9 July 2013

6m tall Gundam & Zaku to appear in Times Square

 photo 20130703102034_0_TS20Gundam-NightLight20B__zps065bcc10.jpg
From 26th July to 1st September a 6m tall RX-78-2 statue as well as an equally tall Char's Zaku II will make appearance outside Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

The 6m tall Gundam and Char's Zaku will be part of the "Gundam docks at Hong Kong" exhibition.

 photo 20130703110006365_zpsbafa16d5.jpg
 photo 966372_10151589095833220_314404151_o_zps08421822.jpg
The "Gundam docks at Hong Kong" exhibition will also have video featuring on the big screen outside Times Square, as well as 1.8m tall green Zaku. Other features can be found on the lobby of the mall on the 1st floor as well.

Will definitely be looking forward to seeing this in person! It's always nice to have Gundam events happening locally in Hong Kong~ ^^



  1. Oh man, I want to see it... look forward to your pictures on this ^^

    1. I shouldn't be able to miss them as they are staying around for a fairly long time. Will post pictures as soon as I get to pay a visit!

  2. Wah this is big scale for HongKong! I like!

    1. 6m is pretty tall for something to be displayed in Hong Kong! It'd be quite a sight to see it in person!


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