9 August 2011

ACGHK 2011 Part 1

Hot Toys has been a big talk for this year's ACGHK event.

This first part of the coverage focuses mainly on non-anime stuff. Hot Toys has been something of a big talk for this year's ACGHK, and not surprisingly I have taken quite a few pictures of them too.

Without further delay, let's roll out the first part of the coverage!

Lots of customised Iron Man figures from various prominent hobbyists and modellers.

Custom Iron Man by Max Watanabe of Max Factory

Rows of display

Iron Man with Cradle

Davy Jones

Captain Jack Sparrow

Chair of Jack Sparrow as the Cannibal King

Tron's Sam Flynn with Light Cycle

Captain America


Sweeny Todd

Batman and Joker. Really cool diorama I'd say.

More Iron Man

Iron Monger with Obadiah inside (you can just see part of his face in the photo)

Michael Jackson x Resident Evil / Biohazard crossover.


Luke Skywalker

Indiana Jones

Jake Sulley from Avatar

Original character/mecha designs as part of the annual competition whose notable entries will be displayed in the event

This Moon Saver Luna looks pretty cool. An action figure (possibly a figma mod) along with design drawings and character lore are all available.

XBOX Kinect being played on stage

Kinect Star Wars showcase with life size Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper standing

R2D2 theme XBOX 360 and C-3PO theme XBOX controller

Life size C-3PO and R2D2 on the other side of the showcase

More Kinects are available for visitors to try out

Enterbay's Onimusha and Bruce Lee figures on display.

That would be the end of part 1 of ACGHK 2011 coverage. Anime-related part of the coverage will be next!


  1. These are all pretty amazing. Bruce Lee looks absolutely realistic!

  2. Probably the best thing for microsoft to have Kinect booths at events like this. I think most HK flats would struggle to provide the required space for the damn thing!!! And the Star wars 360 is hideously expensive in the UK. How much will it go for in HK?

    Loved the Ninja/iron man mod tho! Metal Gear Solid, WOOO!!

  3. Those statues look so life-like, especially the faces. I'm amazed that they can get the facial features and textures down so precisely.

  4. @ korewagundam:
    The Bruce Lee from Enterbay does look very good. Hot Toys also had one on display but I haven't managed to take a good picture of it.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    You have the point that the a great deal of homes won't be able to have enough space for one to play with Kinect, so the fact that Microsoft has space for people to try it is a big plus there.

    I haven't noticed the price for the Star Wars 360. Just looked up and I've found out that the Kinect set will be sold for 499USD o_o I'd assume that the game and the set in Hong Kong will be near the same as US price (perhaps 10% more expensive at most).

    @ Nopy:
    Hot Toys and Enterbay figures really have good face sculpts, and it's those that made them very well known among some live action figure collectors!


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