30 September 2011

Pretty planes soaring in the sky

Su-47 Berkut

Hope you don't mind jumping topics a bit too much ^^;

It's less than 2 weeks before the release of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon on both PS3 and XBOX 360. Those planes in the screenshots really look do look pretty though, which makes me dazzled and stare at them like girls.

F-15C Eagle

Rafale M

MiG-29 "Fulcrum"

F-22 Raptor

Su-34 "Fullback" with MiG-29 in the background



Inside the cockpit of Su-33

Skins of protagonist planes from previous games will be available too. For example Cipher's F-15C from Ace Combat Zero.

Ace Combat 5's Razgriz theme black F-14D Super Tomcat with Palm Jumeirah in the background

Su-37, the plane that made famous in Ace Combat 04 with an ace squadron serving as a recurring enemy throughout the game. Too bad it's a DLC (seriously DLCs are announced even before the game is released?! The same applies for the map Tokyo in the background which will also be a DLC for multiplayer...)

Tornado GR4. Another DLC

Winner of the skin design contest for F-15C "Death Rider" is also available as DLC, but this is free to download which is a good thing.

Fighter aircrafts are like the new girls for me today (wait what?). Photobucket

But on a serious note, graphics really have come through a long way. Just look at this image from Ace Combat 2 that I have taken earlier this month, which was released way back in 1997.

Pretty planes are pretty, but let's hope that the game is good though. It has a lot to live up with the previous games in the series. Demo is available for download, and it seems a little scripted to me. I just hope that the new Close Range Assault is not a necessity to play through the majority of the game, but the final release may be against my wish. Well we shall see :o



  1. What? No F-16I "Sufa" or F-16 Block 52?

    F-5E Tiger II or F-20 Tigershark? EF-2000 B Typhoon?

  2. I always loved on how the Russians designed their Sukhoi 33, 34, 35 and the MiG 29... They looked sexy and timeless.

    I LIKE THIS~!!! *smashes a mug to the floor*

  3. That is one badass skin design. And yea, I'm tired of developers announcing DLC BEFORE a game is release.

  4. Wow, that skin is amazing. Good thing it's free.

    The main DLC I'm really going to get is Mobius One's ISAF colors on the F-22, and the Razgriz colors on the Tomcat. I'm also getting the F-4E Phantom thanks to the pre-order.

    And don't forget the F-X, which will also be a DLC-exclusive plane.

    By the way, Close Range Assault is only a necessity for ace pilots (who show up as ENEMY_ACE). All planes except ace pilots can be shot down without using Close Range Assault. There's a CRA for ground attack too, by the way.

  5. @ coffeebugg:
    Whoa you are quite a fan of the F-16 :o As far as I know the F-16C has been a staple throughout the Ace Combat series, but there are rumours that F-16F will be included as well. There are no mention of which Block they belong to though.

    Tiger II seems to be omitted for the first time since Ace Combat 04, and its variant F-20 last appeared in Ace Combat Zero. Typhoon is in the game (no mention of which block or Tranche), but I can't find a picture pretty enough to put up on the post yet...

    @ bd77:
    The "Flanker" series has grasped my attention before I started playing the Ace Combat series. Don't miss out the original Su-27, the 2-seater Su-30, as well as the technology demonstrator Su-37! And yes I do admit that I like the curves of those planes~ MiG-29 doesn't fall short of that either!

    Whoa I know we like the planes, but no smashing! Deal? XD

    @ Tom:
    DLC is inevitable, but having them announced even before the game is released is quite off-putting, which gives one of an impression that the game one is buying is only partial. Such is the way microtransaction runs to keep the game going for longer I suppose. :\

    @ Anonymous:
    Thanks for the comment! It appears that the skins of Mobius One, Razgriz, Cipher, Pixy, and Talisman are going to be included with the game rather than DLC according to one of the latest updates on the official twitter.

    The F-X designed by Kawamori Shouji is now renamed as ASF-X Shinden II (where the first Shinden was a prototype propeller fighter that didn't make it to mass production towards the end of WWII). Too bad it's going to be a DLC though.

    Aren't the aces labelled "TGT_LEAD" as shown in the demo? Though I would think that it would make sense for non-target aces to appear as "optional" enemies. I personally would like to fight them the usual way like I used to in older games.

    I don't know what to say about the CRA for ground attack at the moment (aka Airstrike mode) until I try it in-game. It appears to be exclusive to attack aircrafts and possibly multirole too, and vice versa for Dogfight Mode for fighters and multirole.

  6. Oooh.. F-16F. Those would be 2 seat Block 50/60. Pretty much US Version of the Israeli Variants. comes with the conformal fuel tanks and updated vertical fin. Exciting.


  7. @ coffeebugg:
    Now that you have mentioned the conformal fuel tank, the screenshot seen in Acepedia article does seem to have the outline of the said fuel tank on the passing F-16. It's most likely going to be a Strike Fighter in the game just like the F-15E.


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