20 January 2011

Suntory Sparkling Chocolate

Suntory is releasing their "newest" drink product, which is a chocolate flavoured sparkling drink.

The bottle itself. There is reference to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with Alice and the White Rabbit spotted above the label. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Japanese is 不思議の国のアリス, and the drink is called 不思議の国のスパークリングチョコレート (Sparkling Chocolate of the Wonderland?!).

Let's have a look at the nutritient data (per 100ml).

Energy: 49kcal
Protein: 0g
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 12.1g
Sodium: 0mg

According to Gigazine one bottle of this drink should correspond to about 200kcal.

One important note as stated on the bottle: Chocolate is not used in this drink (チョコレートは使用しておりません)...

... Which would explain very well why this drink appears to be colourless ^^;

Don't ask me how chocolate flavour fizzy drink is supposed to work, but given that this drink first came out one year ago, I'd assume this is a successful product. ^^;

The sparkling chocolate flavoured drinks as appeared in 2010.

So how does it taste like? I have never tried it before, but according to an article on CNNgo shortly after the first drink appeared in 2009, it is "basically a cream soda with chocolate instead of vanilla". Definitely sounds like a bizzare combination (well just like many thiings in Japan). I won't mind giving this drink a try if I get to see one though ^^; Would you?

Official webpage:

Images from Gigazine


  1. I'd buy it, since its better than a mountain featured in all my fucking bottle drinks

  2. Looks interesting. I would like to try one, if there are any where I live.

  3. @ Gun the ammoless:
    lol... It's been a while, and you've changed name again :o Better than the bottle drinks you have over there? We shall see about that ^^;

    @ Tom:
    I don't know where I can find one outside Japan, but I won't mind giving this one a try!


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