30 June 2010

Fate/Stay Night Sword Umbrella

Want to own Saber's Excalibur from Fate/Stay Night? Here's an umbrella form of it that you can consider from Movic.

Click image for full size

In addition to the Excalibur (the umbrella which resembles the sword), Avalon (the case which resembles the sheath of the sword) is also included.

Covers (blue and gold part at the bottom end of the 'blade') on the sword have to be removed before opening the umbrella and can be put back on after opening.

Limited production. To be released on 12th August this year, official retail price 10000 Yen (!).
Length of umbrella (Excalibur): ~105cm
Length of case (Avalon): ~82cm
Made of nylon (umbrella), steel (frame), and ABS (handle).

You can pre-order this umbrella at Hobby Search andf AmiAmi.

The umbrella does look quite cool when it's closed in its sword form, but 10000 Yen? That will sure hold back a number of fans I suppose except for a smaller number who really are willing to pay for the price.

Also mentioned in zone otaku

Images from OurToysLand forum, original item page here


  1. Heh, that's pretty clever ^^
    But 10000 yen... expensive for an umbrella >_<

  2. This is perfect for all Fate Fans... GNDynames ^_^ go get one LOL

  3. This calls for another "dont f**k this up project"

    Btw Isnt it kinda wasteful though, sure its cool and stuff but occasionaliy it breaks down like all the others.

  4. That would be sweet to own, but the price will keep it on the shelf for me as well

  5. It was one of those WTF moments when I saw it up for pre-order. Yes, it looks cool. But 10,000 yen? What were they smoking. Imagine the look on someones face when the umbrella breaks from a gust of wind....

  6. @ anonymous_object:
    Neat stuff for fans indeed, but price is surely gonna hold a lot of them back though... I can probably almost buy 2 of those funkily-shaped Senz wind resistant umbrella with that price already ^^;

    @ robostrike:
    We shall see whether GNdynames is really willing to go for it... Or maybe he's interested in Saber only ^^;

    @ GunStray:
    It is decorative but usable (I hope) at the same time. Good for collection and perhaps occaisional use, but probably not for heavy or care-free users.

    @ Bluedrakon:
    It will stay on the shelf for most people for sure. I do wonder who will be willing to pay a premium for it :\

    @ Tommy:
    I too didn't expect the price to be set for that high. How do they set the prices for the items I wonder... Maybe the limited production run is a major factor I dunno. I broke a few umbrellas this summer already due to strong wind, and they are no minis either. Breaking one of these swords will no doubt be... Devastating o_o;;


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