Demon King"? Strange names to use IMHO... ^^;

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Optional parts will also be sold in the HG Build Custom Series. One can combine these booster parts with existing Gunpla to create his/her own customised Gunpla.

From a glance this looks like a reboot of the Gunpla Builders Beginning G OVA that was aired in 2010, which had similar concept but with a different set of characters. It can also be viewed as a "cunning ploy" for Bandai to market and sell more Gunpla, but if the anime is done well, even despite its apparent intention and that it may be children-oriented, Gundam Build Fighters may potentially be an interesting anime to watch with the creativity involved with the customisation of the models.

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At the same time, HG All Gundam Project has been announced, where more Gundams and other MS from other Gundam series will be made into the same format as those of HGUC line. Wing Gundam, Double X, and Victory Gundam are the first 3 to be announced. It's been a while we get new HG kits from outside Universal Centuries; only a few from Gundam X and G Gundam have been made in the last few years, so this is good news even if one is not excited for the new anime series!

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  1. It sounds like they're catering to the younger audience again? Gotta get the new generation into GunPla too, I guess, hehe.

    1. Their presentation did seem to indicate that the series is aimed at younger audience. Maybe it's similar to Gunpla Builders Beginning back in 2010? I will still give it a shot when it airs in October, but I'm more interested in the upcoming (unmodified) Gunplas ^^.

  2. My son is now getting into Gunpla. I am sure this will mean more funds from my pocket - lol. It is a very interesting concept and strange they didn't do something like this sooner.

    1. Customising Gunpla seems to be more for greater enthusiasts and more skilled hobbyists, but Bandai may be trying to encourage the more casual ones to do so by making it more accessible and popular.

      Hopefully the Gunpla hobby won't drain too much out of your wallet. ^^;

  3. Personally when I see this, Gundam AGE come into mind but instead of creating new mobile suit, they use the existing ones. Sigh...

    1. I don't there needs to be too much negativity yet. If they reuse existing models creatively, just like some of the hobbyists did as I see on their blogs (e.g. Hobby no Toriko), then that can be a welcoming thing.

  4. Gundams have left the Shonen genre... It's kinda disappointing. Now they are only focused on generating more sales.
    Luckily Gundam Unicorn is still on-going.
    Let's us hope there will be a proper series after that ends...

    1. I think that the previous Gundam series have merchandise sales as one of the focus as well, though not as obvious as Gundam Build Fighters or Gunpla Builders Beginning G. Gundam UC (Unicorn) is clever to bring a lot of existing units back as well as introducing new ones for merchandising too.

      At least it looks like that GUNDAM THE ORIGIN is not forgotten yet, and we still have one more Gundam UC OVA episode left, so there is still hope for next year.


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