31 July 2011


It appears that I am having a fatigue of some sort recently. The fact that I have to sleep in early should be some sort of tell-tale signs for me. This is a reason why I don't get to catch up reading on other blogs yet. I hope I can get to do it next month.

- Q


  1. I know the feeling... I haven't gotten much sleep lately, but the rest of the time I seem to be away from the computer which makes me more tired when I get home ^^;

  2. Hang in there buddy, sleep comes first!

  3. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Being away from the computer is less tiring for you? :o

    I have been suffering some kind of mental fatigue lately. Hope I can get something more of a break for myself in the near future~ -_-zzz

    @ korewagundam:
    Thanks mate. You're right that sleep sure takes a big priority!

  4. Hope you're able to conquer the insomnia fatigue. I've been having difficulties fighting off heat fatigue, I'm weak against the rays of the sun, it's just so demotivating.

  5. Hopefully not heat fatigue. As Persocom mentioned, it can have a heavy effect on you. This is like the hottest summer ever.

  6. take more rest~~!! sometime i also feel a lack of energy and even too tired to open boxes of figures. maybe summer is too hot, maybe work is too heavy, or maybe wallet is too light :D

  7. I was feeling the same way last week. I think it's because of the hot summer and too many things going on at once.

  8. @ Persocom:
    Being in a condition unfavourable to us really does not help. Let us hope that we can get over with the fatigue eventually.

    @ MkMiku:
    Luckily it's not the heat fatigue that's getting me; but general mental fatigue. Either way it's not great to have. -_-

    @ Yui:
    Ah that feeling of wanting to do something but not feeling having the energy to do so... They call it "有心無力" right? On the other hand wallets will never get heavy from all the hobby stuff coming at us ^^;

    @ Nopy:
    Too many things going on is surely something that I feel sometimes too, which makes me wish things can slow down a little. It does appear that the hot summer is affecting a lot of people though.


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