26 December 2010

Backlog 2010

Added one Christmas-related image at the end of the post

This is not all of the Gunpla backlog here unfortunately orz

Backlog is something often faced by hobbyists, and those who do Gunpla models will know this very well. Mine is getting bigger too, and this doesn't apply to Gunpla only ^^;

As for PS3 games, I've finished single player campaigns for Gundam Senki 0081, but Final Fantasy XIII is still left untouched (as I am resuming and trying to make progress with Final Fantasy XII Internation version on the PS2), as well as Katamari Forever and God of War Collection (which is bought mostly for my cousin).

Speaking of Final Fantasy XII, this is actually my 3rd try on the game, having restarted all over twice already. For some reasons the story and characters didn't really made me feel involved at all, and Vaan is just nowhere near to being a protagonist at all. At least I am making much more progress this time than I have in previous attempts.

GSC 1/8 Black Rock Shooter animation version is not yet assembled, though I have opened it before and check each parts individually. Now that I have received stickers from Good Smile Company (more than one set in fact, which is unexpected), I should be able to stick at least one star sticker on where it should have been in the first place. If I can find a place for it in the first place... As I am running out of space again *sigh*

Oh and of course I have a coverage of Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2010 to do too. This year's event doesn't seem as big compared to previous years. I've met up with AstrayP03 (Zhe) for this and we finished walking around it pretty soon, especially since there were no events going on when we went.

And what about anime? You can have a look at my to-watch list on MyAnimeList, but I have pretty much stopped watched anime in general after Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ended, with a few odd exceptions such as Gundam UC episode 2, Black Rock Shooter OVA, and of course Gundam 00 Movie, which I wrote about not too long ago (but it's not a review). I guess the trend for recent anime aren't exactly my kind of thing compared to what I like to watch, but that's just me really, as I'm sure people will think of things differently to me.

I know this may sound like an excuse to ask for a break... Well I could really well do with a break with nothing to worry about. Even though I am now staying in Hong Kong rather than going back and forth between here and the UK, time is not exactly something like a luxury I get to enjoy, and I can pretty much only focus on one or two things per night. It's funny how even though I comment on people's blogs saying that one should take their time on blogging, I still ironically try to keep myself set to some rules to keep up with blogging so that I don't just slack off and end up not blogging at all. Oh well, I guess I just have to manage my backlog carefully for the time being ^^;

And on that bombshell, I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

Last image from Danbooru, cookies if you can guess which series it comes from


  1. Merry Christmas man ^^. Haha I don't dare to think about my own backlogs lol....luckily I am not into gaming or my backlog stash will be a lot higher!!

  2. Wow, you weren't kidding about your backlog!
    Still drafting my post on the coverage and I realized I should have taken more pictures xD
    I see you have your Zaku Ground war set still unbuilt hehe I think I should be getting one of those too ^^

  3. I hear you buddy, I have the same problem! Plus I just added to my gunlpa backlog over the holidays!

  4. @ chubbybots:
    Merry Christmas to you too! I guess many people who are into Gunpla won't ever like to look back on the backlogs they've slowly built up ^^; I am recently catching up on games (and blogroll), and I hope I can get to resume progress on Gunpla soon!

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    I wish I were kidding about my backlog; at least they are not all MGs or PGs or else I would be staring at them blankly by now ^^;

    What you saw in the picture is actually the RX-79[G] Gundam The Ground War Set with 2 hovertrucks in the kit. Above it are two more HGUC Ground Type Gundams for me to make a MS Team for them ^^;

    @ Apt-1B:
    We're all in the same boat, one way or the other ^^; We build some, yet we buy much more! Hope we'll get to work on our backlogs soon or later!

  5. Merry Belated Christmas.

    I think what FF has being doing lately is trying to create a sense that a story doesn't exist for a single person, but for several, or even more. If you can't get over the lack of a strong hero characterization with Vaan, you might have a bit of trouble with FFXIII, too. It's a different kind of perspective, I guess.

    Hotdamn, they made a model for that tank-MS fusion from the 3DCG..show? I forgot what it was called (Igloo!, that's it!). How much was that?

    Oh, there's been one thing I've been wanting to ask you, but would you happen to know if anyone specifically focuses on Armored Core mecha in his/her blogs, or one that blogs about them, period? I've noticed that despite not a lot of talk about them, their models keep selling really fast....

  6. I just googled it, and it looks good! >.< I think imma get both this and the zaku one lol

  7. Good thing my back log hasn't gotten that big yet. ;D

  8. Merry belated christmas, Gundam exp ar...... I wan to go!

  9. Ah FFXII. Bit of a weird one that. I compare the story to that of MGS2 in a way. Even though you're playing as Van, it's not really his story. You're experiencing the story through the eyes of a 3rd character instead of directly, in a similar way that you were experiencing the story of MGS2 through Raiden when the main focus was still on Snake.
    *looks at backlog* umm, yeah... let's leave it at that!

    And your last pic has a bunch of UC gundam characters in it. Mostly OYW characters but I think the girl on the left is a bit of a mystery. It'll come to me eventually.

    @L: Armoured Core kits are rather popular but they are also rather samey. They're also a hassle to put together if my experiences with them is anything to go by. Kotobukiya love to put in really small pieces into their kits for no real reason. Even their SRW kits aren't immune!

  10. Hey anytime you need help with clearing your models, just let me know! I'll happily abandon my backlog to get that Hidolfir off you... hahahaha

    Glad to hear you finished single player campaign on 0081 (as have i) but that's only the easy part... i've got it in my sick head to get a platinum for that game, which means i have to collect each and every part, weapon and MS from the game... anytime you wanna help just give me a holler...hahaha

  11. @ L:
    Merry Belated Christmas, and Happy New Year to you!

    You have a point that FF games lately tries to create story that involves more of other characters rather than just one. I personally am fine with that, but I think I simply got used to that protagonists ought to have more of an impact to a story rather than being a guy on the sideline watching others progressing the story instead. Luckily my latest run on FFXII so far has got me more interested into the story compared to my previous 2 attempts.

    Hildolfr was released some time back in 2007, and it's not something exactly easy to find as it belongs to the EX Model line. The official retail price is 6800 Yen, but you may be able to find it in different prices.

    I unfortunately do not know any sites or blogs that focus specifically on Armored Core mecha; I have not taken much notice of this franchise, sorry. I'm sure there are people out there who can help you out on that!

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    Getting both Ground War Sets? Do be noted that some of the things are very, very small! ^^

    @ Tom:
    I unfortunately know people who have bigger backlogs than I do ^^; Well, I hope I can get this through eventually!

    @ gunpla:
    Gundam Expo Hong Kong takes place every year, so there's always a next time I'm sure!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    FFXII does seem a bit unusual in storytelling. We are literally looking at the other characters progressing the story from the eyes of an... Outsider. I haven't played MGS2 but I do remember watching a friend of mine playing it a long time ago. Raiden does feel like a sideline character to Snake even when you are playing as him!

    As for the last picture, you are on the right line that it's UC era and it's OYW related, but don't put too much attention on the twin tail girl; she's a very minor character, and all characters are from the same series anyway.

    @ oliver:
    You sure have good tastet there, having your eyes on my Hildolfr! XD

    I'd really like to get back on Gundam Senki, if my backlog isn't so hefty! T_T Trying to get the platinum trophy for the game? That's gotta be a long way to go o_o

  12. Meh... I'll just lose them and find them, and lose them and find them all over again! no biggie... the real problem comes up when I can't find em! xD


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