16 January 2011

January purchases

Things have been a bit quiet from me while I have been busy with things here and there, but I did manage to buy a few things recently. Some have been planned, while others are of a surprise as I didn't expect them to be available (mainly with the two books). Let's have a look then shall we not?

With some pleasant surprises, the Complete Guide to Fake Toys has recevied a traditional Chinese localisation! I have made a post about it before the Japanese release more than a year ago, and I am glad to be able to buy it in a language I can fully understand!

The traditional Chinese localisation of Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks is also a surprise to me, as I wasn't expecting to see it in shops while I was strolling around last week. It's a pretty thick book and a bit heavy (400 pages!). That reminds me that I should resume the PS3 game once I finish Final Fantasy XII International version on PS2!

The GN Sword IV kit comes from the Hobby Japan magazine. I have been in a rush and bought the Japanese version, while the localised version came out not too long after that (with kit as well and it's cheaper) orz. I should pay more attention to hobby news in local forums so I won't fall for this kind of thing again.

And as you can see, I have started work on the HG 1/144 00 Qan[T]. Work on Gunpla has been pretty slow nowadays, but I do not plan to stop on such hobby, at least not in the near future.

And oh yes, the Revoltech Skeleton Army, which I have blogged about before the release. Couldn't resist to buy more than one of them ^^;

Not sure when I will get to review this guy, but the whole thing seem pretty fragile in general. I gotta be careful with it so I don't break the bones or joints.

That's it for now. Not sure whether I will do anymore major purchases in a short period of time. Most purchases these days have been of little shokugans instead, which reminds me of myself in the good old days actually ^^; Now I wish I can take a major break and enjoy them one at a time!


  1. you got another skeleton? :O lol now you can display the two different shields at the same time! (well, maybe not if you really decide to put one of them in haruhi's sleeping bag xD)

    yeah it does seem pretty fragile :S good luck in reviewing them!

  2. Good luck on the Qan[T].
    I bet it'll be a lot of fun, 0:

  3. @ Zhe:
    Yep, 2 skeletons now ^^; I can display one with a spear and one with a sword as well as different shields~ The sleeping bag would have to wait.

    The joints are quite fragile and are not the "clicky" ones that I would have expected. I actually damaged one of the hand joints while trying to pull it out. Lots of areas are a bit stiff but I will work my way around it.

    @ Caledbolg:
    Thanks! When I get the GN Sword IV finished I am sure it will have a lot of play value or at least different ways for displaying!

  4. Nice pick ups buddy! The Skeleton Army figure looks just awesome! Enjoy the Qan[T]! It'll be a little while before I get my Gundam space set up at my new location, now would be a great time to work on my 1/144th GM Type D.

  5. It makes me wonder if Bandai has plans to release the Full Saber for the MG Quanta. Probably not. =/

  6. @ korewagundam:
    I can see the skeletons can be very versatile on any roles as a toy (lol), and Revoltech is sort of re-releasing them with different shield arts soon! Just finished the Qan[T], and it's an interesting Gundam with assymetrical design. Looking forward to see your return once you've finished moving home!

    @ Tom:
    I would think GN Sword IV for MG kit is pretty unlikely, but nothing is absolute. The 1/144 still looks pretty good though!


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