30 June 2010

New Desktop purchased

Just bought a new desktop in the weekend. I have been meaning to buy one soon, but I kept on procrastinating about it. Recently the laptop I am using (aka "lagtop" by my friends) starts to disfuction, so I know that its days are numbered.

The screen is a Samsung EX2220. Keyboard, speakers, and mouse come with the desktop for free, but the speakers are truly mediocre; they feel like they are made only with plastic and have so little weight inside. Oh well until I get some proper ones they will do the job for normal tasks or else I can use earphones for other stuff like watching videos and playing games.

The tower itself - specs for those who are interested:
  • Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz
  • ASUS p55 w/ crossfire motherboard
  • XFX ATI 5770 DDR5 (w/ HDMI output)
  • 500 GB SATAII Harddisk
  • 22x DVD +/- RW
  • 460 Watt power supply
  • A Cooler Master 370 Case

    A bit irrelevant, but this "Q" was bought from last year's trip to Tokyo. Stands roughly at the same height as my nendo nekomimi Shana.

    Not much stuff to test on at the moment, and I don't have many anime series with high resolution with me. Here's sola which I got with English subs with relatively high resolution.

    Here's 08th MS Team Remsastered version.

    Still getting used to my new desktop at the moment, and am still switching back and forth with my laptop for backing up etc. Better complete the backup and install programs on the new desktop before my laptop breaks down for good.

    1. Looks great, makes me want to get a new desktop again XD I love the little Q you got there it adds a nice personal touch ^^ I've been using the same sound system for three computers now, somehow. Such a clean desk area, which reminds me I should dust and clean mine today.

    2. Very nice computer specs! To the success of your job with the use of your newly acquired machine! ^_^ HK has been quiet for a while as after you left and returned to Japan, Asuka left for USA and Japan ^_^
      Watching Soccer much? Japan match was quite a stressful match even though they lost T_T

    3. I don't know much about computers but ur specs sounds mean as!

    4. Nice, nice. Always fun to get new computer hardware xD
      I'm due for an upgrade sometime soon too. 3+ years on my current desktop and new games are beginning to stress the poor thing ^^;

    5. Dolphin = like xD

      Nice specs btw!

    6. I don't think I'd get another desktop PC if my current one ever died. I don't do enough resource intensive stuff to warrant it and it's a pain to move around! Having 2 big screens is nice tho...

    7. Really took up some desk space, but nice big screen for watching anime.

      FYI - if you do add another hard drive to the unit, you may want to upgrade the power supply. I know mine had issues and I had to upgrade mine to keep up with the power pull.

    8. Wow Kawaii is quite a big girl huh?

      I really like that Q...Its simple yet such a great accessory for you.
      Cant say anything about your desktop since i know nothing about computers ^^;

    9. Quite a budget you got there. I would upgrade a power supply to 550 watt though.

    10. @ Persocom:
      I have that "Q" for a year but rarely brought it up. As I have a desktop tower now I can display random things easier this way~ Oh and btw the clean looking desk is just an illusion; the area outside that shot is still very messy ^^;

      @ robostrike:
      Thanks mate! Since we don't many HK English-writing ACG-related bloggers things do seem rather quiet there when me and Asuka are away. Well I am now back in HK for good so I may get to post more on HK now and then.

      Didn't get to watch football much because some TV companies tried to monopolise it (i.e. no free live at home), but I have been keeping it up from online commentaries. There sure are a lot of unexpected results from this World Cup I admit, and all Asian teams are eliminated at round of 16...

      AstrayP03 (Zhe):
      Don't worry, your knowledge on computers is probably just as good as me as my cousin helped me on most of the purchase there (had to rely on him on pretty much everything) ^^;

      @ anonymous_object:
      Fun to get a new computer for the first time. probably not quite so upgrades after upgrades though ^^; 3 years sounds about right before a new upgrade is due hearing from my IT friends' experience, but I gotta say that computer hardware gets outdated so quickly these days... o_o;;

      @ Delon:
      Haha my new dolphins are surely taking the attention there XD

      @ gundamjehutykai:
      I decide to buy a desktop because I will be settling down in Hong Kong and (hopefully) there will be less going back and forth in long distances. I will still keep my laptop just in case though, as it is great to be able to bring something around to places like MacD when I need to be on the move while checking emails etc.

      On the other hand, I still need to get used to big screens - everything looks either very big or very small unlike my good ol' 1024 x 768 resolution on my laptop @_@

      @ Bluedrakon:
      Yea the new desktop sure takes up quite a bit of space - I've now lost my space for reviewing stuff like figmas too!

      I've asked my cousin who helped me on the hardware about this. He said I don't really need a higher output PSU unless I have more than 1 GPU (which I don't) or have up to something 6 hard drives in my case. Thanks for the advice though!

      @ Blowfish:
      That's Kawaii's younger sibling Ginga (Galaxy), and yes he's a big dolphin! XD

      Thanks! I do like the "Q" as well - just as you said simple and fitting. My Nekomimi Shana is still with it right now~

      @ RyoBase:
      I have asked my cousin on whether I should really get a PSU with higher output, but he said it's not necessary unless I am doing multiple high stress tasks at the same time, which is quite unlikely for me to do. An upgrade won't come for a while I suppose.


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