21 December 2010

D-Arts Mega Man X Announced

UPDATED: Price and release date confirmed

Bandai's Tamashii Nations has released images of upcoming D-Arts Mega Man X (aka Rockman X or just "X") from Capcom's Mega Man X video game series.

Comes with a stand for more dynamic action poses

Firing consecutive "pew pew" shots

X's signiture charged shot

An earlier shot from Tamashii Nation 2010 (魂ネイション2010) exhibition back in October, with a Met standing next to him (a recurring enemy throughout the se

EDITED: Official retail price is set to be 3300 Yen (tax included), and it is due to release in late April. Height is expected to be around 14cm.

As far as I know, the D-Arts is quite a new line for Bandai Tamashii Nation's action figure lines, and it's some sort of a branch off SH Figuarts. So far only WarGreymon has been released and Omegamon is due to release in February 2011, and both are from Digimon. More characters from different series will eventually be introduced to this line eventually.

Will we get to see the game series' popular deuteragonist, Zero? Fear not, he's already been planned under this line as mentioned on the developer's comment:

Even though I haven't played that many Mega Man games, I will look forward to see his appearance since it's been long due ^^ And I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that too when X has been announced. The Mega Man series have been a strong one for Capcom, and it has rooted itself well in many people's childhood memories. ^^

As for other power-up armours that X used in different games as well as other effects or enemies, we will have to wait until further annoucements are made.

Tamashii Nation (staff diary section)
Hobbystock blog


  1. Awesome! I have a little Bandai X and Zero, but they look nothing like this! I may have to pick up X when he's released, its one of my all time favorite series and this figure looks really good! I'm assuming they'll do Zero next, which will be great as well!

  2. X looks good, I can't wait for Zero's turn and hopefully the other Zeros from the subsequent series, Z and ZX. :D

    And have you seen the D-Art Metabee from Medarots? The design for it was unfortunately, it is not as accurate and proportionate as compared to this X we saw. :(

  3. I would assume that the X shown is more/less just a finished prototype because it doesn't look quite polished as an actual finished figure... looks more like a completely OOB model. Saying that, I would forgive those horrendous seam lines on the lower legs if this was a model... but it is not, so hope that gets fixed for the actual figure ^^;. I would so pick this up along with Zero!

    What a coincidence too, Q... I just made a post about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 while fanboying over Zero xD.

  4. Wow, nice! Extra armor versions would be cool, either as additional removable parts or as separate figures entirely.

  5. @ korewagundam:
    Ah yes I do remember your Bandai X and Zero plamos, which are really rare! I am really tempted to get X, and I hope it will turn out good when it's released. Zero is definitely being planned as mentioned on developer's comment; it's only a matter of time before we get to see his annoucement!

    @ Jacques:
    I'm sure a lot of us are anticipating for Zero's release.

    Had a quick glimpse at the Metabee but I am not so familiar with it. I wonder whether it's a redesign or something if its proportions are different to what you've expected :\

    @ Z:
    The pictures are somewhat blurry in the first place, but this is very likely just a factory sample so we'll have to wait until the actual thing is out.

    It really is a coincidence that you've just blogged about MvC3 and Zero's appearance in the game while I posted this ^^;

    @ Kuujiryo:
    Hard to tell whether future armoured versions of X will be of seperarable parts or not, but I have a feeling that it's mostly likely going to be separate figures instead.

  6. Huhu, never thought there would be a Mega Man version lol. He looks pretty sweet, albeit a bit serious lol.

  7. Wow... 3300 yen... so this translate to $40-50 for those oversea (or in the US at least). Well, it is in line with the SHF series so it's cool. I'll certainly pick this up :D

    Thanks for the update Q!

  8. @ AS:
    Mega Man X is always a serious character, unless you got him mixed up with the original Mega Man, which are two different characters in fact (but both are created by Dr Light) :o

    @ Z:
    It does sound like that X will be within the price range of SH Figuarts (well Tamashii Nation does say that D-Arts is branched off from that line anyway). I'm very likely going to pick it up, and I hope it turns out good!


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