29 September 2011

Jesta WIP 1

As part of the Jesta group build I am participating, here is a WIP post for the 3 Jestas I have bought nearly two weeks ago.

Beam carbines - piece of cake

Though it's a bit weird that these beam carbines are longer than most GM beam rifles, as technically carbines are supposed to be shortened versions of a rifle (of the same kind).

The heads. The original lighter blue on the helms look a bit too odd to me, so I have wanted to change the colour to something else. After a lot of thoughts I've simply decided to colour it black along with the antenna unit on the left hand side of the head. The black colour will need several layers to go over when I am confident with the overall colour layout.

The upper torso. I've coloured the edges of the chest vent to silver rather than the original light blue. This will apply to the vents on the legs and side skirts as well.

The shields have been coloured black on the bottom half, with the shield missiles coloured red. The red colour of the missiles is to be consistent with the missile colours of normal Jegan's shield missiles and Stark Jegan's anti-ship missiles mounted on shoulder.

And finally a quick bust comparison of GM III and Jesta.

Arms, legs, and lower torso have yet to be made, but hopefully I can get them done during the weekend.

That's it for the time being. This is most likely the only WIP post I would do and have a review post of some sort (like the one for the Dreissens) to roll out after the weekend.


  1. Making the helms black DOES make look nicer, really. Oho, making the missiles red eh?

    Can't wait to see your take on this kit. =D

    (still, having three of them at one go is... wow)

  2. nice change of colors i must say! Looks much more fitting compared with the original colors ^^ Totally agree on the missile colors to match that of the Jegans.

  3. Silver on the vents!
    I planned to do those on my (upcoming) Jesta too XD.
    And is that metallic green on the left vulcan pod?

  4. @ bd77:
    I have been thinking on what colour I should have used on the helm for some time, which is part of the reason why I didn't start building for 2 weeks. Finally decided to keep things simple and give it black while not appearing to have altered the scheme too much overall.

    Having built multiple units in the past, I find that building several of the same parts at once isn't too bad. Well the 9 GM IIIs is an exception though ^^;

    @ chubbybots:
    The colour changes are nothing major, but I hope it will turn out more suited for my taste (though the original colour scheme still looks very cool to me IMHO)!

    Your Jesta looks pretty promising with the beefed up biceps and extra panel lines! Can't wait to see how it looks like at the end!

    @ hiroy_raind:
    It appears that the vulcan pod has been switched to the other side of the head while some kind of sensor is installed near the antenna (as one can see on the box art).

    Looking forward to see how your Jesta turns out!


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