28 February 2013

Gundam AGE: Memory of Eden announced

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While Gundam AGE anime series ended last September, a new project called Memory of Eden is announced recently that will recompile and expand more on the 2nd generation of the first anime series.

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Memory of Eden will focus on the arc featuring 2nd generation characters, namely the protagonist Asemu Asuno, along with his friend and enemy Zeheart Galette . Akihiro Hino, the storywriter for the series, did mention on his twitter account how he felt the early parts in the arc, mainly with the school life, felt a little missed out and could have been expanded more. That said, Memory of Eden is likely to expand on that aspect.

In the picture above, it looks like that Gundam AGE-1 Swordia will make appearance in Memory of Eden. This variant of Gundam AGE-1 only made appearance in the PSP game before.

Memory of Eden will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray formats on 26th July. The OVA will be 150 minutes long.

Hm... The announcement of Gundam AGE was at first a little unexpected for me, as Sunrise still has Gundam Unicorn OVA to finish in 2014, as well as those announced but not started yet, such as Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster, and GUNDAM THE ORIGIN which was announced way back in 2011. Gundam AGE's reception was at best "mixed", to put it least negatively, though the 2nd generation is perceived to be the better one among the 3 generations for overall story, settings, and characters.

Say, there has been very little news of anime adaptation of GUNDAM THE ORIGIN. Sure there was a rumour back in January stating that it to air in 2014, but it was only a rumour. I wonder whether we will hear more of it soon...?

Pictures from Gundam AGE twitter account



  1. They really are giving so much to everyone with Gundam Age, It seems to be geared towards a younger crowd in my opinion. I would like to see the Origins movie as it will be great to see the beginning all over again.

    1. I am not very sure how many of the supposed targeted audience actually watch AGE. Though I think those who did watch it may look forward to this? Nevertheless many Gundam fans would prefer to watch something else instead.


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