31 October 2011


Boxes, boxes, and more boxes.

Boxes of Gunpla underneath my bed... Some have yet to be started too. Ack the everlasting backlog is something that Gunpla fans tend to worry about ^^;

Figure boxes. I hesitate to throw them away in case I have to pack the figures away in the future for whatever reasons.

Boxes of figma and a couple of Revoltechs as well. All unused accessories are still stored in them rather than in bags.

Current state of my shelf.

I personally dont like putting things into shelf for display, because I won't get to interact with them as often, or worse if they get too crowded I worry that I may even start to forget them. This is the reason why the shelf still looks relatively spacious compared to... Say, Yui's collection ^^;

Posting this is some sort of a reminder for me to start to be more cautious for future purchases; space is limited and is always an issue for any sorts of collection, but we as collectors often try to defy this statement nonetheless. One extreme example would be this guy's collection which I have blogged about sometime last year. Well, I still have the space to sleep at least!

I know a lot of collectors throw their boxes away because they take up a lot of space. I keep mine just in case I have to pack my stuff away again for whatever reasons in the future. Do you keep your boxes or not?


  1. Hmm yes... It is a good reminder not to buy too many, lol. My "storage" room aka my brother's old room after he moved out was cleaned out recently, so my stuff is stacked somewhere else... But my room is still a reminder that I shouldn't be buying too much either ^^;;; I've kept most of my boxes as well too knowing I don't have much space >.>

  2. This is why I don't keep the boxes... and yet at the same time without the boxes, I can't resell or move them easily...

  3. I also have quite a box collection gathered up. I have boxes in a cupboard under the bookshelf, out in the open, in the shed outside and in an actual storage unit. One day I'll have to snap some pictures of them. I haven't thrown any boxes away, and I even keep blister packs.

  4. I always keep my figure boxes but I'm not so strict on gunpla ones. I do tend to keep them though cos some have great artwork!!
    It can get really hard though with my hobby, most GK don't even come with boxes and even those which do often don't fit into the boxes again after they have been assembled again!

    Space isn't too much of an issue for now, mainly because I have a whole separate room to dump stuff in but I have found that my purchases have been curtailed quite a bit recently.

  5. I keep my boxes in case I ever decide to sell some of my figures. They take up a lot of space, but I manage to fit them all into my room somehow.

  6. I find that the boxes make good storage, plus most of the art on the box is too good to throw out.

  7. Hmm... Mine is also... Uhh... getting stacked...

  8. I can't managed to keep boxes anymore because of space. I cut out the box-art that look beautiful, and just trush them all. (and just keep those limited nendo's) yet, some Be@rbrick and DD boxes have yet turned into storage spaces for spare parts. For Gunpla, i tend to finish it as soon as possible and yet throw away the box XD.

  9. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Haha your brother's room became your storage room until recently, but at least you still have space to put them elsewhere. It must be hard trying to keep the figures *and* the boxes at the same time, where space is always an issue for all sorts of enthusiasts and collectors yet we try to defy it!

    @ gameranimecomplex.com
    You can't really move your stuff or sell them once you throw the boxes away, but yet at the same time they take up more space than the toys / figures themselves... It's quite a dilemna isn't it?

    @ Persocom:
    Ooh it's impressive to know that you haven't thrown away any of your boxes, and that you have your boxes stored in all sorts of places :o Looking forward to see your pictures!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Models tend to have very nice artwork, be them of Gunpla or military models!

    It's interesting to know about your garage kits as their packaging tend to be very simple, and it's because of that they are one of the few examples where end product can be bigger than the original packaging themselves.

    It's always good to have a spare room to hole up the boxes. I have to hide my boxes wherever I can at the moment. With the state of the clutters maybe this will remind me to control my purchases even more in the near future.

    @ Nopy:
    Boxes in most cases take up more space than the actual figures or models themselves, and I often worry how much more I can take before reach saturation. It's good to know that you can still keep up with them though!

    @ Tom:
    Boxes are indeed nice storage for any unused accessories for Gunplas, and box art for many models kits (not just Gunpla) makes them a shame to throw out sometimes I gotta admit.

    @ bd77:
    Haha it seems like we are not alone on this particular issue XD

    @ Yui:
    With your state of collection and figures so crowded together, it would make sense for you to not able to keep their boxes anymore ^^; Finishing Gunpla and throw the boxes away is actually some good discipline there; at least you won't have a backlog of them like I do XD


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