6 March 2013

Taito Shana Kuji figure

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Impulses purchases... I think most of us, if not all, had this experience before. I had at least one last year, where I bought a Shana figure pretty much on sight. Funny enough it's my third Shana figure after Kotobukiya's Candy Bikini version and one from Max Factory (back in the very first year for this humble blog). This one is from Taito. It's not a from a known company for figures nor known for its quality, but let's see how it's like.

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This is the "A" Prize Shana figure from Taito Kuji. It was released together with the rest of the Shakugan no Shana III -Final- kuji lottery set in Japan back in May 2012. Each lottery draw was 600 Yen each.

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The figure has no base, and there are no assembly required. You can display the figure as soon as you got it out of the box.

 photo P3071780_zps265a2781.jpg
View from the left.

 photo P3071779_zps3a837e41.jpg
Back view. Not much to see here.

 photo P3071781_zps2feb00ed.jpg
And from the right, where the coat obstruct the figure completely.

 photo P3071782_zps7bb595d2.jpg
Face. Not sure what to comment on here, but perhaps it could use a bit more details? Or that it's a bit too round? It's still Shana though I suppose.

 photo P3071783_zps95ae1e1e.jpg
Torso and the penchent. The penchent is hanging freely on thin strings, which seem to be a bit too long, but not a problem I would think.

 photo P3071784_zps59da9fed.jpg
Legs. No special angle shots here. There is a seam line down at the middle of the leg, which can be a bit of an eye sore unfortunately.

 photo P3071785_zps49a307f3.jpg
The coat takes up a large volume of the figure. There is a nice touch of orange here and there based on Shana's fiery image.

 photo P3071786_zps199d905d.jpg
As typical of Shana, the hair is translucent with a gradual change of colour from red to orange.

 photo P3071787_zpsa093b4b9.jpg
The Coat is quite big in relation to the figure itself. A lot of unused space is left beneath the coat, and you can even put a nendoroid underneath it!

 photo P3071788_zps2d77e53c.jpg
One last shot before the conclusion.

Overall, this Shana figure from Taito is okay. It's not of amazing quality, but it's good to display too, despite taking up quite a large area (not necessarily volume-wise).

Shana happens to be the character whom I have the most figures, even more than Fate T Harlaown or Black★Rock Shooter. I think I do like her character design, being young but rather cool looking as well at the same time. Looking back, it's funny how I bought this figure in impulse, which is unlike me most (?) of the time. Well, the damage is done, and while not a big regrettable move, it should make me hold back and think before making a purchase in the future... I hope. :P


  1. Congrations on the purchase :D
    I haven't seen the actual product before, and its quality seems fairly good consider it is a prize manufactured by Taito.
    Year 2012-13 seems to be Shana's 10th Anniversary. There still some new novels for side story and after story, and lets hope there will soon be another OVA or sth XD

    1. Thanks Yui! Lots of Kujis stuff tend to stay around for a week or two before being overtaken by another one. It's easy to lose track of what has appeared or even disappeared.

      It's been 10 years since Shana first got published? Time sure flies. I do hope to see more Shana stories, as it does have a large universe to explore into. The number of characters appearing 3rd season of anime is already quite difficult to grasp!


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