19 August 2010

ACGHK 2010 Part 4

The 1st half of the annual Hong Kong Dengeki Modelling Tournament from ACGHK 2010 is up! There are about 155 photos in total, but since 155 photos is quite a lot to go through in one go, this post will have just over half of them instead. Hope you'll enjoy the photos!

2nd half of the 155 posts will be up this weekend!



  1. Loved the Devil gundam battle diorama at the top and the Gurren Unicorn was rather funny but seriously, 00 Riser with Raging Heart?

    Even wing zero and double X would cower at that level of firepower!!

  2. @ gundamjehutykai:
    There are some nice dioramas and funny creations as usual this year. Nanoha Gundam is not a new thing at all - I am sure I have seen another one last year, but paired with 00 Raiser's Twin Drive as its crazy power source it would sure put Wing Zero and Double X to shame, and not even Kira Yamato can do anything about it, lol...

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    It's just Gurren Unicorn I think because there's no extra head on top of the big head XD, but still I was speechless when I first saw it in person ^^;

  3. The amount of entries are HUGE and some of them are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing bro.

  4. @ LEon:
    Glad you like them~ It's always great to see a lot of good entries every year in the event!


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