22 August 2010

ACGHK 2010 Part 5

Continuing from previous post, the second half of Hong Kong Dengeki Modelling Tournament coverage is here. This should be the ultimate part for the long, long ACGHK 2010 coverage as well. Again, please do enjoy the photos!

This year's entries are pretty good overall too. They may lack some of the "wow" elements that were present in previous 2 years that I have seen (in my own opinion, that is), but there are still a number of good creative entries, or great dioramas to replicate a particular scene or battle.

Even though it's a quite an effort to push through the crowd to take these pictures, and that a lot of time was spent to take them or just to sort them out on the computer later on, it's still great to see what Hongkongers are capable of, sharing their creativeness, arts, or just passion in this annual event, and the winners are to be shown on Dengeki Hobby magazines as well.

Phew! That should hopefully end my coverage for ACGHK 2010! The 200+ photos surely did drain a lot out of me recently, and with StarCraft 2 keeping me busy recently as well there's never been a dull moment so far this month. ^^; Maybe I should do something else for a break, just for a short while~ zzz


  1. What a show that was - thanks for the uploads and I want the idol girl gundams!

  2. poor exia... LOL and ooh! nice GN-X!

  3. Hurrah for gundam girls.

    And I'll refrain from saying anything about the strike freedom and water pillar. Even though it's just begging for it...

  4. @ bluedrakon:
    I'm glad that you enjoy the photos. It's been quite a show indeed, and with the 200+ photos in total I'm exhausted!

    And haha who wouldn't want a piece of the Gundam Girls? XD

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    Yea it's a pity when someone's good work fell in a disgrace. Kinda ruins the effort in display -_-;

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Who would complain when Gundam Girls show up? :D

    I didn't think that way about Strike Freedom until you mention it. You kinda got me speechless there lol...

  5. I like that G Gundam diorama and those gundam girls to mention a few faves.

  6. @ samejima:
    There aren't many G Gundam dioramas, so it's good to see a few this year, especially due to the release of the new HG 1/144 God Gundam a few months ago.

    And as for the Gundam girls, no guys will ever have any problems with them ^^;


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